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What is a sword skill

Sword was just a weapon used to kill people.

Flowery language couldnt change the nature of its use.

I have only a wooden sword, lucky in unlucky, it would never wear and tear.

The wooden sword didnt have a sharp blade.

If I want to kill a Honeybee, I must attack the weakest part of its body.

My strength is weak, if I cant kill the Honeybee in one brandish, I would be hurt immediately.

Therefore, I cant waste a bit of my strength.

My sword skill should be simple and straight.

Yes, just like one plus one in math.

My sword should follow the simplest rule in the world.

After killing 20 Honeybees, the increase of my strength started to slow down.

It seems that my body cant absorb more power now.

It isnt surprising, after all, my body is weak, otherwise, I wouldnt choose to be a pharmacist.

Since I cant increase my strength without limit, I need to figure out how to raise the efficiency of using my power.

I should stop hunting Grass Spirits until Im more confident of success.

I wont die, this is my biggest advantage.

As long as I can learn from my countless failures, even though Im still weak now, I can become strong in the future.

My concept about time is becoming vague.

I gradually forget my past self, and start to change bit by bit.

Maybe this is the purpose of the god who threw me into this world.

I will become strong.

I can do it.

Because apart from this, I have nothing to do.

Its strange, I killed three Honeybees and didnt get hurt.

Why I know my strength didnt increase.

Theoretically, I can only defeat one Honeybee one on one, I shouldnt have any chance to defeat three Honeybees at the same time.

Am I becoming stronger

Maybe something else is changing.

February 20.

I have stopped to write in my diary every day.

This is the 50th day after I came to this world, finally, I killed the strongest Big Grass Spirit and my strength increased again.

I think I can become stronger.

The bad news is that the number of Honeybee, Grass Spirit and Big Grass Spirit also increased.

They are like a part of this world.

No matter how many of them I have killed, their number wont reduce and is even increasing.

Its strange, my knowledge as a pharmacist let me understand that its absurd.

The environment in this valley cant support such a big food chain.

Why didnt I find it before There is no Honeybee Queen here.

Honeybees should appear in gardens, and the Grass Spirits should live in the forest.

They shouldnt appear here!

Green hippos are monsters at the top of the food chain, its impossible that a group of green hippos chooses to live here!

This world… its like… like…

January 28.

I understand, but I cant do anything.

If this world is a cage made by a god, then Im the prisoner in the cage.

I need to find the key to unlock this cage.

However, where can I find the key

The answer is right in my hands.

Sword skill.

I need to practice my sword skill to the limit.

In this cage where I wont die, I have endless time to improve and perfect my sword skill.

Let me start.

Even if I have to kill the monsters here a million times, or even ten million times, I will find my Tao of sword and cut open this cage.

In my mind, I heard a strange song.

Was it encouraging me

Like the sun that will rise from the ground every day, even if Im surrounded by the relentless darkness, I will also break it by using my mutilated body.

Like the night that will come every day, even if Im troubled due to the twisted fate of today, I still believe that the world will never change.

Only we will be changed.

The truth that we are still alive is our strongest weapon.

After a while, the song disappeared, however, I can feel that an emotion called “courage” is rising inside of my heart.

I will unravel this absurd world! The existence of myself is my strongest weapon!

March 1.

My power stopped increasing again.

Even if I killed a Big Grass Spirit, I didnt obtain too much power.

Its predictable that my attack power and speed would stop increasing at a high speed.

Maybe I need to kill a hundred thousand monsters before my power increases again.

The problem is that Im not the only one who is becoming stronger, the Honeybees, Grass Spirits, and Big Grass Spirits are evolving too.

They start to use tactics and move in groups.

I need to hurry.

The problem is becoming more and more serious.

Its time to make a choice.

What is my sword What is the Tao of my sword skill

Im so weak, what kind of sword skill can help me overcome the strong enemies How can I leave this cage of time and space

Return to the start point, how did I kill the first Honeybee

One plus one.

Generalizing everything to be math problems, calculate and predict the trajectory of the Honeybee.

This is math.

Yes, Im not a qualified swordsman, I never learned any sword skill before.

My sword skill is based on math from the beginning.

I figure out the trajectory of the Honeybee and filled it into the computing formula I summed, so that I could kill the Honeybee.

I should give up on trying any other sword skill and only focus on the “sword skill” I created.

Yun Hai, you are not a genius, you dont have any talent or bloodline ability about the sword.

You are just an ordinary person, whose goal is to be a pharmacist and likes to study math in my spare time.

I dont know what the practice method of a real swordsman is, I only know the sword skill I created.

So, keep calculating, this is my only way to become stronger.

If I can accomplish it someday, I will give it an inscrutable name.

Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

The basic of learning it is to study “Nine Chapters on Mathematical Art” and “Geometrical Principle”.


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