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Chapter 500: Desperate Yun Xi

Star Snow was actually a natural ice-type creature.

In theory, she should like cold places.

However, she preferred to bask in the sun.

She liked all the places that could let her feel warm.

After sunset, she wandered around in the Witch Palace and finally found a truth: she had lost her way!

It was not because she was a road fool, but because the structure of the Witch Palace was full of trees, gardens, and dazzling corridors, which was too complex to her brains to remember the way.

“…” Mei (Star Snow) stood her ground and looked foolishly at the corridor, which was actually leading in eight directions.

What should I do now

Smiling It seems useless now.

Mei’er and Yun Xi had not yet had time to teach her the skills to find the right path in such a complex situation.

Finally, desperate Star Snow could only follow the only familiar scent here, walking in a completely unfamiliar direction.

Soon, she came to a room in the Witch Palace, where only the twin witches of fate could enter, which was the bedroom of Red Lotus and White Lotus.

It was just because she couldn’t find any place to sleep.

It must be because of the will of the universe!

On the big bed, the twin witches had fallen asleep and were protected by a special guardian magic circle.

Nothing could invade into the magic circle and disturb the twin witches’ sleep.

After having consumed a great deal of energy and blood, both of the twin witches, White Lotus and Red Lotus needed to sleep to recover themselves.

Therefore, this room was closely protected by the magic circle.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t work against the person who held Casina’s token.

After wandering in a circle in the room, Mei (Star Snow) found several pastries.

She gracefully nibbled on the snow-white pastries and nodded her head satisfactorily.

To be fair, Star Snow’s performance was definitely the best one amongst the three sisters, because she had perfectly met all the requirements from Mei’er.

She just looked for a quiet place to bask in the sun, didn’t talk with any girls of the Starwing Knights, and even walked into the Witch Palace, where it was so sacred that no one apart from witches could come in.

If the twin witches hadn’t found her, what she did would’ve really been perfect.

Unfortunately, no matter how perfect she had been, once night came, there would be a big problem.

Where to sleep

“Puff… Ah… ” After stretching herself, Star Snow convinced that she had successfully accomplished the task today, and her master seems to be coming back soon.

Star Snow looked around and ran to the bed of the twin witches.

The magic circle was literally nothing to Mei, who held Casina’s token.

A lady should sleep in bed at night! This was one of the basic knowledge Mei’er taught the three sisters of the Star Spirit Team.

Naturally, Star Snow complied with it 100%.

But, to her surprise, why did her hands naturally move when she got into bed and lay down beside the twin witches

In less than ten seconds, the hands themselves had taken off Red Lotus’ witch clothes, leaving only a red band on her hair.

As her witch clothes were stripped, Red Lotus’ beautiful, snow-white body was totally exposed in the air, spreading the unique fragrance of the girl.

Looking at Red Lotus’ white and tender skin, smooth and slender legs, Mei (Star Snow) stretched out her hands with curiosity.

After being stripped of her red witch dress, exposing her delicate legs to the air, it was difficult to imagine that their master, Red Lotus was actually a girl of strong personality when she was awake.

Mei’s hand gently rubbed and pinched Red Lotus’ slender and delicate white toes.

Her pink toenails glittered like shells on the beach, giving Mei (Star Snow) a too strong temptation.

“White Lotus… Don’t believe that the prince really exists in the world.”

“Without you, I would have nothing…” In her sleep, Red Lotus’ cherry-like mouth was half-open and half-closed, and it seemed that she was entreating for something.

“No, it’s itchy.”

“There… don’t touch that place…”

Her cherry color lips shivered slightly as she breathed.

“…” Mei (Star Snow) only looked at her (master’s) hands in confusion.

Why are my master’s hands so skilled

“Well, that was all, master.

That was what Star Thunder, Star Fire, and Star Snow did when you were playing Star Go.”

“Well, they did a good job, didn’t they Congratulations!” After replaying all the pictures about what the three sisters did in the last three days, Mei was proud of her subordinates.

“It’s over… It’s all over!” Yun Xi hid his head in his arms.

At this moment, he only wished that he had the supreme power to cut off the river of time, wiping out the whole of the last three days from the river of time.

In front of him, Red Lotus was still sleeping, while White Lotus squinted her eyes, staring at him with a strange smile.

Besides him, close to his hands, Red Lotus’ beautiful, flawless body was slightly trembling as if she was in a sweet dream.

“Don’t worry, sister, White Lotus will always be with you…”

“You are the best sister in the world, I love you…”

Looking at the scene in front of him, Yun Xi could find no way to deceive himself that it was just a dream.

Everything was real!

In the last three days, he had really made so many mistakes!

“Oh… my dream to be an upright gentleman…”

This day, Yun Xi abandoned himself to despair.


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