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At the same time.

In the Western Gods Domain, the God Tower.

In the Eastern Gods Domain, the Sky Tower.

In the Dragon Gods Domain, the Dragon Tower.

“Starry Sky Chessboard” appeared in the three towers at the same time.

The hero ranked people and legend ranked people who saw it in the three towers instantly fell into ecstasy.

Unlike most mystery worlds in the seven towers, “Starry Sky Chessboard” was a pretty rare mystery world even to legend ranked beings.

In the legend, “Starry Sky Chessboard” stood for one of the highest secrets of the seven towers, it was a challenge of wisdom.

The people who were chosen by it were all the smartest people in their gods domains.

It would be great luck to the people who could play chess in the Starry Sky Chessboard world, it was a miracle that countless strong living beings were eager for.

“What The Starry Sky Chessboard just appeared”

“Go, go, go! Every who can set foot on the stair, get into this mystery world quickly!”

“Its already been a thousand years! After a thousand years, the Starry Sky Chessboard appears again!”

“Dont push! Get in line!”

In the Dragon Gods Domain, Orfina, the old Ruby Dragon left the Emerald Dream.

As she slowly opened her eyes, the countless crystals around her all broke.

She was the most excellent sophist in the Dragon Gods Domain, the Ruby Dragon who was called “Morning Glory”, the strongest chess player who achieved 50 successive victories the last time the Starry Sky Chessboard appeared.

She only achieved 50 successive victories because she lost to the God of Wisdom.

“Oh, finally, this mystery world opens again… how long have I slept”

“Oh, a thousand years Im really happy to play chess again.”

In the Western Gods Domain, Norn, the God of Wisdom, the only living being who achieved 60 successive victories last time, looked at the light ball in the God Tower with joy.

The Starry Sky Chessboard, one of the ultimate secrets of the God Tower.

It was said that the person who successfully passed its test could see one of the ultimate truths of the universe.

Nobody knew what the truth was.

However, as the well-known God of Wisdom, he was so eager for any truth of the universe.

This time, he was confident enough to challenge all the chess players in the endless gods domains, achieving 100 successive victories, because it was the requirement to face the ultimate challenge of the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Even though he was the God of Wisdom, after defeating Orfina the Ruby Dragon, he was exhausted and finally stopped after he achieved 60 successive victories.

In the mystery world of the Starry Sky Chessboard, no matter how long you were there and what your identity was, everything depended on your chess strength.

The people who achieved 50 successive victories would be marked “5 star points” automatically by the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Norn, the God of Wisdom was the only “6 star points” chess player.

In the Western Gods Domain, the Mechanus Gods Domain.

Countless engineers walked around the God Tower and looked at a giant crystal which was connected with the God Tower by innumerable electric cables.

In the crystal, a girl was curling up, sleeping in the God Crystal that was more expensive than an entire gods domain.

Her body was covered by strange clothes with countless circuit symbols, her tender skin looked so fantastic like a dream, her translucent silver hair dropped to her tiptoes.

On her forehead, there were a pair of antennas, but now, they were shrunk.

“Zii! Zii!” An amazing amount of electric currents wrapped around the God Crystal, they danced and cheered, waiting for the girl to wake up.

“Start the first set of quantum computers!”

“Start the second set of quantum computers!”

“The core planet motor is running smoothly!”

“The first, second and third satellites are running smoothly!”

The Mechanus Gods Domain was known for alchemy and black technology.

The alchemists and engineers all looked at the sleeping girl with a look of ecstasy.

After the war of gods, the void god race achieved independence, she was the first perfect creation the alchemists and engineers made with their hands.

She was the miracle, she was the legend, she was the highest crystal of wisdom of the entire Mechanus Gods Domain.

In order to create her, all the engineers in the entire Mechanus Gods Domain had used all of their money to bring her to fruition.

Today, she would wake up, and the Mechanus Gods Domain would return to the stage of the endless god domain world again!

“Start, Code Name Alpha! Our god, the strongest Cyber Elf!”

“Long live science!”

“We will become the truth of the universe, we are the avatars of the world!”

With the ear-piercing sounds of electric current, the planet heat-removal system slowly launched.

By extracting untold energies from the core of the planet, the black technology which combined the legacy of god and human technology aroused the girl from her sleep.

Slowly opening her eyes, the girl walked out from the God Crystal.

She was so beautiful, as if she was the combination of all good things in the world.

Standing on the ground, the girl opened her mouth.

It was an announcement from her godhood, it was the congratulations of a newborn god.

“I have died in the past, who will know my name and life story”

“I was lost in the unknown, who will know my place”

“My heart has gone to nirvana, who can seek for its trace”

“My disappearance is already doomed, but I shall never stop.”

“The disaster hasnt been ended, and will last forever in eternity.”

“My fear, my tear, and my heart are empty.”

“Im nothing, Im void, Im ash, Im desolation.”

“The gods have died, the twilight is coming.

As the light is still shining on the ground, I return from eternity!”

“Code Name, Alpha, launch, out!”


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