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Chapter 484: The Hero Saves A Beauty (2)

After obtaining Qumrans blood, although just about ten drops of blood for each dog, it was their great luck that could totally change their life forms.

Compared to the blessing of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Qumrans blood was more effective to these stray dogs.

Moreover, they were also in the sacrificial altar of the evil god.

Quickly, several stray dogs bodies expanded like balloons and were forced to change their forms bit by bit.

“No, not dog-headed men!” Childe San Quan said and stopped this trend of evolution.

Black Demon Dogs were the main force of the demons, but dog head men were just pure cannon fodders in the war.

To any black demon dogs, it was as easy as breathing to transform a common dog into a dog-headed man.

However, that wasnt what Childe San Quan wanted.

“If I dont transform them into dog head men, what can they be used for” Qumran frowned.

They were just common stray dogs, how could they be transformed into true black demon dogs

“I have a plan.” Childe San Quan smiled confidently.

“Mei, dont eat too much pig trotters.” Hua Yue took out her handkerchief and wiped Meis mouth.

Just now, Mei had eaten 10 pig trotters, and it seemed that she could still eat ten more pig trotters.

Its not ladylike!

However, having a robust appetite wasnt a bad thing for swordsmen.

It was a sign that the swordsmans power was growing rapidly.

The performance of reaching the peak of the mortal rank was the robust appetite.

The capacity for eating of many 3rd ranked martial artists was 10 times more than common people.

Hua Yue thought that Mei had approached the limit of the mortal rank and started to build up energy for challenging the hero rank now.

In fact, Hua Yue was also at this stage, but her family had rich experience to help her solve this problem.

High-level herbs and pills and valuable medicine were all good kinds of stuff to solve the hungry feeling at this stage.

As an absolute minimum, she could go to the logistical section of the Sword Palace to receive military compressed biscuit.

It was a kind of general army provisions, the taste was bad but was free to any disciples of the Sword Palace.

Only at this stage, they would have the worry of having little food to eat.

After entering the hero rank, the body would naturally understand how to absorb the free energy in the world.

(In the Western Gods Domain, people called it “mana”, and it was called “aether” or “the power of elements” in some gods domains).

Hero ranked beings could survive in the desert, the polar, or the underground world.

The hero ranked beings of some races could even survive in the void.

Thinking so, perhaps she could only enjoy Meis cute look of eating pig trotters at this time.

After Mei entered the hero rank, she would never be so gluttonous.

Well, eat, eat more, Mei! After thinking it through, Hua Yues eyes became more gentle.

The date today is worthwhile!

Unfortunately, happy times are always too short.

While Hua Yue was immersed in her happy time with Mei, several fierce men rushed them from an alley.

They were all wearing black leather clothing on their bodies, steel wristers on their arms, steel spike knee pads on their knees, and black iron belts on their waists.

They were all about 2 meters tall with a ferocious look.

Both sides of their heads were shaven, leaving a strip of noticeably longer golden hair in the center of their heads.

“Wa ha ha ha ha!”

“Heh heh heh!”

“Food! Water! And woman!”

“Food! Give me your food!”

“Dont resist, or I will break your neck!”

They licked their rough axes or sharp knives in their hands, looking perfectly the definition of “villains”.

In public on the street, they surrounded Hua Yue and Mei.

“…” Hua Yue looked at them in surprise.

Their appearances were so weird as if they were coming from some borderland.

Where did these strange men come from

“Food! Food!”

“Give me your food! Or we will do something to you!”

These third-ranked big fellows gazed at the pig trotter in Meis hands with a greedy look, as if they would immediately start a fight if Mei refused them.

“You… are you really so hungry”

Hua Yue couldnt understand it.

She could see that they were at the third rank, how could they live in misery in the sword tip area of the White Lotus Sword Domain

The third rank was the limit of mortals! If they came to other places, they could be a master of a city or a general of an army!

In the valley, Qumran touched his head.

“It seems that something is wrong.”

“Dont worry, its just hard to change their nature.

They have done everything we told them to do.” Childe San Quan said and frowned, looking at the several big fellows who were drooling at Meis pig trotter.

In his plan, he wanted to make the whole thing more dramatic, so he let the stray dogs transform into the big fellows now.

However, they were outwardly strong but inwardly brittle.

They had the life vitalities of the third rank, but their wisdom was so low that they could only remember several spoken lines.

Now, they had said the words Childe San Quan taught them.

It was the show time of the hero!

“Go ahead, Qumran! They have accomplished their mission.” Childe San Quan lightly waved the fan in his hand with a smile.

They have accomplished their mission, therefore, they are useless now.

Its time to abandon them.

This was the fate of these stray dogs.

“Ok!” Qumran threw his black cape into the air and leaped up.

Then, he landed in front of the drooling big follows with a tigers smile.

His appearance, clothes, and expressions were all tailor-made by Childe San Quan.

The only purpose was to make Qumran be the coolest at this moment!

“You are dead now.” Qumran slowly raised his head with an icy stare.


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