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“There is something wrong! Even if you are a god, your computing power cant be so strong, not to mention a legend ranked elf.

What are you” Black Mage instinctively realized that there was a secret behind it.

The nature of Star Go was a battle of computing power, which was also called deduction ability.

If the gap between two chess players computing powers was too wide, the result was already doomed.

Most hero ranked beings werent entitled to enter the Starry Sky Chessboard, because their computing powers were too weak.

Unless the bloodline of the hero ranked being was about computing power, it wasnt possible for them to find the suitable places to put down their chess players in the changing star map.

Legend ranked mental power was the basis to play Star Go.

Only after reaching this level, was it possible to play Star Go.

Even so, a lot of legend ranked beings couldnt even pass the entrance test, the Nine Chess Pieces Go.

Why was Norn the strongest chess player Apart from his stable style, his computing power was specially optimized by his godhood, this was his biggest advantage.

Perhaps Orfina the Ruby Dragons computing power was stronger than Norns, however, the God of Wisdom had optimized his computing power, which meant that he could release 120% of his true power, so he was the only 6 star points chess player.

However, compared to Cyber Elf Alpha, their computing powers were just a joke.

Even overlapped Orfina and Norns competing powers together, their computing power was just 1% of the computing power Cyber Elf Alpha had shown!

In the Western Gods Domain, the Mechanus Gods Domain, Alpha was still sitting in the God Crystal.

The mental antennas on her forehead shook, requiring for higher computing power.

The alchemists and engineers cheered.

“Launch the 11th and 12th Planet Quantum Computer!”

“Cooling! Cooling! Ensure the absolute advantage of Alphas projection!”

“We will earn every game!”

“The Ruby Dragon and the God of Wisdom are just old-fashioned antiques! The future belongs to Cyber Elf Alpha!”

“Ha ha, I guess these 3 star points and 4 star points chess players are going to collapse.

Our Alpha just opened 12 Planet Computers! We just used 10% of our true power!”

“Even the God of Wisdom is nothing in the face of our Alpha! Our Alpha has infinite computing power!”

Laughter burst from the alchemists and engineers.

After thousands of years from obtaining the God Crystal, building all the supporting facilities, ten generations of people had been born and passed away.

Now, only several elf engineers were the original planners who designed Alpha.

Today, the crystallization of countless peoples wisdom finally blossomed and yielded fruit.

Black Mage wasnt wrong.

As the newborn cyber god, Alpha could increase her computing power by adding more and more additional computing elements.

She was the only god who had the god ability, “Infinite Computing Power”.

Even Norn the God of Wisdom couldnt defeat her when coming to computing power.

All the elites in the Mechanus Gods Domain believed that Alpha would be the only victor of all the games of the Starry Sky Chessboard from now on.

This was the beginning of a brand new era! This was the first announcement of the rise of the Mechanus Gods Domain!

The era of Alpha was coming!

Black Mage stayed where he was for a long while after being defeated.

Am I defeated Has my ambition of achieving 60 successive victories already failed

Who am I Where am I What just happened Just like all the chess players who met Alpha before, Black Mage started to wonder about the meaning of his life.

Suddenly, a star light flashed and a new name appeared in the front of Black Mage.

“A Cloud in the Sky”, Black Mage remembered that it was the code name of another newbie.

Oh, he has achieved 10 successive victories and obtained 1 star point.

As a newbie, he did really well.

From the aura of his projection, he should be at the legend rank.

After all, his exuberant vitality couldnt be fake.

However, after meeting the “monster”, Cyber Elf Alpha, Black Mage suddenly felt that the newbie was quite pleasing to the eye.

I cant win against that “monster”, but it will be quite easy to maltreat other newbies! Looking at the 1 star point newbie, “A Cloud in the Sky”, Black Mahe sneered.

Come on, newbie, let me enjoy the game!

“Pa!” After the routine to decide who went first, Yun Xi was on the offensive.

He directly put the first chess piece onto tengen.

“Hey, hey…” Black Mage sneered, grinding his teeth.

How dare you give up your upper hand advantage You are bringing about your own destruction!


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