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Chapter 436: God Match (10)

“Give me… 100% authority…” Standing in the God Crystal, Alpha repeated.

To Cyber Elf Alpha, the Planet Quadrant Computers were her body parts, they were at one with the same mind.

The girl in the God Crystal was just a virtual form, the terminal of her will.

The real Alpha was made of the combination of the Planet Computers, so she could be born with the infinite computing power.

She didnt mean anything to ask for 100% authority to use her full power, she just wanted to win the game.

It was like a warrior who was going to wage a life-and-death struggle, someone suddenly popped out and said, “No, you cant use this equipment.”

Alpha thought that it was illogical, it was improper!

“But… we really dont have the authority to meet your requirement!”

“Sigh, these big shots wont agree to it.”

“I know.

Its just an impossible task.”

The engineers sighed with a helpless look.

“I… let me have a try…” Several elves looked at each other, finally decided to enable a secret information circuit.

Quickly, a dozen vague projections appeared around Alphas God Crystal.

“What happened Im having a meeting! Is there any problem with the Alpha Plan” A fat projection picking a cigar in his mouth complained.

“Hey hey, take it easy, didnt they just report the good news I remember Alpha has achieved 60 successive victories not long ago.” Another projection smiled.

The stronger Alpha was, the more benefit the Star River nobles could obtain.

He was very satisfied with Alphas achievement.

“If nothing important happened, they wouldnt open this secret information circuit.

Stick to the point, what happened to Alpha” They were presumptuous, but they werent stupid.

Star River nobles were all literally elites.

Some of them were businessmen whose enterprise stretched over several gods domains; some of them were the generals who controlled the strongest weapon of Mechanus Gods Domain, “Mech”; some of them were the masters of several of the biggest noble families.

Because of their resource support, they could perform the Alpha Plan and finally see the birth of the cyber god.

From the era of the Starship Alliance, they were the real masters of this starfield.

Even though the era of the Mechanus Gods Domain came, they were still the few people above all people.

In some sense, they were the upper wills of the entire Mechanus Gods Domain.

“Alpha… she applied to unlock 100% of her computing power, in order to defeat her opponent on the Starry Sky Chessboard.” An elf said.

Elves were the founders of the Alpha Plan and the providers of the God Crystal, their identities were equal to the Star River nobles.

In the secret alliance “Alpha Association”, they were the only outsiders.

Because they were not the natives of the Mechanus Gods Domain, they had no right to hold the highest authority of the Planet Quadrant Computers.

“Alpha… wants to win…” Alpha looked at these projections with expectation.

Till this moment, Alpha was still normal.

She was still a good girl who only wanted candies.

“No! Absolutely not!” The projection picking a cigar jumped up and roared, “We wont open the authority for you!”

“Yes, only this requirement… I dont agree.” The projection of the general shook his head with vigilance.

“Unlock 100% of your computing power… unless the Mechanus Gods Domain is facing an important juncture of life and death, no one has the right to do it.

Stop asking!” The projection of a noble said in a cold tone.

They were not romantic elves nor naive engineers, they were the elites who stood for human business, military and politics.

They were the dominators of the entire Mechanus Gods Domain.

The encryption key which could unlock the final 1% of Alphas computing power was the most important thing to ensure that they could control Alpha.

Unless the Mechanus Gods Domain would be destroyed the next moment, they would never release her, letting her be free.

God was a good thing.

Cyber Elf Alpha was their trump card to let the Mechanus Gods Domain rise again.

They would never loosen their control right of Alpha!

Unlock the ultimate restriction just for winning a game What a bad joke!

Will anyone let his weapon navigate its own fate

They didnt build Alpha and the Planet Computers for just a game!

They only wanted Alpha to be a decidedly subservient machine, nothing else apart from that!

Therefore, their answer was “no”.

They coldly refused Alphas requirement from the bottom of her heart.

“Stop the game and concede, as a test, its already enough.”

“7 star points We are satisfied with it.

It has proved that Alpha is better than Norn the God of Wisdom.

No wonder that you are our best masterpiece of Mechanus Gods Domain!”

“With Alpha, we can create a better future.”

The nobles agreed unanimously that the test of Cyber Elf Alphas performance had succeeded and could be stopped.

As for the victory or defeat on the Starry Sky Chessboard… its not shameful to concede to these legend ranked beings.

“Appropriate concession” was also a part of the wisdom of political compromise.

As for Alphas own will As a weapon and tool, she didnt need such a thing.


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