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Chapter 151: Water God’s People


“The world needs to be changed, and you are the people who will bring those changes.

So, look for the most beautiful bride for me.

This is your only quest, and I don’t need any other gifts.

If you find the most beautiful bride, I will give you my greatest blessing.”


Water God’s Eye disappeared in the air after saying these words.

Only Yun Xi and the archer stayed where they were, looking at each other.


“Yun Que… what a nice name.” Yun Xi didn’t know the meaning of the name in Ten Leaves Alliance and the story about love and hate between Yun Hai and Yun Que.




“Your name is Yun Hai That Yun Hai” Yun Que frowned after noticing Yun Xi’s pseudonym.


Was it a coincidence She did know that there were many people named “Yun Hai” in Sky Sword God’s Domain.

However, Water God chose “Yun Hai” and “Yun Que” as its apostles at the same time.

What did this mean


“Can you tell me where this place is and why I am here”


Since she had accepted her new identity, then she must get the situation under her control.


Obtaining the greatest achievement with the minimum price.

This was always her life creed.


“This is a world named ‘Water God’s Fantastic Island’.

We have been chosen by the Water God, and have to accomplish Water God’s quest as its apostles.” Yun Xi tried to use the most simple words to describe the situation.


“Then what is the difficulty The people on the island should have offered their most beautiful girls to their god willingly.

Why didn’t they do this” Yun Que seized the key problem from Yun Xi’s words.


Water God was a god, a legendary creature.

No matter which god’s domain it was, it deserved to be accorded the highest level of reception.


It was too easy to a legend-ranked being to have a bride.

If “Yun Hai” wasn’t wrong, this was Water God’s Fantastic Island, then it should be the only god of the people on the island.


How dare they disobey their god


“In fact, a Sky Sword has come to the island and is going to slaughter Water God,” Yun Xi said awkwardly.

After all, he should have originally belonged to human camp at first.




“Sky Sword! Who is this Sky Sword…” Yun Que’s pupils contracted.


That’s right.

No pay, no gain.

She obtained the power, then she must use the equivalent effort to pay for it.

This corresponds with her understanding about the world’s rules.


Since Water God’s Mask gave her the hero-ranked power, then it was logical to fight against the Sky Sword for it, even she knew that the Sky Sword must be super strong.


She just hadn’t known who the Sky Sword was.

After all, there were a dozen Sky Swords in Sky Sword God’s Domain.

Although they were all Sky Sword, but naturally, some of them were stronger.


Theoretically, all Sky Swords were at the same level, but people still ranked them according to their legends and combat records.




The top three Sky Swords were far beyond other Sky Swords.


If the Sky Sword was one of the top three Sky Sword, they could just give up and surrender to the Sky Sword, because the three Sky Sword were titled as “Deicide”.

They really had killed gods!


They were the reason why Sky Sword God’s Domain was one of the strongest god’s domains in Eastern God’s Domain.

As a member of Ten Leaves Alliance, of course she knew that they were invincible.


“I don’t know, but I think that the Sky Sword should be very strong.” Yun Xi knew nothing about the mysterious Sky Sword.


No one knew the exact number of Sky Swords.

Expect for the three Sky Swords in Da Zhou Sword Domain, Da Han Sword Domain, and Da Tang Sword Domain, other Sky Swords didn’t always stay in Sky Sword God’s Domain.

Some of them had even disappeared for thousands of years.


Yun Xi had no clue to figure out who the Sky Sword in Water God’s world was.


“In that case, we should go to investigate it.

First of all, we should grasp the situation.

Since we are Water God’s apostles now, we should do our best to finish the quest.

Please treat this quest seriously!”


Yun Que was more stubborn than Yun Xi had imagined and had amazing enthusiasm.

Quickly, they had ridden on the white tiger’s back, coming to a small village nearby the forest.


To the peaceful small village, the white tiger’s coming got the whole village astir.


“It’s Mountain Lord!”


“Is Mountain Lord angry”


“Be quick, be quick! Prepare sacrifices for Mountain Lord!”


Soon afterwards, people respectfully carried a farm cow as the sacrifice, walking to the white tiger.


“Roar!” The white tiger triumphantly raised its paw to frighten the villagers, scaring them out of their guts.


“Stop, Little Mu.” Yun Xi patted the white tiger’s head.


“Roar!” The white tiger felt wronged.

It slouched down, showing Yun Xi and Yun Que on its back to the villagers.


“Wha… what! There are two people on Mountain Lord’s back!”


“Impossible! Mountain Lord only follows Water God’s command.

How can it allow any human to sit on its back!”


“Can… can it be…” The villagers lived in the small village from generation to generation.

Sometimes, the white tiger would come to eat sacrifices, and it was the greatest creature the villagers could see.

They didn’t believe their eyes looking at this scene.


Most of the people immediately bated their breaths when they saw Yun Xi and Yun Que on the white tiger’s back.


“We are Water God’s apostles.

Are you Water God’s people”








The villagers finally realized who they just saw.

They dropped to their knees one after another with tears coursing down their rough cheeks.


“Welcome, Water God’s apostles.

Welcome to our village!”


“Praise the great Water God! My life already has no regrets now!”


“Long live Mountain Lord! Thank you for bringing the Water God’s apostles for us!”


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