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The true identities of Norn the God of Wisdom were the three goddesses and they were observing Yun Xi in the Caduceus.

After being defeated by Cyber Elf Alpha, they achieved successive victories easily as usual.

Till now, their record was 37 victories and 1 failure.

Norn was still one of the overlords on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

“27 victories in a row” Urd surprisingly looked at this newbies code name, “A Cloud in the Sky”.

“Its tough, are the newbies this time all very strong” Verdandi frowned, remembering the two newbies they met before.

Cyber Elf Alphas computing power was incredibly strong, and the game with the sacred monk, Maha Mystery also consumed a lot of their energies.

If only considering computing power, Maha Mystery wasnt inferior to the three goddesses.

The newbies this time are all monsters!

“I dont want to be a crow mouth, but sisters, I have a bad feeling this time,” Skuld said after she observed the future, which greatly increased Yun Xis level of danger again.

After being defeated by Cyber Elf Alpha and having an arduous game with Maha Mystery, the three goddesses stepped up their vigilance toward all the newbies.

Moreover, this newbie had achieved 27 victories in a row!

Before the game started, the three goddesses had launched their abilities, observing “A Cloud in the Sky” from past, present and future together.

“He has defeated Maha Mystery, Black Mage, and Orfina.” Urd the Goddess of Past said.

“His journey is still ongoing.

He will dance like an invincible battle god.” Verdandi the Goddess of Present said.

“His heart is as wide as the world.

No matter how many ships he has stepped foot on, he will keep going.” Skuld the Goddess of Future said.

The three goddesses looked surprised at the same time.

“He defeated Orfina”

Orfina the Ruby Dragons computing power and understanding about Star Go was far stronger than their avatar, Norn the God of Wisdom.

If she could be more careful when playing, even though the three goddesses could predict the future, they wouldnt be able to defeat Orfina easily.

Orfina was actually the strongest Star Go player, the three goddesses could defeat her simply because they had the cheat-like predictive power.

Apart from Norn the God of Wisdom and Black Mage, no one was sure that they could withstand Orfinas fierce attack.

“Was she tricked” Most of the time, Orfina didnt pay too much attention to her opponents tricks and was tricked easily.

If she would be more careful, she wouldnt have only have obtained 5 star points.

In the minds of the three goddesses, Orfina was the only one who had the chance to obtain 6 star points or higher achievement.

If she optimized her attack and defence on the chessboard to her best, it was even possible for her to obtain 8 star points!

“Oh, Orfinas character is still imprudent.

If she stopped being so reckless, she wouldve achieved 6 star points a thousand years ago.” Verdandi had imagined the game happened between “A Cloud in the Sky” and the “Ruby Princess” just now.

She mustve fallen into his traps easily before!

“We wont lose this time.” Skuld waved her fists and looked at their opponent with a fierce look on her face.

“Skuld is right.

We wont make the same mistake again.” Urd touched her silver hair and said in an excited tone.

“For the sake of Skuld, we will win!” Verdandi also stretched out her hand to her younger sister.

“Yes, we will crush him in this game! I cant wait for it to happen!” Skuld said.

The three sisters held each others hands together tightly.

At the same time, Yun Xi said to Meier.

“Meier, we need to get serious!” Looking at the 6 star points above his opponents head, Yun Xi also got excited.

Its a 6 star point chess player! 6 star points! The strongest opponent before I can face the more terrible 7 star points, 8 star points and even 9 star points opponents!

I must be careful and shake myself up this time.

“Oh!” Meier answered casually, kicking the air with her small feet.

What was that ust now What was it

The stele of the heavens had been closed after master chose me.

What was leaked from it just now

She just took a glance at it, and instantly shook in fear.

Master, what did you seal in that road in your past life

In the routine to decide who goes first, Yun Xi won, he was on the offensive.

He immediately put his first chess piece at the familiar place, tengen.

When he put down his chess piece, the three goddesses froze.

“Tengen” Urd exclaimed in surprise.

“Tengen!” Verdandi looked at the chess piece and suddenly felt nervous.

“Why is it tengen again” Skuld cried out in alarm.

The style of this person… is the same as that “Cyber Elf Alpha”!

Is it a new trend to put the first chess piece onto tengen Why dont we know

Did we stay in the mystery place to research the legacy of twilight too long


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