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Chapter 325: Dream or Reality

Yun Xi had a dream.

It was a strange and ridiculous dream, even in his wildest delusion.

In the dream, he became the savior of a world called “the Water God’s Fantasy Island”.

In order to save the world, his partner named Yun Que helped him make the “Expansion Plan of A Million Brides”.

After successfully proposing to over a million girls, he obtained the Mist Soul Army’s power and had a fierce battle with a super strong enemy, Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword.

The Guardian of the Door, the oldest Sky Sword watched the battle and held the final judgement.

The strongest Battle God, Casina possessed his body and beat down Shaya Longnis using his hands.

The master of the Water God’s world, Hydra regarded him as her bride and granted him the highest power of administration in this world.

Finally, Hua Huo found him with jealousy and had a fierce battle with him.

He was forced into the corner by her and had to use the only godlike skill he knew: the Magnificence Of Sky Dance, which let him successfully defeat his childhood sweetheart.

What a real dream!

Hua Huo’s breasts were soft and rubbery, the handfeel was too comfortable.

Not only so.

Yun Xi could also clearly remember the process using the nine ribbons tying her whole body bit by bit.

The nine ribbons were like a part of his body.

When they touched Hua Huo’s skin, he also felt a chill of excitement.

Well, isn’t this dream becoming strange

Hua Huo wasn’t a girl who would bear such a thing.

In her character, she should struggle with rage.


He knew she was jealous and moody, but she was also his childhood sweetheart, the most perfect lover in his heart.

How could she do nothing!

“Little Xi, Little Xi! Wake up!” Vaguely, Yun Xi heard her worried voice beside his ears.

For the first time, he heard that her voice was trembling.

Don’t worry, I’m fine.

I just had a very long, realistic and strange dream.

“Ohoo, It’s not a dream.

My cute bride, I helped you deceive your childhood sweetheart, but you still need to be careful and don’t let her notice the truth.”

“I need to continue my sleep now.

The next time I wake up, you should have grown up.

I will marry you at that time.”

“Before that, you can play with your little darlings here to kill time.”

“Good night, my favorite bride.”

A lazy sound echoed beside his ears, telling him what the reality was.

Err, can this sound be…

He tried to open his eyes, but found his four limbs feeble.

Being exhausted after battling with Hua Huo for seven days and seven nights, his energy hadn’t recovered yet.

Just like an ordinary person who just ran ten kilometres without a break, and then the person stopped and tried to relax, the extreme fatigue of the heart could even kill the person.

“Yun Xi! Yun Xi!” Finding that his body state was becoming bad, Hua Huo called his name anxiously.

If the White Emperor still possessed his body, she wouldn’t mind what would happen to him.

But now, her Little Xi had taken back the control of his body!

What can I do now

“Well now, how about you kiss him” She did not know since when Casina had quietly stood beside them.

Looking at Yun Xi’s appearance, she had made a very dubious suggestion.

“Oh, right, artificial resuscitation!” Like a drowning man would clutch at a straw, hearing Casina’s suggestion, Hua Huo immediately pressed her hands on Yun Xi’s chest and kissed him.

“Whoa… en…” Closing his eyes, he felt a small, sweet tongue block his mouth.

His nose whiffed a faint scent, which was like the strongest aphrodisiac, it was stimulating all parts of his body.

With the knowledge he learned in the Water God’s world, his body naturally responded to it.

He subconsciously sucked, licked and lightly bit her tongue.

He could feel that her body suddenly trembled just like she was stung.

Her natural reaction was so valuable and sensible, making him lost in the pleasant sensation of kissing.

The taste in his mouth was becoming thick, and the atmosphere in the air was becoming sweet.

Being stimulated by his tongue, her body trembled like a frightened little rabbit.

Even though she was the undefeated Hua Huo, she was no different than other common girls.

Her mind had almost blanked out under the kiss.

Only Yun Xi in this world could break her defence that easily, by invading her mouth.

At first, it was just a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

However, his skillful kissing soon made her lay down her arms and surrender.

When her mouth slightly opened and her tongue was entangled by Yun Xi’s tongue, she was already doomed to be defeated.

He greedily explored her tongue with his tongue and drank her saliva, during the process, his energy gradually recovered.

When the deep kiss finished, she blushed and didn’t dare look at his face.

Her shamefully cute face was a treasure of his own.

“Sorry, Hua Huo… I think I had a very bad dream… am I still dreaming” It was true.

He could barely recognize the difference between his dream and the reality.

The things that happened in the Water God’s world were too extraordinary, but they were real.

Therefore, this Hua Huo, whose face blushed should be true one.

Shouldn’t she


“Little Xi, your nightmare is over.

Everything will get better.” Of course, she wouldn’t confuse him with the White Emperor.

After the mask disappeared, her Little Xi returned.

This shy, uneasy, but also warm boy was her childhood sweetheart, her lover.

As for the White Emperor, he could go to hell and never let me see him again! My Little Xi won’t be salacious like him!

My Sky Flying Bloodline won’t surrender to anyone, even though the mask’s real identity is the god of this world!


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