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Until this moment, Alpha finally realized what was happening.

I lost.

My core is the God Crystal, and my source powers were hundreds of Planet Quadrant Computers, I was born from the final fantasy of the science of the Mechanus Gods Domain, however, I still lost.

For this battle, I have used all the resources I can use, and almost overturned the order of the entire Mechanus Gods Domain.

I have done everything I can do.

Since my birth, I was never so persistent and self-forgetful.

“Postgame analysis… replay…”

What is this feeling

I lost, so I feel painful, uncomfortable, and want to cry, however, I also feel happy, expectant, and something in my heart is fulfilled.

Alpha checked the entire game from the beginning, trying to figure out which move caused her failure.

She remembered, and used almost all the mathematical models she had learned.

She surprisedly found that her calculation was wrong from the first step!

At the beginning, she calculated that she had a 50% chance to win.

It was wrong.

She used the Sea of Chaos and thought that she had reversed the situation on the chessboard.

It was wrong.

Even when she used her 12000 times legend ranked computing power, creating the miracle, and summoned the legendary fantastic creature.

She was completely mistaken!

She never obtained any advantage from the beginning of the game.

Although her computing power was incredible, however, if her mathematical models were wrong from the beginning, she was never possible to figure out the right answer.

She didnt even have any chance to correct it.

She had stepped into a blind alley from the moment she put her first chess piece onto tengen, and could never turn back.

When the battle around tengen stopped, her failure was already irreversible.

All her moves were just wrong results basing on wrong calculations.

“Gee… this… this thing…” Alpha finally found the truth after looking back on the entire game again.

Her heart pounded rapidly.




They were not the sounds of putting down chess pieces, but the sounds of the quantum crystallizations behind Alpha.

About 1/3 of Alphas quantum crystallizations dropped to the ground and turned into light spots.

The systems of the overheated Planet Computers totally crashed after depleting all coolant liquids.

Even Alphas thinking circuits became blurred due to it.

“You must be kidding… such a huge gap…” As the “omniscient” cyber god, Alpha didnt believe her eyes.

I lost to the opponent who was apparently inferior to me, and I cant find any method to fight back.

I cant even build the corresponding mathematical models!

This was the biggest blow to Alphas mind.

Yun Xis moves completely overturned all of Alphas understanding of Star Go.

The formalized series of moves recorded in her database was just a joke in the face of Yun Xi!

How could any formalized series of moves force Alpha to boot all Planet Computers

How could any “ko” be as strong as Yun Xis Starburst

His unprecedented attack method even made Alphas God Phoenix fall into the shade, and summoned the unknown destructive creature from the abyss.

“Strong… he is too strong…”

When playing, Alpha had no time to think about it, until everything had been done and was dusted, she finally realized how terrible his style was.

If describing it using the rank of the endless gods domains, most Star Go players were still at the mortal rank.

Norn the God of Wisdom and Orfina the Ruby Dragon were very close to the hero rank.

They were only a step away from the hero rank.

Alpha was a genuine hero ranked existence.

Even if all Star Go players cooperated with each other to fight against her, they still had no chance to win.

As for “A Cloud in the Sky”, his Star Go rank was equal to the legend rank or higher! It wasnt possible for the hero rank to understand his existence!

Alpha even thought that if Star Go had a god, then she was playing with the God of Star Go just now!

No one was a match for Alpha, but in Alphas eyes, Yun Xi was the forbidding god.

Norn the God of Wisdom and Orfina the Ruby Dragon looked up at Alpha, and Alpha looked up at the cloud in the sky that she could never touch.

A Cloud in the Sky, what a picturesque metaphor! The cloud in the sky could be seen by anyone, but couldnt be touched by anyone.

No matter how hard the mortals on the ground tried, they could never catch up to the drifting cloud in the sky.

“This power… this power…” Alphas slender body trembled.

For the first time, the cyber god, Alpha met a target she couldnt understand.

Even if her computing power had increased ten thousands of times, she would still not understand him!

“Name… please… tell me your name!” Her metallic antennas tangled together, turning into heart shape and question mark from time to time.

Alpha felt that countless electric currents were flowing inside her body.

She didnt understand her emotion at this moment.

She didnt understand the fever from her soul, which couldnt be controlled by her legend ranked computing power.

As the cyber god whose ultimate goal was to be “omniscient”, she had zero resistance to this “unknown”!


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