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Walking casually in the passage, Mei (Star Thunder) felt that the atmosphere was becoming strange.

Why is the quantity of female swordsmen behind her becoming more and more

Why are they looking at me with desire

To be precise, they were looking at her long black hair.

Even though Mei (Star Thunder) didnt understand a lot of things, she could clearly feel the hot desire in their eyes.

“Mei!” At this moment, the girl who never learned to read the atmosphere appeared.

Ling Ling exclaimed and saved Mei from the dilemma.

She ran to Mei.

Those “lethal weapons” on her chest shook heavily along with her rapid footsteps.

For a moment, Mei also felt the giant impact, literally.

Ling Ling ran too fast and couldnt stop in her tracks.

She ran into Yun Xis body and her full breasts become the perfect buffers.

Mei couldnt help but stretch out her hands, holding her in her arms.

Hum, the handfeel was soft, smooth, and flexible! No wonder that she was a representative of the noble girls just like Hua Yue! Her perfect body could lead others to sin.

“Mei… I have bad news! Someone is looking to make trouble for you!” Ling Ling looked around with a crying look and told Mei the news she heard nervously.

“…” Mei looked around with a smile.

“No! No! No! This is not happening!”

“Yes, we just feel curious!”

“Its prohibited for us to make trouble for you!”

The girls around Mei quickly shook their heads.

Even though they were eager for Meis black long hair, no one actually dared to do anything.

After all, Mei was the maid of that “monster”.

Moreover, that “monster” specifically announced her ownership of her maid.

As long as they still had brains, no one dared to do anything to “Mei”, who was protected by that “monster”!

They all witnessed how she beat down all the hero ranked disciples of the Sword Palace, and even Xia Ling, the princess of the Great Xia couldnt withstand three turns under her attacks.

They would never forget her announcement.

The words from the strong people were right.

No matter how arrogant and brusque she was, as long as she was still the strongest, her words would be the law amongst all the disciples.

Her words were even more effective than any written laws.

This was the reason why they didnt ask Mei for anything, although all of them were eager for Meis long black hair.

Of course, as a “bimbo”, Ling Ling didnt realize this at all.

She just heard that there were people who were interested in Meis black hair, then quickly realized that Mei would get into trouble and started to look for Mei without thinking it through.

Her frankness was also to her advantage.

Because of this, although the civilian girls of the Starwing Knights were jealous of her “good development”, they got along well with her.

After all, who would really hate such a simple, optimistic, cute girl

Mei (Star Thunder) wasnt an exception.

She could feel Ling Lings temperature, which was warm and intimate.

This bodys temperature was also familiar, so naturally she held her in her arms and enjoyed her cute body.

“Oh… this…”

“How can it be… cant they…”

“So, she is a… those two are…”

The atmosphere between Mei and Ling Ling was too obvious.

The eyes of the girls who saw this scene brightened up as if they just saw two beautiful flowers in a secret garden.

In the Sword Palace, they lived in the independent girls dorm, it was rare to see males there.

Therefore, they were sensitive to this kind of event.

Even the tutors of the Sword Palace turned a blind eye towards these things.

After all, they were young and lively girls, strict management wouldnt be too useful and may even accomplish the very opposite.

Anyway, only in this period, in the half-closed Sword Palace, these girls would love fantasy and be immersed in it.

After they graduated and stepped onto the wide stage of the Sky Sword Gods Domain, they would naturally forget these romances and grow up.

Propagate the doctrine, impart professional knowledge, and resolve doubts, they were the meanings of the Sword Palace.

As for the small fantasy of these adolescent girls, they also had a space in the Sword Palace.

“…” Mei looked around in confusion.

She didnt understand why the atmosphere here suddenly became stranger just now.

Everyone looked at them with interest, their eyes looked as if they were saying “so that is what it is”.

“Mei… I will protect you!”

“Dont worry… Im here, no one can hurt you!” Ling Ling nerved herself and threw out her chest.

Not surprisingly, her breasts touched Meis chest.

No comparison, no harm.

“…” Feeling the sizes of Ling Lings breasts, Mei was lost in thought.

The feeling is strange.

However, it isnt repugnant.

Her body even had an impulse to move its face close to them and absorb nutrients from them.

This was a wish from the same memory of Star Thunder, Star Fire, and Star Snow.

Their mother, the dog died immediately after giving birth to the three sisters.

She didnt leave a drop of milk for them.

When the three sisters were just born and tried to suck milk from their mother, they only felt that their mothers body was becoming cold.

Now, the instinct in their genes revived again.


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