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“What… what is this fantastic creature”

Orfina looked at the golden red figure who burned her fire demon dragon into ashes and swallowed the entire Sanctuary of Fire.

She was really shocked.

It was just a vague outline, its true body didnt even really appear on the chessboard, it had dominated the entire star map.

Its absolute power made Orfina feel helpless.

Does this fire-type fantastic creature really exist in the history of the endless gods domains

No, it cant be a simple fire-type fantastic creature.

From the body of the golden red mythical bird, Orfina sensed the power of stars, which was similar to her power but was far stronger than her power even if she transferred into her Ruby Dragon form.

Her true body could turn into a gem star under the aegis of her great mother, Yasha the Dragon God.

The weight of the gem star was 59.6 ten quintillion.

Even if she simply moved her body in the void, her body would cause gravitational tidal effects on other stars nearby her.

The gem star was her core, the source of her legend ranked power.

She herself was the most terrible war machine in the Dragon Gods Domain, a moving natural disaster.

She and another Dragon Gods Apostle, Thanatos the Lair of Dragon were the ultimate forces of the dragon race.

Her true body was too big, so she was sleeping in the Emerald Dream most of the time.

If she wanted to go outside, she would use this human form avatar she was using now.

She never imagined that there would be any fantastic creature that was bigger than her true body and more beautiful!

Even if it did nothing, it deserved to be worshipped by all creatures.

It was the sun, the flame above the thirty-three heavens, the god ruling the world.

People must kneel down in front of it, praise and believe in it, creating countless poems and tales for it.

The land that was shone by its golden red light, the legend of it would be eulogized forever.

In the future, it had countless names, because it was so distinguished, so beautiful, so holy.

Anyone who saw its appearance would think it was the avatar of immortality.

“I… I dont know…” Yun Xi was dumbfounded too.

Looking at the mythical bird who was pecking its feathers, he had a feeling that he just summoned a very strong fantastic creature.

What a miracle, the Starry Sky Chessboard! I havent even reached the hero rank, but can actually summon this unknown beautiful bird by using the Sanctuary of Fire.

Yes, it was all due to the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Yun Xi didnt think that he had any relationship with it, after all, it looked like a bird that only exists in fairy tales.

However, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Did it just look at me

Oh, again! Its staring at me!

Wait, isnt it just a projection How can it have a sense of itself

No fear! Dont panic! Im not using my own body but Teacher Casinas avatar!

Outside of the Starry Sky Chessboard, on the peak of the Eastern Gods Domain, in the world of countless fantastic creatures homeland, all living beings suddenly had a feeling that something was going to happen.

In the sky, countless golden red lines spread around the sun, as if something terrible was going to be born from it.

In the north sea, the ancient giant creature, “Kun” leaped from the water in the form of a whale, then flew to the sky in the form of a roc.

However, its feathers were burned by roasting about halfway, it was scared and immediately dived into the sea.

A group of Suparnas flew to the sun from the Western Gods Domain, however, they couldnt withstand the temperature of the golden red particles around the sun, shouted and wrangled.

Only the feather snake who didnt have a physical body could get close to the super being who hadnt born, hovering around it.

In the east, the green dragon looked at the terrible scene and became lost in thought.

In the west, the white tiger looked up at the figure in the sky, itching for a try.

In the south, the princess Rosefinch chattered with its family dependants, flying to the sun.

In the north, countless ancient words emerged out from the old turtles black shell.

“West Queen, is it she”

The master of the Kunlun Gods Domain, the mother of all fantastic creatures, West Queen answered, “Yes, this child is going to wake up.”

“Her name is Golden Sun Crow.

She will be the most beautiful star in the future, the origin of the Immemorial Era.”

As if time itself stopped when Yun Xi summoned the golden bird.

For the first time, Orfina started to wonder if she was really the favorite of stars.

Where am I What am I doing Who is my opponent

Is this Casina a fake In my memory, Casina cant be so strong!

Casina is the invincible Battle God in the mystery word “the Battle Gods Championship Contest”, however, how can she be so strong in this mystery world “the Starry Sky Chessboard” They are two distinct worlds!

“…” Yun Xi was confused too.

He knew it was just a projection on the chessboard, however, he had a feeling that it was looking at him.

Although its era hadnt started and it hadnt been born, they had had an unknown relationship.

“Oh, this is really not good…” Meier had the same feeling.

Amongst the three roads Yun Xi chose before, a road which had been closed suddenly had the sign of being activated.

“Beyond the beginning of obscurity, at the first second of being born of the world, a being named Primordial was born.

Here is the place where the stele of the heavens fell asleep…”


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