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Chapter 301: The Revived Sailing Jellyfishes

No, not only so.

Because Yun Xi thought that this was just a dream, he did to many speechless, shameless things in this world!

The nights with the Lamia Queen, the Mermaid Queen and the Caelian Queen.

The morning with Lu Lu.

The hot, crazy night he spent with “Black Moon”.

If they weren’t just my dream but something really happened, how will I…

I can’t be an upright gentleman anymore!

“Raise your head and look around.

Look, this world was saved because of us.” Standing beside Yun Xi, Yun Que smiled looking at the earth with blooming flowers.

Yes, after paying so much, isn’t this the future I always looked forward to

A vibrant, sunny, hopeful world that could let everyone enjoy a peaceful life.

This was the future she wanted to create, even if she had to stain her hands with countless people’s blood before arriving at this conclusion.

The trial in the Water God’s world was a brand new start for her.

It was the turning point of her life.

She witnessed the most terrifying disaster here, and the most incredible hero who saved this world.

Everyone had given up and thought that this world was doomed to be destroyed, but he still tried his best to create miracles.

Perhaps he was still a man with a lot of weaknesses, but no one could deny that he was a real hero that had saved a world.

Yun Que learned a lot from him.

Of course, her faith wouldn’t change.

No pain, no gain.

In order to save more people, she had to abandon a few people.

To survive, mankind must pay a lot of painful prices.

However, she understood that there were really some people who could create miracles now.

“Yun Hai” who was standing in front of her at this moment was the creator of this world’s miracle.

He was shameless and salacious, he had a kind of abnormal desire for beautiful girls.

He married one bride after another, he was often addicted to young girls’ bodies.


Even so, he was still the hero who saved this world.

Now, Yun Que finally understood why Hydra trusted Yun Hai so much and conferred to him all its powers.

Because he had the ability to create miracles with Hydra’s power.

Even when he was facing Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword, he didn’t falter and retreat.

When Yun Que considered it again, she admitted that she couldn’t do it like Yun Hai.

Probably when she realized the desperate gap between her and the Sky Sword, she had conceded.

She didn’t feel shameful about this, because Shaya Longnis’ power was even more terrible than she had imagined.

The gap between the hero rank and the legend rank wasn’t even possible to be counted by numbers!

“Oh… oh… ah ha ha…” Yun Xi’s mind was in a total mess now.

He still couldn’t accept the truth that the things happened before weren’t his dream but reality.

He did see the bonfire, which meant that he could revive here.

However, he was also told that this trial wasn’t in a dream world!

If so… no… maybe the Dark Forest and the Tall Tower weren’t just two dream worlds too.

Perhaps he really went to two worlds that really existed.

Undoubtedly, the stars have such power.

They could create such a miracle, which meant that what he had done in the trials really happened in the reality.

Perhaps the boundary between reality and dream didn’t exist in the eyes of the stars.

The stars’ power could create the bonfire that could let him revive, could drag the beings around him to the same trial world and changed their minds.

“Nothing is true in this world.” Yun Xi suddenly had this idea in his mind.

Which part was his dream, and which part was reality When did the dream and the reality start to mix up

When Hydra saw him suddenly appearing in her world, what was she thinking

The lights of the stars finally faded away.

The Water God’s Fantasy Island emerged out of the sea surface in the Storm Eye.

Everything came to an end.

However, Yun Xi’s troubles had just begun.

Under the starlight, one beautiful translucent creature after another swam out of the sea surface.

They had beautiful silver bodies and emitted different translucent lights in accordance with their body sizes.

They were sailing jellyfishes.

Yun Xi immediately recognized these fantasy creatures.

They were the mascots of the Water God’s world, and the avatars of the source of the power for this world.

When this world was threatened by Shaya Longnis, they disappeared, indicating the impending doom.

After Shaya Longnis was defeated, they revived again.

Their appearance meant that the Water God’s Fantasy World had really returned to peace.

Even though the Water God’s Fantasy World couldn’t hide itself from the prying eyes of the outsiders, and the Water God fell to sleep again, these sailing jellyfishes were still strong fantasy creatures.

They could protect this world.

These beautiful sailing jellyfishes were what Hydra left for Yun Xi before it fell to sleep.

They were one of Yun Xi’s deserved rewards for his heroic deed of saving this world.

Of course, the biggest reward was Yun Xi’s identity now.

The silver mask emitted soft and sacred lights on his face, all the sailing jellyfishes were dancing happily in the air around Yun Xi.

If the butterflies of death stood for “death”, then these sailing jellyfishes stood for “life”.

They were the two special fantasy creatures of this world itself.

“Congratulations, our emperor.”

“Thank you, our emperor.”

“All glories belong to you, our great White Emperor!”


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