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Chapter 184: The Situation is Out of Control


The first step is always the hardest.

After Mei Lan accepted his bread, everything went smoothly.


“Give me one!”


“Please give me one!”


“Well… I also want a loaf of bread.”


Looking at the cute girls who were asking for his bread, Yun Xi had a feeling that he wasn’t in a ceremony but a merchant who was selling his goods to hungry schoolgirls.


Don’t they know the meaning of taking his bread



They knew it.

This was why their faces were blushing.

However, they couldn’t refuse his bread, the fantastic food that had never appeared in Water God’s world before.

They could do nothing but expose their true hearts.


After a while, Yun Xi had sent out the second row of the loaves of bread he just took out from his storage.

Aside from Lu Lu, Ling Ling, and Mei Lan, other Starwings Knight girls were enjoying his bread with happiness.

Looking at their smiling faces, Yun Xi was at a loss.



Subconsciously, Yun Xi put the third row of the loaves of bread on the table, then they were immediately snatched up by the girls.

By now, the twelve Starwings Knight girls had all signed contracts with Yun Xi, which was only at the cost of three rows of bread.


The number in his Side Quest Four had increased to twelve.

Success came as a surprise, which even made Yun Xi feel confused.

In fact, his trouble had just begun.


“Well… do you still have more bread”


“We also want to eat them!”


“What does bread taste like Why do they look so happy”


More and more girls came and surrounded Yun Xi.

They weren’t members of Yun Xi’s Starwings Knight but the real natives from Water God’s world.

Compared to the Starwings Knight girls, they were shier and more reserved.

However, when they saw the happiness on the faces of these Starwings Knight girls, they couldn’t help but wonder.




“Sorry, the bread I prepared for proposing has all been eaten.

However, if you just want to eat bread, I still have some.”


Yun Xi immediately shook his head.

He had no intention of marrying these indigenous girls.


In fact, if it wasn’t because of Side Quest Four, he didn’t want to do this at all.

He wanted to be an upright gentleman!


“Now, it will be the time to witness the miracle.” Yun Xi smiled.


Since he didn’t need to force himself to propose to anyone from now on, he thought that he could display his hero-ranked ability as a trick to amuse these girls.


“Praise the sun, for granting us light.

Praise the earth, for granting us food!”


“Pa!” Yun Xi snapped.

A loaf of sweet, hot butter bread suddenly appeared in the air.


It wasn’t a fourth-ranked golden butter loaf.

A fourth-ranked golden butter loaf would take a lot of Yun Xi’s energy to make.

This was just a common, third-ranked loaf of bread which couldn’t improve vitality or moisturize skin.


Yun Xi could only make a hundred fourth-ranked bread in a day.

However, it was easy for him to make a thousand third-ranked loaves of bread.

If he only wanted to make the most common white bread, he could even make up to ten thousand loaves in a day! This was his special hero-ranked ability!


If he had sufficient raw materials, he could even support an army all by himself! No combat career could do this.


“Come and eat them.

You’re all welcome!” Yun Xi had a superficial knowledge of the ceremony.

He casually gave these loaves of bread to the girls.


“They are not as good as the bread I made before, but they are delicious too! Don’t worry, they are just some presents on our first meeting.”


Yun Xi smiled brightly.

He put a pile of loaves of bread before these girls who had waited for a long time.

The girls looked at each other.

They were not members of Yun Xi’s Starwings Knight, and they didn’t subconsciously feel an affinity towards Yun Xi.

To them, “accept Yun Xi’s gift” meant a lot.


Finally, a girl made her decision.


“I’ll go first.

Can you give me a loaf of bread” A noble girl gently lifted her skirt and bowed to Yun Xi, then took away a loaf of bread.


Her behavior was like a domino effect, immediately setting off a chain reaction.


The girls had already been tempted by the smell of Yun Xi’s bread.

They succumbed to their desire one after another.

Just like Mei Lan had guessed, the people in this old world had never seen this fantastic golden food before, they couldn’t resist the temptation.


The bread made by the hero-ranked baker, Yun Xi, was undoubtedly a great temptation to them.


“Master’s actions look smooth.

It’s great.” Lu Lu looked at them and smiled from the bottom of her heart.


Therefore, she would have a lot of partners.



He could marry a lot of girls in a much simpler manner.

Why did he use these priceless things as gifts” Mei Lan nibbled her bread and wondered in her heart.


He was a Water God’s apostle.

He could marry a lot of girls easily.

As long as he came to big cities and spread his intention, countless nobles and rich men would marry their daughters off to him.


Why did he want to come to this remote village and present these precious treasures to us


“Yummy… yummy… awwoo! We don’t need to think too much.

I would be satisfied as long as I can eat this delicious food every day.” Ling Ling babbled as she swallowed her bread.



There must be something we don’t know.

What’s his intention” Mei Lan pondered.

She sensed danger from Yun Xi’s unusual behavior.


“No… it’s too bad…” Yun Xi was sweating profusely at this time.


I had told them that these loaves of bread were not engagement gifts and I just invited them to eat them!


Why are the number of my fiancees continuing to increase


This situation is out of control!


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