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Chapter 261: The World’s Enemy


On the surface of a giant mirror that was reflecting the scene of the battlefield.

A girl army was moving forward, crushing all the slime armies who dared to block their way.


In the distance, there was a silver white lotus that was still becoming larger.

A lot of Mist Souls were working on reinforcing Hua Huo’s  ice cage.


“Have they broken through the first area of the island” The Dark Shadow Spider Queen’s slender toes lightly touched the scene on the mirror surface.

She could clearly see that a part of the slime network at the periphery had turned grey, which meant that the slimes at that place had all been eliminated.


Because a lot of slimes had been killed, Shaya Longnis’, the Sky Sword’s descending speed was being greatly reduced.

For the first time, the countdown in the slime network, which meant the process of the Sky Sword’s coming, stagnated.


“I can’t see this happening.

It’s time to let you make some contributions.

Are the people who have obtained the great Sky Sword’s power, ready to strike! Show your powers to the enemies!” The Spider Queen crossed her legs and commanded the young Sword Palace disciples.




“We will defeat the so-called White Emperor!”


“We will teach that guy an impressive lesson!”


The Sword Palace disciples were all fired up.

They all had a weird green eye on their foreheads, which was the extra life force the Sky Sword had conferred them all.


The brand new power made them look good and feel better, and they did have a good reason to be confident.


The green eyes conferred them a power that was close to the hero rank.

Although the power couldn’t really make them enter the hero rank, but they had so many partners! When they fought together, they had the confidence to beat down the “White Emperor” like relentlessly beating a dog in the water!


They were already not their past themselves.

They had regenerated!


Of course, they didn’t get to experience how strong Hua Huo’s power was.

Naturally, they didn’t understand how frightening Yun Xi and Yun Que’s power were even though they saw Hua Huo being sealed by Yun Xi.


Now, they started to imagine how to maltreat the “White Emperor” who dared to snatch their dream lovers!


After the other Sword Palace disciples swarmed out of the cave, the Spider Queen looked at the two people who didn’t follow her order and still stayed in the cave.


The strongest two people.


They were the twin witches, who had the best once-in-a-millennium talent.


“Don’t you go” The Spider Queen smiled, but her tone was cold.


“It’s not our battlefield.” Red Lotus said to the Spider Queen sneeringly.


“The final battle is coming.” White Lotus was using her “Great Circulation” to predict the future.


“He he, it looks like you are the only two smart people.” The Spider Queen stretched herself.

As the most remorseless predator in the void, her expression was deliberate at this moment.



A mixed army appeared in front of Yun Xi’s Mist Soul Army.


“Hum They are…” After coming to this world, Yun Xi had seen the Starwing Knights girls, Hua Huo and Yun Que.

Now, he saw other people he knew.


Of course, he only knew very little about them.

Apart from Childe Yun He, he only knew that the other people were all the talented swordsmen from other areas of White Lotus Sword Domain.


However, their auras were very strange.


All the Sword Palace disciples had an ugly eye on their foreheads, and there were something green squirming under their skin.

If Yun Xi closed his eyes, he would think that they were a group of slimes.


“White Emperor, you are immoral!”


“My Rem and Ram!”


“My Little Sora and Little Aoi!”


“Dammit White Emperor! I haven’t let them know my love, I haven’t proposed to them! How dare you to carry off my dream lover!”


The young boys who had obtained the Sky Sword’s power cried and accused Yun Xi of his crimes.


There were a lot of kind hearted, gentle girls in the Water God’s world.

These hot blooded boys had all met their dream lovers after leaving this island.


However, this Apostle who was called “White Emperor” just married a million brides.

Unremarkably, their dream lovers had all become this man’s brides, which was really a cruel fact to face for these young boys’ tender hearts.


That day, Yun Xi changed this world’s fate.

But also, he unintentionally made these Sword Palace disciples suffer the most painful blow of their lives.


They will never forgive the “White Emperor”!


“It’s your responsibility.

You should solve it yourself.” Yun Que took a glance at Yun Xi. Since he dared to marry a million brides, then he should deal with the problems himself.


“Well… in fact… it’s a misunderstanding…” Yun Xi touched his nose, finding himself both funny and annoying.


No one could know that the girls in the Water God’s world were all so beautiful.

It seemed that these Sword Palace disciples, who would become his classmates in the future, had all met their dream lovers.


It was because this trial world was too real.

The people who didn’t know the truth would never think that this was just a dream.


They really fell in love with the girls in this world.

They read the girls’ names loudly and firmly remembered them in their hearts.


If Yun Que didn’t make that “Expansion Plan of One Million Brides”, these young boys – since they had great talents –  would undoubtedly be able to catch these girls’ hearts and have an unforgettable love story with their dream lovers.


Unfortunately, Yun Xi had a hand in their failure and had become doomed.


In a sense, Yun Xi snatched all of their dream lovers, no wonder that they stared at him in a towering rage.


What an unexpected accident!


At the beginning, Yun Xi only planned to be married to the Starwing Knights girls. What step was wrong that made himself become so many young boys’ enemy


Well, let’s stand here in silent tribute a second for these hot hearted young boys first.



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