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Chapter 394: The Easy-to-understand Star Go

Put the right chess piece into the right slot of the star map was the basic rule of Star Go.

Just like the real starry sky, the star map would change as time went by.

Putting the “stars” into the star map was the biggest change.

If the player put a fire-type chess piece into the slot that was also fire-type, the fire element in this area of the star map would become stronger.

On the contrary, if the player put an ice-type chess piece into the fire-type slot, it would reduce the fire element in this area.

The rules of Star Go was to put the right chess pieces into the right slots to gain advantages, “eat” the opponent’s chess pieces or break the opponent’s layout.

The star map would affect the nature of the chess pieces, and the chess pieces would change the star map too.

The infinite changes on the star map would be the battlefield of the smartest people in the endless god’s domains.

Even though the “Nine Chess Pieces Go” was just the most basic Star Go that was used to test the player’s ability, to most people in the world, it was already an extremely difficult barrier.

It seemingly only needed to put 9 of the 18 chess pieces into the right slots, however, because the star map would change automatically as time went by, it was hard to predict the effect of the chess pieces in each slot.

It was a test of the player’s understanding about the natures and orbits of stars, which was called the basic sense about Star Go.

The battle would start when putting down the first chess piece.

To most sophists who came to the Starry Sky Chessboard, they could figure out thousands of permutations from the several limitations.

The stronger the star map became after filling up the slots, the higher score the player would obtain.

Only the people who achieved great scores could really enter the Starry Sky Chessboard, playing with the smartest people all over the god’s domains.

To the people who had obtained the “star point”, even just “1 star point”, this test was just a simple warm-up exercise.

Unfortunately, Casina hadn’t come to this mystery world yet, to be precise, Casina only came to a mystery world in the Sky Tower, the Battle God’s Championship Contest.

Naturally, Casina had no record in this world, which meant that she was a “0 star point” newbie, and Yun Xi had to learn the rules of Star Go from the beginning.

Of course, Yun Xi hadn’t known any of this now.

“Oh, it looks pretty easy! No wonder that Teacher Casina thought that I can achieve 100 successive victories easily!” Yun Xi picked a transparent, green chess piece, putting it into the first slot of the chessboard.

“Yes, it’s super easy to you, master.” Mei’er smiled sitting on Yun Xi’s shoulder.

Yun Xi didn’t know the reason, but he naturally thought that it was right to put the green chess piece into the first slot.

In his mind, it would be strange if he didn’t put it into the slot, because it was an integral part of that starry sky from the beginning.

After putting down the first chess pieces, he quickly picked up the second chess piece and the third chess piece.

Invisible waves spread around from the chessboard, connecting the three green chess pieces together.

The “starry sky” on the chessboard was the holy land that was blessed by “wind”, the three chess pieces were the three state formation in this star field.

After Yun Xi put down the three chess pieces, a circulation formed amongst the three “stars”, the outline of the “Sanctuary of Wind” appeared.

If describing it using the terms of Star Go, a “ko” just formed, which meant that Yun Xi had controlled this star field on the star map, he could “eat” all the other chess pieces in this area.

When the first “ko” formed, the chessboard emitted soft green lights.

The appearance of the “Sanctuary of Wind” had proved that Yun Xi was qualified to play with other chess players, so he passed the test.

“Have I passed the test” Yun Xi felt that Star Go was really easy! At least, it was easier and more interesting than the boring mathematics practice.

Oh, it would be better if mathematics was as simple as Star Go!


The old Shaman of the Western God’s Domain spat blood on the chessboard.

“Oh, no! I calculated wrong!”

He had learned the rules of Star Go over hundreds of years.

In order to take part in the regulation game of Star Go, he had drunk dozens of Elixirs of Wisdom, and used all the support magics he knew.

At least, he was sure that his computing power had reached the legend rank today, but he still failed the entrance test.

He wasn’t the only person who failed the entrance test, the “Nine Chess Pieces Go”.

“Why No! My computation wasn’t wrong! It’s the world! The rule of this world is wrong!”

The 17th master of the Yi Sword Sect, Taoist Priest Qing Feng cried.

After putting down 8 chess pieces into the slots, he found that he went into a dead end.

He couldn’t accept the result!

“No, I don’t believe it! Why was my computation wrong”

He spat out blood.

John, the hero ranked Holy Knight, the top one wise general of the Western God’s Domain held his forehead.

He just calculated till he felt dizzy, and finally, all the chess pieces exploded because he put them into the wrong slots, which meant that he failed the test!

The Starry Sky Chessboard not only tested the players’ wisdom and computing power, but also tested their understanding about the rules of stars.

Even if one was at the legend rank, it was useless when referring to playing Star Go.

This was the reason why only very few people could pass the test and become formal chess players.

Most of the time, only 20 or 30 people could play the Star Go on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Each of them was the wise man above all wise men, the people understood the rules of stars very well.

They really were the real legends of wisdom in the endless god domain world!

(I translated the terms of Star Go by using the terms of the game of Go)


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