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Chapter 356: The Evil Gods Power

“I… I am… Qumran…” Because it just gained wisdom, it was tongue-tied.

A common Black Demon Dog couldnt speak, unless it had reached the third form and specially enhanced its wisdom, it could gain the basic wisdom.

Generally, such a Black Demon Dog could be the leader of a Black Demon Dog Legion.

They were the core force of the Demons in the war.

It could speak and even give itself a name, undoubtedly, it was because of its strong Bloodline of the King of all Black Demon Dogs.

Im born with the great bloodline.

Even though Im still alone, Im the king of all alone dogs!

“You can speak… so you have wisdom… great!” Meier hadnt realized what Qumran was thinking.

She wanted to recruit it to be her subordinate.

As the star spirit, the “Golden Princess”, dogs would naturally feel close to her.

Although the big black dog looked ferocious, but, as long as it was obedient, it could be a reliable helper.

Unfortunately, she misunderstood Qumran.

Although Qumran looked like a big black dog, it had no relationship with any real dog but was actually a lower-level Demon.

Black Demon Dog was born to be a man-eating monster!

Poor Meier hadnt realized this and was still glad to recruit her first subordinate.

If I can recruit him, I can help master even in daily life!

With such an idea, Meier smiled happily towards Qumran.

At this moment, Qumran saw his angel!

At this moment, Meier was sparkling in Qumrans eyes!

Oh, my light, my hope, my belief!

Even from the knowledge he inherited from his bloodline, he never saw such a beautiful, cute, sparkling beauty!

He believed that even if its ancestor, the ultimate Black Demon Dog, Cerberus was here, its heart would inevitably be captured by her!

Qumran totally fell in love.

“Have… have a baby… with me!” Qumran roared.

It had never had such a strong impulse in its life.

“Hum… err… you… what!” Finally, Meier realized something was wrong.

Her smile froze.

“Im the King of Corruption, the Son of Heaven, the proudest king of the world!” Although Qumran had just gained wisdom, it immediately learned how to boast of itself without a teacher.

“Qumran” was the name it chose for itself, which meant “lone wolf”.

As the only Black Demon Dog that wandered in the sword tip area all day, it thought it was suitable to be him, the only king of this darkness!

What a great name, isnt it

“Arent you a dog” Meier froze.

It called itself “Qumran”, which meant “lone wolf”… if it was really a wolf, she remembered her charm was useless on a wolf!

“Hum humm… let meeat you.” Qumran wasnt really going to eat Meier, but some memories suddenly popped out of its mind, which was from the “secret books” it found from the houses of ladies when it looked for food in the past.

Yes, this is the right method! According to the knowledge from the books, I should be arbitrary and cool, hot but also cold, so that the little princess in front of me would be charmed with my “manliness”!

There is a reason I held my little princess in my arms, because it could properly show her my muscle and my hot love.

When water flows, a channel is formed.

Everything is going smoothly.

My little princess, dont be shy to fall into my arms!

“Arrrghhh!” Meier hunched over and kicked Qumran with her hind leg, then nimbly jumped to the wall and started running.

Who will stay with you, disgusting monster! You are not even a dog.

If I dont run, you will certainly eat me!

“W-w-w-what” Qumran was dumbfounded.

No, that snt right!

In the books of human ladies, as long as a handsome man did this to girls, they would willingly fall into the mans arms.

Arent books the crystallization of human wisdom How can they be wrong

No! I cant let her go! After a few seconds, Qumran lost his temper and crazily chased after Meier.

You are mine! You are mine!

If you dont come to me, I will come to you!

Roarrrr! Dont run, my princess!

Qumrans golden light ran away, going to a place it could never reach.

Why are you running

My princess, my love! Dont leave me alone!

“Guaaaagh! Ooo ooo!” Qumran cried.

Although it only left a heart rotating in the black mist, it behaved as if it was still fighting the terrible black-haired maid.

“Be quiet!” A hoof knocked on the black heart.

It immediately felt a horrible aura of high-level Demon.

“Gawu” It stopped struggling, because its instinct was warning it.

It was an aura that wasnt inferior to its ancestor, the three-headed demon dog, Cerberus!

Qumran gradually took back its memory, and it remembered it now!

It had died! After it gained wisdom, it hadnt even enjoyed its new life for 24 hours.

“My honourable master, why did you save it” Childe Yun He looked at the Black Demon Dogs pounding black heart with discontent.

Even though he was the evil god, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtlis first subordinate, this was the first time he saw this power.

As a strong evil god, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli could even reverse life and death.

“Its physique… isnt bad… and its bloodline… is very rare…” The white alpaca knocked its hoof at a snails pace, then a weird power emerged out of Qumrans twisted heart.

“Roarrr!” A continuous creepy howl echoed inside the basement.


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