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“Wait, even though youre Hua Huos maid, you cant come in here!” Looking at her sisters smile, Red Lotus only felt anxious.

White Lotus isnt smiling at me!

The feeling of losing… as if something of great importance will soon be lost.

“Mei, how did you get in” White Lotus was also curious about this.

Compared with her sister Red Lotus, she knew better how powerful the defense system of White Lotus Sword Palace was.

It was absolutely not something that could be broken through simply by brute force.

After all, it connected with the ley lines of the whole White Lotus Sword Domain, and even could borrow the power of the stars when necessary.

Its full name was White Lotus Ten Killing Formations.

If it was fully activated, its defensive power could even reach the legend rank.

After being strengthened by the witches of the Witch Palace from generation to generation, its strength had long reached the level that no hero rank beings could break through.

The number of times this place being invaded was zero before today!

“…” Mei (Star Snow) tilted her head.

She didnt know how she came in too, because she just wanted to sleep under the sun, so she naturally came to this place.

“There must be a problem!”

“Are you a traitor”

“Explain this! How did you sneak in here!” Red Lotus looked at her and subconsciously felt that something was wrong.

With a flash of the flame, she summoned the Red Lotus Holy Sword and put it on Meis neck.

Red Lotus Holy Sword, the strongest weapon of the Witch Palace!

It contained the power of the flames of heaven.

Rumors said that it was a sacred sword that could burn heaven and the earth.

The handle of the sword looked like a ten-leaf red lotus.

Every petal showed a brilliant crimson, as if there was blood flowing on it.

“Sister, dont scare her.” White Lotus pinched her fingers to predict, then understood how Mei could come in.

That was too obvious.

She could even see the mysterious power that covered Meis body with her naked eyes.

Because of that power, the defense system of the Sword Palace didnt do anything to Mei.

The power contained a breath that was immeasurably old and full of vicissitudes, like an endless desert.

In the whole of White Lotus Sword Domain, only one person could be the master of that power.

“Is it because of this” White Lotus stretched out her slender hand and pulled out the shell necklace from Meis chest.

In an instant, a mysterious aura that only strong swordsmen could feel spread in the air, which in turn suppressed the burning aura of the Red Lotus Holy Sword.

“This is…” Red Lotuss eyes changed subtly.

“Yes, its Master Casinas token, the power of the Sands of Time.” White Lotus smelled the fragrance on the shell with a drunken look on her face.

As expected, my prince is perfect, whether he is in mens or womens clothes!

“I understand.

Sorry, I misunderstood you.” Red Lotus also understood why Mei could pass through the defense system of the Sword Palace.

Sky Swords were the most exalted people in the Sky Sword Gods Domain.

None of the Sword Palaces would judge a Sky Sword as an enemy.

The whole of the White Lotus Sword Palace was defenseless to Casina the Battle God.

It was their honor that Casina was willing to come to the Sword Palace.

The last time a Sky Sword came to the White Lotus Sword Palace was thousands of years ago.

Casina was the first Sky Sword who came to the White Lotus Sword Palace in the last one thousand years.

Even the Great Xia Imperial Palace was opened to all Sky Swords, not to mention the small White Lotus Sword Palace.

“Its unexpected that you hold Master Casinas token.” When looking at Mei (Star Snow), Red Lotus even felt somewhat jealous.

“My sister worships Master Casina very much.” Looking at Red Lotus expression, White Lotus quietly told her prince this important information.

“Master Casina is an invincible god of battle, the invincible overlord of the Battle Gods Champion Contest.” Red Lotus said with longing in her eyes.

Casina the Battle God was not just a common Sky Sword, she was also famous in all of the endless gods domains.

After all, she was also the only legend rank female swordsman who won the title of “Battle God”.

Not only in the Sky Sword Gods Domain, even in the Western Gods Domain and the Dragon Gods Domain, but there were also countless women who worshiped her.

Red Lotus was also one of them.

She was Casinas biggest fan.

When she first saw Casina on the Water Gods Fantastic Island, she was so nervous that she could hardly speak.

After that, when traveling with Casina, Red Lotus often consulted Casina about how to improve her fighting skills, and got a lot of instructions from Casina.

Originally, the power of the legend rank should be beyond the boundaries that any hero ranked beings could understand, however, Casinas martial arts was one of the few exceptions.

After all, martial arts was the power that was created for weak human beings to challenge strong enemies.

After being taught by Casina, Red Lotus respected her more.

Seeing that Mei had Casinas token, Red Lotus attitude also changed.

“Sister, its your fault, so, apologize.” Finding that her sister Red Lotus was feeling guilty, White Lotus showed a strange smile on her face and lightly pushed her sister.

“Well, it was my fault.

I apologize.

Do you need any compensation” After knowing the reason why Mei could come in, Red Lotus also felt that her attitude just now was too bad.

“I think it would be good for Mei to attend our sacrificial ceremony.”


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