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Chapter 147: Fake

After Water Gods Eye disappeared, Yun Xi walked to the stream, looking at his reflection in the water in confusion.

The silver mask perfectly covered his face, and only his eyes and mouth were exposed.

No one would know Yun Xis true appearance through the mask.

Four silver horns stood on his forehead with old, mysterious rune words engraved on them.

Yun Xi had just worn the mask, but it already made him look ten years older.

He looked like a middle-aged adult, revealing traces of the passing of life on his appearance.

The most amazing thing was that Yun Xi couldnt feel the existence of the mask, as if it was a natural part of his body.

“What… is it” Yun Xi touched the silver mask, feeling it was cold and smooth.

Yun Xis fingertip caressed the edge of the mask.

He could clearly feel the power inside it, a power that was far beyond his imagination.

The star system automatically showed the masks information.

Water Gods Mask: An artifact that contains gods power.

Special Property One: Water Gods blessing.

It is a crystal transformed from a sleeping fantastic creatures blood, having incredible power.

Special Property Two: Fake Mask.

The person who wears the mask will become Water Gods apostle.

Hidden Property: The mask contains some secret.

You need to discover it by yourself.

“Gods artifact…” Looking at his own reflection in the water, Yun Xi felt something unusual from the description.

Was this middle-aged man really him

Why did he see wisdom and vicissitudes in his own eyes It apparently didnt belong to him, but it wasnt fake.

He really felt traces of life inside his pupils.

He couldnt even recognize himself now.

“Crane Wings Twin Swords, come back!” Yun Xi put the twin swords back in his Weapon System.

Now, nothing would expose his true identity.

From now on, he was Water Gods apostle!

“This… isnt just a joke.

Where can I find a bride to satisfy Water God There isnt even a standard.” Yun Xi sat down under the tree besides the stream with gloom.

Compared to this tough mission, he preferred to fight against the green hippo again, feeling the meaning of his life through blood and death.

This world was too different compared to the previous two worlds.

On the island, he could only see bright sunlight and vibrant forests.

Both the worlds size and complexity were far beyond the previous two dark worlds.

No wonder that the stars needed such a long time to create this world.

This time, the star trial was too complicated.

“No, I shouldnt give up now.

Since this is a trail world, there must be some method to solve my problem!” Yun Xi calmly analyzed.

“First, the two camps in this world.”

Yun Xi drew two circles on the ground under the tree.

The first circle represented Water Gods camp – Although he only saw Water Gods Eye and confirmed its existence just now.

It seemed that Water God was still sleeping.

Only a part of its consciousness had woken up.

Therefore, Yun Xi could move freely now.

It was no doubt that Water God was the strongest ultimate boss in this trial world, and according to what Yun Xi knew, its true identity was the monster sleeping in the Eye of the Storm.

The second circle represented the camp which Yun Xi had planned to join at first – the human camp.

Its leader was a Sky Sword.

Yun Xi didnt know who the Sky Sword was, but he knew that the Sky Sword was going to slaughter Water God.

Sky Sword was the strongest title in Sky Sword Gods Domain.

From the beginning of the history of Sky Sword Gods Domain, only a dozen people had the honour to obtain this title.

Each of them was a legendary hero.

Yun Xi didnt know who this Sky Sword was, but it would be a matchless swordsman that could even slaughter a god.

Hua Huo, White Lotus, Red Lotus, and the Starwings Knights girls undoubtedly belonged to human camp.

In this case, he would be their enemy.

This was the worst situation Yun Xi could imagine.

It seemed that it was hard to say which camp was stronger, because both the Sky Sword and Water God were undoubtedly super strong.

However, there was a variable.

“The apostle, White Holy Dragon.” Yun Xi drew the third circle on the ground.

The third circle was close to the circle represented by Water Gods camp, because it was a dragon from his ex-girlfriends camp.

It was very likely to help Water God.

Besides, the “Optional Mission Three: The Apostles Call” had clearly told him that the apostle was naturally biased to Water Gods camp.

If so, then it would become a huge variable, a counterweight that would finally change the balance between the two camps.

As an eighth-ranked creature, once the White Holy Dragon chose to help one camp, then the other camp would be defeated quickly and unquestionably.

However, will it really be that simple Yun Xi didnt think so.

The stars wouldnt let his trial be so easy.

After all, this was the first time that he had to choose a camp, had four side missions, and a hidden mission.

Besides, Water God didnt play by the rules.

It instantly found Yun Xi and chose him as its apostle after Yun Xi left the bonfire.

Everything implied that this wasnt a simple world.

The most doubtful point was, why was this world so real

Yun Xi uncovered the soil beside the stream.

Several earthworms wriggled and slowly moved away from Yun Xis hands.

Several small crabs were scared and immediately escaped into the stream.

No, something was wrong.

This world was so real that it couldnt be called “a dream”.

This was just one of his star trials.

Was it really necessary to create such a perfect world


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