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Chapter 288: Yummy Time

“En… oh… oh… oh…” Like a girl who first tasted the forbidden fruit, Shaya Longnis groaned and her young body trembled.

Her skin had been covered with a layer of pink color, and her body started sweating.

His taste… is delicious!

His body doesn’t only contain Hydra’s taste!

Hydra’s blood could even poison a demigod to death.

Shaya just tasted it with her braids, her body had trembled due to the overstimulation.

After eating so many rare creatures, her taste sense had become dull.

Hydra’s poison was like the most wonderful spicy seasoning to her.

Not only so.

Apart from Hydra’s poisonous blood, there were also a great amount of special tastes inside Yun Xi’s body.

Even though Shaya Longnis had become extremely picky with food, these tastes could still satisfy her tongue and make her drunk.

She never thought that she could enjoy so many tastes from a human body.

Moreover, it seemed that it wasn’t his limit!

If the three headed golden dragon was a main dish, then Hydra’s blood was the most unique spice.

There were all rare treasures.

As for Yun Xi, his taste was like the most sumptuous royal feast!

His taste… is even rarer than the “treasure” Hydra had robbed from me!

What a pleasant surprise!

Being worried that she would lose this “fantastic food”, Shaya Longnis even ignored her old enemy, Hydra, and tasted “this food” with all her heart.

“Ga… ha… whoa…” Yun Xi was in a complete mess.

Scorching power of blood flowing inside his body.

This was a real power of god, the source of the power of the world Hydra had swallowed.

Hydra said that this world was hers.

She was the world.

Now, Yun Xi could say it too.

After obtaining Hydra’s god power, he really experienced the feeling of becoming the dominator of a world!

In his mind, his senses was stretching into this world as far as he could imagine.

The earth was his veins.

The sea was his blood.

The sky was his eyes.

The whole world was him.

His breath was storm, his anger was lightning.

In this world, he was immortal, he was eternity.

Therefore, as a person who could control a world, he understood how terrible Shaya Longnis’ power was better than anyone.

She didn’t have any support from the source of a world, so she was only using her own power, and the power she was using now was just a small part of all her might.

It was hard to imagine how many strong beings she had eaten, but it seemed that her body had infinite life force.

Even the power she showed now was stronger than the power of the whole Water God’s world.

“Stronger” wasn’t precise.

In fact, it was a desperate overwhelming advantage!

Countless green threads teared open the barrier of the void, wrapped around the body which should belong to the spider queen at first and finally turned into Shaya Longnis’ real appearance.

At the same time, countless crimson threads wrapped around Yun Xi’s body, combining him together with Hydra.

It was Hydra’s power the stars conferred him.

The two stupendous powers were fighting neck and neck in front of Yun Xi.

Yun Xi was thankful that he had the stars’ support and had obtained Hydra’s power.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to stand in front of Shaya Longnis face to face.

Undoubtedly, Shaya Longnis was the strongest being Yun Xi had met.

He couldn’t even guess at the limit of her power.

Probably a strand of her green braids was already sufficient to destroy the original Water God’s world.

Now, her nine green braids were pressing Yun Xi’s crimson snake tails, which Yun Xi hadn’t understood how to control and wouldn’t be able to control.

Ruthlessness, this was Shaya Longnis’ most vivid impression in Yun Xi’s mind.

No matter how he struggled, bound her up with Hydra’s snake tails or poisoned her green braids, she never moved and even smiled confidently.

What a strong and terrible Sky Sword! She didn’t even use her sword and had suppressed Yun Xi.

What a confident smile! It looked as if she was enjoying Yun Xi’s ferocious attacks.

Is this what a Sky Sword is Is she the strongest legend in the entire Sky Sword God’s Domain

The gap is too wide!

“Hey, Shaya, don’t do this in front of me!” As a fair lady.

Hydra finally couldn’t watch it anymore.

Are you trying to rob my bride in front of me

What’s your expression What are your longing eyes looking at

Where is your Sky Sword Once you drew your sword, you could determine the winner of the battle.

Where is your godlike sword now

You pretend to be pure and innocent to tempt my bride… how shameless you are!

Everyone knows that Shaya Longnis is a monster that likes to eat her lover!

“I don’t understand what you are saying.” Shaya Longnis smiled pleasantly and denied that she was tempting Hydra’s bride.

I’m just tasting my favorite food.

What’s wrong with it

Isn’t it a natural thing to enjoy the most delicious food with all one’s heart

Don’t bother me! I’m enjoying my food, you puzzled amorous feelings of a nine headed snake!

Well, just in case, I’d better eat “the food” now.

“Come here, come into my body.

I promise it is a comfortable place.

Hydra Don’t mind her.

Even though she was a legend ranked fantasy creature, it wasn’t easy to eat a world.

She must be suffering from indigestion now.

What a stupid choice.” Licking her lips, Shaya created more green braids in the air.

It’s time to enjoy this delicious food!

What an unforgettable memory will you leave me Your taste must be more exciting than the three headed golden dragon.

Hydra, thank you for the nice meal.


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