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I can win!

I must win!

I have squeezed out 100% of the computing power of all the Planet Quadrant Computers, there is no way that I will lose!

Even though he is the strongest genius in the history of the Starry Sky Chessboard, I can turn the tide!

Cyber Elf Alpha felt that joy was gushing out from the bottom of her heart.

This victory would be different from the 70 victories before, because it would be the first “victory” she obtained by using her full power.

Just like a rainbow after a desperately strong storm, just like the morning twilight after a long polar night, infinite emotions filled Alphas heart.

Even now, she felt so incredible now that she had reversed the situation.

“I… I win”

Because of excitement, her two metallic antennas twisted together, becoming a golden horn standing high on her forehead.

The corners of her mouth raised.

She had seen victory on the chessboard!

“Cyber Elf Alpha” vs “A Cloud in the Sky”.

Cyber Elf Alpha: the probability of winning: 83%; the probability of being defeated: 17%.

The probability of winning and the probability of being defeated were just the theoretical values calculated by the Planet Computers, they were fixed but changed from time to time.

After all, the star map was always changing, and there were too many unstable elements.

The only thing she knew was that she was still occupying the absolute advantage.

Overall, her chess pieces had surrounded the area around tengen, it was so easy to predict who could be the final winner would be for everyone.

“Well… its about time.” Yun Xi looked at the little girls happy face.

Looking at her raised lips and clenched fists, she looked like a little girl who just finished her homework and waited for praise.

Its really a terrible feeling to beat such an innocent childs self-confidence.

However, I must accomplish my task.

Teacher Casina even loaned her identity to me, I wont disappoint her.

You are probably the strongest opponent I have met.

Therefore, I will present the “Starburst” to you.

“Pa!” Targeting on Alphas chess pieces around tengen, Yun Xi started his unprecedented show.

Looking at the place he put down his chess piece, Alphas body suddenly trembled.

She looked at her crushed chess pieces in astonishment.

Yes, her chess pieces were “crushed”.

The chess piece Yun Xi put down following the orbit of the star, leading Alphas chess pieces to come to ruin.

Stars would die! This was the biggest difference between Star Go and Go.

In the game of Go, the players could “abandon” their chess pieces, however, in the game of Star Go, the players could “detonate” their chess pieces!

At this moment, Yun Xis chess pieces, which were surrounded by Alphas chess pieces, detonated themselves without warning.

Instantly, a large blank area appeared on the chessboard.

For a moment, Alphas mind became blank.

“What… the stars in this area…”

“They still have 3.6 billion years of life… how could they… their fates are twisted!”

Alpha murmured, and helplessly tried to fix the empty area.

Sorry, once this tactic starts, it cant be stopped.

Yun Xi ignored Alphas feeble resistance and put down another chess piece.

It was hard to describe the sparkling lights when the stars detonated.

The phenomenon which should appear 3.6 billion years later repeated on the chessboard over and over again.

80%, 72%, 64%… Alphas possibility of winning kept descending.

With cry-like resonances from the quantum crystallizations behind Alpha, her fields were broken one by one.

This was Yun Xis Star Go Strategy, his original creation: Starburst.

When using this strategy, he didnt mind anything on the chessboard, no matter how much the area his opponent had occupied, he only needed to put his chess piece onto the most unstable place, then detonate it.

In the face of Yun Xis unprecedented strategy, even Orfinas most fierce attack was not worth mentioning.

Stars existed since the beginning of the world, however, they werent immortal.

The world of stars was a dynamic system of constant destruction and rebirth.

Yun Xi realized this from the changing star map, then summed it up and created his strategy: Starburst.

“Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!”

“What did you do How could such a strategy exist!” Looking at her chess pieces that were sympathetically detonated by Yun Xis chess pieces, Alphas body couldnt stop trembling.

No! I must stop it!

3000 times computing power Not enough!

If there was still any chance, I must find it using more computing power.

Where can I find more computing power

Isnt it clear

Apart from the Alpha Starfield, apart from the 100 Planet Computers I have controlled, there were still a lot of Planet Computers outside.

I havent lost yet!

Stop, time!

Alpha chose to pause the game again.

In the Mechanus Gods Domain, on the planet the God Crystal located.

Suddenly, more quantum threads stretched out from the God Crystal, carrying Alphas order.

It was the final recourse of the wayward god.

In front of the Planet Computer of the Department of Transportation, in front of the Planet Computer of the Central Bank, in front of the biggest Planet Computer named “Star River”, in front of all the remaining Planet Computers.

The cyber god girl floated in the air and entreated.

“Everyone, loan me your power!”

Countless data flows flashed through all the screens of all the Planet Computers, forming the same answer.



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