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Chapter 203: The Girls Are Coming


“Therefore, let’s carry out this plan.” As Yun Xi was still puzzled, Yun Que had finished discussing the inconceivable plan with the three High Priestesses.


“Since this is the Apostle’s requirement, we, the Lamia Race, will support you with all our strength.” The Lamia Queen gazed at Yun Xi with a dangerous look, as if she was going to “eat” him.




“We, the Mermaid Race, will support you too,” The Mermaid Queen answered.

She gently smiled and played the blue harp.


“I will obey the god’s will.” The Caelian Queen shook the Water God’s Scepter in her hand, listening the euphonious tinkle of rings.


Start from here, the “Expansion Plan of A Million Brides” swept through the whole Water God’s world like a storm.


With the three High Priestesses as the core, the whole Water God’s world had been involved in this unparalleled event.

One post after another, and one priest after another announced Yun Xi’s marriage event all over the world.

The news had spread across the whole world at an unbelievable speed.


There were about ten million intelligent beings in Water God’s world.

Most were humans, and the remainder were the Mermaid Race, the Lamia Race, and other aquatic races.



The whole world was focused on the Caelian City now and it had become vibrant with life due to Yun Xi’s proposal plan.

Every day, many aquatic races and humans were coming to the City of Water, Caelian, in groups.

Most of them were unmarried girls.


All over the world, Water God’s priests were dutifully choosing the most beautiful girls in their parishes and sending them to Caelian.

If regarding the whole Water God’s world as a garden, then all the residents in the garden had gone into action for Yun Que’s plan, and this was what made Yun Xi feel distressed.


“I never said that I would marry so many girls…” Sitting on the temple spire, Yun Xi murmured in a lifeless tone.


He had only wanted to find all the Starwings Knight girls. What went wrong that made I end up in this dilemma Was it my fault or Yun Que’s


“Are you still thinking whether this is wrong” A familiar, sarcastic voice echoed beside Yun Xi’s ears.


“I never wanted to do this,” Yun Xi sighed.




A million brides He couldn’t even image it, not to mention to accept it.

Even though these girls had responded to Water God Temples’ call and come to Caelian, perhaps none of them had known the truth.


“It’s not dependant on your will.

We must do it.

Otherwise, you, and me, and even the whole world won’t have a future.” Yun Que coldy watched the girls in the busy streets.


Controlling everything and increasing the odds of winning to the Water God’s camp – this was her choice.


Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword, would be an incredibly strong enemy, and Yun Xi’s White Emperor Mask would become the major variable that could help them defeat Shaya Longnis.


The Dark Shadow Spider Queen’s coming had greatly accelerated the speed of Shaya Longnis’ coming.

Their original plan had been to find the most suitable bride for Water God as soon as possible, but now, it had become too difficult to accomplish.


They had no choice but to start preparing to fight.

In the face of Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword, they had to do everything to enhance themselves.


Fortunately, this bastard belongs to the Water God’s camp. Yun Que thought. He is beloved by Water God, and he can become stronger through proposing to girls.

This is really a bug-like ability!


Considering Shaya Longnis’ ability, Yun Que had to consider that Yun Xi’s ability was something that Water God had up its sleeve.


As expected, the battle between gods was far beyond her and any mortal’s imagination.

Her, “Yun Hai”, and the black-haired beauty, were just three chess pieces on this large chessboard named”the Water God’s world”.

The god hiding behind this world – Water God, and the upcoming Slime Sky Sword – Shaya Longnis, were the real chess players.


However, Yun Que didn’t resist it.


Like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, everything in the universe had its fate.

Before she could actually obtain power as a chess player, it wasn’t bad to achieve victory as a chess piece.

Victory means endless possibility, because the loser won’t have a future.


“What should we do next” Yun Xi counted the beautiful girls on the street under his feet.


There were female pharmacist who wore exotic clothes, fisherman’s maidens who wore tropical skirts and necklaces, and priestess who wore sacerdotal robes.

Apart from them, there were also mermaids and lamias who were bathing in the fountains.


In the Water God’s world, aquatic races and mankind were all Water God’s people.

Humans were afraid of the Lamia Race because they looked horrible, but humans didn’t refuse to become integrated with the girls from other races.


There were already over a hundred thousand unmarried girls that had arrived at Caelian during these days.

According to the news from the three High Priestesses, there were still a lot of girls of different races on the road.

It was calculated that the sum of girls may really be able to reach a million eventually.


What does it mean Yun Xi could barely imagine it as he had never thought that he would propose to a million girls.


A million! What should I do


They were all Water God’s believers.

Responding to Water God’s call, they came here and waited for their fates.

None of them had expected such a strange fate was waiting for them.


“You have no choice and can only propose to them all.

If your Mist Soul Army can really reach a million, we will be able to defeat Shaya Longnis’, the Sky Sword’s Slime Army.

Therefore, for victory, you must accomplish this mission, successfully proposing to a million girls!” Yun Que said and looked at Yun Xi.


Her voice still sounded calm, but her eyes had undoubtedly exposed her disdain, as if she was looking at a bug!



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