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Chapter 326: Two White Emperors (1)

“Yes, it was just a dream.” Hua Huo hoped that Yun Xi didnt get affected by the crimes of the shameless White Emperor.

The man who married a million brides had no relationship with her Little Xi!

“Hua Huo…” Looking at his childhood sweetheart, Yun Xi felt as if a generation had passed.

It seemed that everything returned to normal.

The things that happened in the Water Gods world were like a dream and a bubbles shadow.

Only holding Hua Huo tightly, was the only real touch he could feel right now.

In the sky, a figure wearing the White Emperor Mask and the Sailing Jellyfishs Robe was comfortably laying on a group of sailing jellyfishes, regarding them as a soft, warm bed.

Sitting down opposite her, was Casina, the sixth Sky Sword, who looked very familiar with the her figure.

“Will you really let him go Isnt this little guy your favorite bride” Casina asked and looked at Hydra curiously.

“If he wants to stay in this world, this paradise I made for him, I will protect him forever, letting him enjoy a happy life.”

“However, he wants to leave, he wants to see the various gods domains and reach a higher realm.”

“Since my bride wants to, I cant just go to sleep and do nothing.

So I decided to give him one last help.”

“I believe he will become a much more beautiful bride in the future.” Hydra blushed as she smelled Yun Xis odour left on the mask and the robe.

“He is still too young now, its a bit awkward to put my hands on such a young boy.”

“Can this still be considered a ladys behavior Arent you playing a growing game What bad taste.” Casina sniffed at Hydra.

“He will come back, because there is a very important thing for him here, unfortunately, he still cant obtain it yet.” Hydra showed a mysterious smile on the corners of her mouth.

“As for you, Casina, dont carry off my bride!”

“I dont think I like robbing the cradle like you.

I just want him to become my disciple.

After all, its not easy to find such an excellentSoft Body.” Casina said in a bad tone and kicked Hydras leg.

Her brown skin was in striking contrast to Hydras white skin.

“You are like a pot calling the kettle black… dont forget you are already hundreds of years old, you are not the little girl who accidentally broke into my garden.” As a lady, Hydra thought that it was too impolite to talk about the age problems.

The difference between a five digit number and a three digit number was just two zeroes, its not too striking od a difference! “Its not my fault for being a long lived fantasy creature!”

“Im not as shameless as you… how old are you How can your mind still be filled with fantasies about love” To Casina, improving her martial arts was the ultimate goal of her life, nothing was more important than that.

During her hundreds of years of life, she only had the impulse to accept disciples a few times, because there werent to many super geniuses in the gods domains that could let her feel interested enough and want to teach them the Battle God Genre.

In some sense, Casina was a pure woman just like the sword “The Sands of Time” on her back.

“Yes, yes, you still havent changed, just like the little girl below.” Hydra shrugged her shoulders.

If Casinas character wasnt like this, she probably couldnt create the strong Battle God Genre.

Casina only used a few hundreds of years to enter the legend rank.

Even though all Sky Swords were monsters above monsters, Casina was still one of the most terrible monsters amongst them.

Also, due to her pure, innocent character, she could become a lot of old beings friends, because no one would worry about whether or not she would betray them.

She was a person that could help her friends keep any of their most valuable treasures.

Compared to Casina, the Sky Flying princess was also skilled and had a potential that wasnt inferior to any Sky Sword, however, her intelligence was… too unreliable.

There were so much evidence that had proved that Yun Xi was the White Emperor, yet she still trusted him wholeheartedly.

She blamed all the things Yun Xi had done on the “White Emperor”.

Looking at such a pure and cute little princess, Hydra couldnt help but want to play tricks on her.

As a lady who took the blame for her bride, Hydra showed an evil smile on her face.

My bride, there are still a lot of surprises waiting for you in this world.

Therefore, grow up quickly, you are still not strong enough to know the secret of this world.

As the watcher of this secret, she had slept and waited for thousands of years.

It wont be a long time to continue waiting for a hundred years again, will it

Im looking forward to your growing up, Im looking forward the moment you wear the gorgeous wedding dress.

My most favourite, beautiful and loveliest bride, Yun Xi.

“Well…” Yun Xi felt his back go cold.

It must be my delusion! He thought.

“You mean, the White Emperor has left” Yun Xi found something wrong.

I am the White Emperor, where did the other White Emperor come from Moreover, the White Emperor said that everything I did in this world was actually what he did, now, the master of this world had appeared, so he didnt need my body anymore and returned it to Hua Huo.

The other White Emperor helped Yun Xi to deceive Hua Huo, but for what reason

“That White Emperor is just a bastard! He just thought that your body is a good container and used you like a puppet!” Hua Huo was outraged with anger.

The damn White Emperor is guilty! He deserves ten thousands of deaths!


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