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“Did I win”

Yun Xi looked at the chessboard in surprise.

Suddenly, the God of Wisdom made a fatal mistake on the chessboard.

The game was suddenly ended even before he realized it.

Im lucky.

Was it really a mistake Yun Xi looked up at the God of Wisdom, the only 6 star points chess player he had ever met.

“Lets prophesy for him.

I have a bad feeling.” Urd struggled.

She had to admit that this opponent wasnt inferior to Cyber Elf Alpha.

They lost to Alpha because of her strong, incredible computing power.

However, they didnt know the reason why they were defeated by this person at all.

The style of his chess pieces was uncanny!

His chess pieces were like the instantiation of fate itself.

As Norns, the Sisters of Fate, they had no resistance to it.

“I agree…” Verdandi whispered.

The entire game just now was too weird.

She sensed the smell of fate too.

“I dont want to prophesy for him.

It must show the worst result.” As the one goddess who could see the future, Skuld vented her spleen.

“Skuld, we cant resist the future, no matter how ridiculous it is.”

“Lets begin to prophesy.

At least, we can see the probability of the future from it.”

“Lets do it.”

As their big sister, Urd represented “past”, she understood the meaning of future deeper than anyone.

Countless heroes and geniuses failed because of a negligible thing in their lives.

They thought that they were the masters of their fate, but all of them fell in the pool of blood named “fate”, only very few people could rein in on the brink of the precipice and avoid the imminent disasters.

If a man wanted to change his fate, he must know what fate was first.

The madcap who thought that they were strong enough could never really get rid of their fates.

Disappearing in the river of time grudgingly was their doomed fates.

“Skuld…” Verdandi finally recovered.

She looked at her younger sister with a gentle look.

“I know! I know! Hum, I can not be reconciled!” Skuld pouted, but she had to admit that her sisters were right.

However, she really had a presentiment about the result of the prophecy.

“She walked in the old desert, coming from the end of the horizon,” Urd said.

“Her light will shine on the star river, because she is the invincible god of battle,” Verdandi said.

“She will become a god in the future, the seat is waiting for her coming.” Skuld said.

This prophecy was different with the prophecy before.

It sounded as if it wasnt saying the same person.

“Skuld, say it.” Urd and Verdandi realized the problem, and they waited for Skulds answer after she saw the future.

It was the thread of fate, made by combining all the probabilities from past, present, and future.

It was the exclusive prophecy of the Sisters of Fate.

“A Cloud in the Sky… start the prophecy…” Skuld said unwillingly.

“She wont be our enemy.”

Listening to this, Urd let out a sigh of relief and Verdandi smiled.

At the least, the worst situation wouldnt happen.

“She will be our friend.”

Urd and Verdandi were happy about this prophecy, then they froze at the same time.

Why did it sound familiar

“She will be our sister…” Speaking of this, Skuld was also alarmed and panicky.

The entire process sounded similar to the prophecy before.

As it was already their doomed fate.

“Sister” Urd repeated it incredulously.

How could it be

What is the real identity of “A Cloud in the Sky” She couldnt be a god!

“Sister” Verdandi also thought in confusion.

She didnt understand it at all.

“She will sleep on the same bed with us, we will…” Skuld paused again.

She froze with a blank, dull countenance.

Why did I see that scene again

What is that bed It looks like a gorgeous bed made of golden sands, which is so big that it can let ten people lie on it.

Urd, Verdandi, she, and Cyber Elf Alpha are all on the bed.

Compared to the prophecy before, this time, this scene was clearer.

Apart from them, she saw another person, who should be “A Cloud in the Sky”.

Her brown skin looked similar to Sister Urds skin, and she had a pair of slender legs.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

Wait, where did the sixth person come from

Can it be…

No! I dont want this hell like future! Why did sisters and I look as if we have already been accustomed to it

No! Its fake! The prophecy failed! It must point to the wrong future!

I dont want it! I dont want it!

How can I tell sisters it!


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