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Chapter 429: God Match (3)

“Hum She stopped” Yun Xi was slightly surprised looking at his opponent.

The game of Star Go just became interesting! For the first time, he met a chess player who also put her first chess piece onto tengen, it was a quite fresh feeling to him.

He wasnt the only person who had found the secret of tengen!

Indeed, he was just a newbie and he could find it.

There was no way that a 7 star points chess player didnt know it.

Compared to his style, the 7 star points chess players style was aggressive, she attacked him on the chessboard from the beginning.

No wonder that she was the strongest chess player he had ever met!

Apparently, she was far stronger than the 5 star points “Ruby Princess” and the 6 star points “God of Wisdom”.

Judging from this, the gap between 6 star points and 7 star points was really wide.

Maybe it was as wide as the gap between the strongest hero rank, the sixth rank and the star point of the legend rank, the seventh rank.

Taking her as a reference, the 8 star points and 9 star points chess players must be incredibly strong!

Im just a newbie, why did I meet a 7 star points chess player so early Did the newbie protection mechanism just lose efficacy

In the Mechanus Gods Domain.

In the God Crystal, for the first time, Alpha didnt ask for more computing power.

“The formalized series of moves in my database lost efficacy.”

“I need new programs and new computational models.”

“Clear the database, I need to recalculate from zero!”

Engineers looked at each other with a look of panic.

Their Alpha didnt ask for more computing power this time.

It was really a fresh experience for them.

It was just like a little girl who suddenly didnt want more candies but wanted a rose.

They suddenly felt that their daughter just “grew up”.

Yes, it wasnt just their imagination.

Cyber Elf Alphas power was indeed increasing on the battlefield on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

It wasnt just a simple increase of her computing power.

From the game with Black Mage, Alpha understood the advantage of meddling with the situation on the chessboard.

Since the game with Norn the God of Wisdom, Alpha understood the perspective of “overall situation”.

And the game with Orfina the Ruby Dragon, Alpha started to try to use the “purest power”.

More or less, she learned a lot of things from each chess player, which was becoming a great benefit to the newborn god.

Until Yun Xi appeared.

After 10 rounds, Alpha quickly noticed that the “unknown” which didnt exist in her database appeared.

His style was as naive as any other newbies, however, he actually defeated Black Mage, Orfina and Norn.

Even Alphas program judged that there was a big fallacy and logical error.

Until their game started, she finally experienced the mystery of Yun Xis style personally.

It wasnt recorded in any chess manual.

If one judged his moves using common sense, no one would understand the reason behind his victories.

She was almost cheated by his naive style of Star Go, until the 10th round, an error appeared in her logical loop and activated her automatic measurement system.

He isnt a newbie.

He is a brand new “unknown” field!

The alchemists and engineers of the Mechanus Gods Domain wouldnt refuse any of Alphas requirements.

“Clear all the old data! Change the mathematical models!”

“Be quick, we have only 5 minutes!”

“Whats wrong with this opponent Why could he activate the logical errors in Alphas programs”

“Upgrade the programs! 10% is done!”

Collecting all the manpower, material and financial resources in the entire Mechanus Gods Domain, they finally fulfilled Alphas requirement within the 5 minutes.

After calculating using the newly built mathematical model, Cyber Elf Alpha figured out a new result.

“My winning probability… is only 31%…”

“Draw probability… is zero…”

“The probability of being… is 69%…”

When they were output onto the screen, all the engineers and alchemists forgot to breathe.

“What… how can that be possible” The elves exclaimed.

As Alphas creators, they never imagined that Alphas winning probability was so low.

The computing power of “A Cloud in the Sky” was even less than 1% of Alphas computing power, how could he achieve this within 10 rounds


“The game just started!”

“I must be dreaming!”

“No, we still have a chance.

We can reverse the situation!”

“Alpha, increase your computing power! We dont have much time.”

Before Alpha said anything, the engineers and alchemists had lost their temper.

They proactively applied for more computing power for Alpha.

Save resource Optimize computation structure Reduce energy consumption Its not the time to be thinking about these!

Our Alpha wont lose!

How can our Alpha be stopped at this point by a newbie!

“Understand… keep increasing my computing power…” As a cyber god whose life was to respond to the wish of the living beings in the Mechanus Gods Domain, Alpha clearly felt the enthusiasm in the hearts of the engineers.

They were her people.

Their will was her will.

I, Alpha, wont lose.

No matter who the opponent is, I wont lose!

The battle just started.

I still have a lot of power that can be put into this battle!


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