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Chapter 492: The Witchs Pray in the Morning (2)

Compared to Red Lotus, whose heart was so annoyed that she had to calm herself down by washing her body under the waterfall, White Lotus was really into the state of meditation.

On her forehead, the Star and Moon Ring with the patterns of sun, moon, and stars radiated a soft, holy light, shining on her soft and white skin, making her look like an immortal not merely a human being.

“No, sister!”

“Give it up, give it up, give it up!”

“That prince doesnt exist! It was just a dream!”

Red Lotus repeated the words over and over again, trying to make her sister, White Lotus change her mind.

The weapon White Lotus choose for herself wasnt any of the god weapons of witches, but the Star and Moon Ring she made for herself.

When Red Lotus finally realized that White Lotus had no intention of inheriting any of the god weapons in the Sword Palace, she was really in a panic.

She couldnt understand White Lotus decision.

Except for the hero ranked people who had no way of obtaining a god weapon, then they would try to make a god weapon for themselves.

If they had any chance of obtaining a god weapon, no one would spend hundreds of years making a god weapon from scratch.

It wasnt simple to upgrade a standard god weapon to be a real god weapon.

As the crystallization of the power of fantasy, all god weapons had their own unique attributes.

There were no two identical god weapons within the endless gods domains.

From a standard god weapon to a real god weapon, it often took hundreds of years or even thousands of years.

The earliest god weapons were granted by fantastic creatures.

When human beings were still in the age of ignorance, fantastic creatures were undoubted “gods” in peoples eyes.

A god weapon was such a part of the “god”, which was the crystallization of gods that once only gods and fantastic creatures could use.

Human beings had no qualifications to use any god weapons at all.

It took millions of years for humans and other races to understand god weapons, the crystallizations of the rules of the universe.

The original god weapons, without exception, were all related to “gods”.

They were absolute artifacts.

Only very few of these original god weapons still remained in the world.

Most of them were destroyed or disappeared long ago into history.

Most of todays god weapons were formed by human beings and other races through their own understanding of the weapons used by the original gods.

They created their own god weapons step by step, relying on their own power of the rules.

It was extremely difficult to make a god weapon, especially to make a god weapon from start to finish.

Even the best hero ranked genius would spend hundreds of years waiting for a standard god weapon to be recognized by the rules of the universe and become a real god weapon.

Nowadays, most god weapons were inherited from generation to generation, rarely would people be willing to make a god weapon for themselves from scratch.

However, White Lotus chose this most difficult path.

She completely gave up on inheriting any of the god weapons of witches and chose to make the Star and Moon Ring for no reason, and devoted herself to cultivating it.

Red Lotus was anxious in her heart.

She did not oppose White Lotuss decision of making the Star and Moon Ring.

However, she could not accept the truth that White Lotus only used the Star and Moon Ring, ignoring all the other god weapons she could inherit.

As the twin witches, they could contract with multiple god weapons.

This special ability of the twin witches should not be wasted like this!

Even if she took ten thousand steps backward and admitted that White Lotus could use the Star and Moon Ring as her main weapon, there were still many ancient god weapons waiting for White Lotus to inherit in the Sword Palace.

Every time when Red Lotus saw the god weapons that had been sealed for thousands of years and couldnt have an appropriate master, there was an unspeakable pain in her heart.

Every time when White Lotus approached those god weapons who had waited too long, these god weapons would actively emit lights and wait for her choice as if they were poor puppies waiting to be adopted.

As long as she stretched out her little hand, there was no need for any inheritance ceremony, all god weapons would fly to her side.

However, White Lotus still refused to choose any of them.

She even refused to inherit the Green Lotus Throne.

Red Lotus had always wondered why her gentle sister, White Lotus would so stubbornly refuse all the god weapons.

Now she understood that her sister had already decided what she wanted.

They are very, very good, but I dont like them.

No matter how many god weapons I can choose, I just need one.

I only want one god weapon, its the only treasure that belongs to me.

No one else could interfere with White Lotuss choices, including her sister, Red Lotus.

This was the first time that Red Lotus had discovered that once her sister had decided what to do, no one could change her mind.

No! No!

White Lotus, youre wrong! Youre wrong!

That prince doesnt exist in this world!

The kind of prince in the novel you read doesnt exist in the real world at all! It was just a dream after you read too many romantic novels!

Why You are so smart, why would you believe a dream

“I beg you, White Lotus, give up on the Star and Moon Ring!”

“Even if all the god weapons in the Sword Palace cant satisfy you, I will find a better god weapon for you.

Please, just put down the Star and Moon Ring!” Looking at her sister who was obsessed with the Star and Moon Ring, continuing to pour all her spiritual power into it, Red Lotus really regretted it.

I shouldnt have gone to hold the entrance exam of the Sword Palace!

If I knew that my innocent sister would fall into the delusion of love on the way, I would never have left the Sword Palace with her.

“Sister, do you believe in love” Even if she didnt open her eyes, White Lotus knew what look was on her sisters face.

Red Lotus compliant sister entered the period of rebellion, she must be worried about it.

However, White Lotus didnt regret her choice.


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