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Chapter 409: Sun Bird

It was a crimson fire dragon, an overlord fantastic creature in the fire starfield.

There were a big red gem and two small red gems, on its forehead, which stood for the source power of fire.

A stocky red horn covered its head like a big cutter wheel, wrapped around by countless red and black flames.

On its huge red wings and under its strong lower limbs, there were thick exoskeletons protecting its body.

The fierce red scales on its body were vivid, far clearer than the shadow of the God of Death Black Mage just summoned.

Its dragon eyes looked like a pair of lava pools, endless evil auras were boiling inside of them, announcing the dragon’s identity.

Its scales sparkled like the crystals of fire with vague black lines on them, which stood for the road of power it had chosen.

It was once a pureblooded crimson dragon, the lord of fire, but it wallowed in degeneration, indulging in wanton massacres in the mortal world.

Because it was a pureblooded crimson dragon, after being infected by demon air, it became a fire demon dragon that was much stronger than any real crimson dragon.

It wasn’t being lured by the abyss, but degenerated into the deepest side of hell of its own free will.

It proactively accepted the aura of destruction and tyranny, turning into the avatar of greed and madness, Rathalos.

Since its projection was summoned by Orfina’s Sanctuary of Fire, appearing on the unknown star map, it meant that the fire demon dragon had controlled a trace of rules of the immortal, leaving its projection in the history of the endless god’s domains.

Orfina believed that once she successfully summoned this fire demon dragon, Rathalos, the victory would be right in her hands.

Till she saw the golden red phantom.

Yes, the figure with a pair of golden red wings was just a phantom, to be precise, it was just a vague “concept”.

From the outline of its body, it should be a golden red bird, however, Orfina never saw such an ornate, bright golden, mythical bird.

The mythical bird was surrounded by endless spirits of fire, and it had three legs.

There was nothing around the bird apart from the infinite flames.

Looking at it, Orfina confirmed that it was the strongest, most beautiful fantastic creature she had ever seen.

The sun-like three-legged mythical bird wasn’t recorded in the books of dragons, it was a new, unknown, ultimate fantastic creature.

It stood for the source of life, the highest mystery that could never be touched and studied.

Its golden red wings could cover the entire world, flying above the thirty-three heavens.

It raised its head, looking around, and any place that it was looking at, started to burn.

Even the rock under the ground started to boil, becoming a sea of lava.

Above the boiling sea of lava, countless spirits of fire flew to it, danced and sang around it.

Golden spirits of light were born and turned around it, waiting for its orders.

The fire demon dragon, Rathalos just formed on the chessboard and hadn’t announced its appearance with an earsplitting roar, it had been surrounded by endless flames.

Its body was theoretically immune in the face of any fire, but now, it was ignited and turned into golden red particles, disappearing in the air.

The golden red mythical bird just waved its wings, countless golden lights had pierced through the body of the fire demon dragon like the sharpest swords, turning it into ashes.

All the areas on the star map were covered by endless solar storms, one black point after another appeared and exploded in the golden red world of fire.

There were “sun spots”, generating from the strongest light and heat.

Sunlights could breed new lives, they could also destroy everything and burn everything.

As the fire of the sun dropped onto the ground, all lives would melt, only the spirits of fire and light could dance around the mythical bird above the thirty-three heavens.

It was an ultimate fantastic creature that no mortal could touch.

It had superpowers, and was also surrounded by infinite loneliness.

It was a “god” that would be born in the future called “Immemorial Era”, it was the ultimate fantastic creature that would cause the havoc called “Ten Suns Cover the Sky”.

What Orfina saw was the “sun”, the strongest sun walker in the future.

It could never descend into the mortal world and could only live above the thirty-three heavens, otherwise, its light and heat would burn the entire world into ashes.

During this era, it hadn’t been born yet, but its “concept” had formed, and it had a “name”.

The Starry Sky Chessboard caught a fragment of the future and predicted its birth, then Yun Xi found its existence from the star map and summoned it by using Orfina’s Sanctuary of Fire.

Darkness had been expelled from the star map, the entire chessboard was covered with beautiful golden red lights.

On the vast star map, no other colors were still existing.

It wasn’t the Disaster of Sky and Earth, but a new “ultimate ko” Orfina hadn’t seen before but really existed.

Most stars were crushed and disappeared in the endless explosions of sunspots.

Only a few stars whose orbits were far away from the sunspots dodged the disaster, following around the newborn golden red light in the center of the world.

After destroying most things on the star map, the golden mythical bird finally folded its wings, rested on its sun and looked at the “past” through the chessboard.

The golden red bird should just be a “ko” on the star map, it couldn’t really be an existing life, however, Orfina saw “wisdom” from the eyes of the mysterious golden red bird and “mystery” which was as great as her mother.



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