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“Gee… She… is walking to us” Yun Xi looked at the woman and found that she was walking towards them.

Clearly, she was coming for him.

What should I do

Do I need to tell the twin witches I feel that there is something strange.

“White Lotus, is she an enemy” Red Lotus also noticed the woman.

Ordinary people wouldnt even have the thought of approaching Golden Crow Princess in their minds.

After all, she was a god, her aura and the special magic White Lotus and Red Lotus cast on her body were enough to drive away ordinary people.

This woman in a red cloak was obviously unusual.

“No, she looks like a colleague.” White Lotus pinched her finger and predicted.

She found that the woman in the bright red cloak didnt seem hostile or murderous.

The spiritual aura around her body was so low that she looked as if she had been cursed and wrapped in gloom.

From White Lotuss point of view, this was the sign of having used a kind of special divination too many times, which had overdrawn her vitality and even her future.

This was the inevitable price to pay for peeping into destiny.

Even though Ouroboros was a strong fantastic creature, it couldnt often observe the future, let alone ordinary augurs.

White Lotuss “Great Circulation” wasnt a kind of divination, but a result achieved by “calculation”.

Even so, she needed to pay a huge price for it.

If it wasnt because her mentality was far stronger than others, it wouldnt be possible for her to master this secret skill.

“Hello, Im an augur, do you need my service” Robin naturally walked to Yun Xi and didnt even take a glance at Golden Crow Princess.

Usually, she wouldnt directly contact her target but start from the people around the target.

This was Robins killing method.

There was no need to kill, and she held no hostility.

This was the reason why she could accomplish the task without being noticed every time.

Who could have imagined that she didnt need to dirty her hands when she was killing

Since she didnt have to do it herself, she naturally didnt need to be hostile and murderous to the target.

She could even approach the target with goodwill.

Her secret skill, “The Unfortunate Prophecy of the Robin” had three stages.

The first stage was to find the target, predict the outline of the target and then write it in a notebook, making it become an unfortunate nursery rhyme.

The second stage was to approach the target, find out the targets weakness and characteristics, after that, she would begin to weave the targets death according to the nursery rhymes on the notebook.

As for the third stage, it would naturally happen, leading the target to an end full of blood and unfortunate death.

Starting with the unfortunate nursery rhymes sung by the birds, the targets death would become destined.

So far, the longest any of her targets survived was 100 days.

She didnt kill the target with her own hands, but just came and witnessed the targets inevitable death.

Apart from legend ranked beings, who wouldnt be affected by her secret skill at all, no one could survive from her curse.

If it wasnt because it was too difficult to master this secret skill, it may be the most horrible killing secret skill in the hero rank.

“Oh, divination” Yun Xi looked curiously at the mysterious woman in a bright red cloak.

So, she was an augur.

“Sure enough, she is a colleague.” White Lotus didnt feel surprised.

She and Red Lotus appeared in front of Robin together.

In contrast, the people on the street still couldnt see them.

This was White Lotus strengthened hidden skill.

She showed herself in front of the augur, because she was curious about the prediction this augur would make.

There was no doubt that this augur had true skill and genuine knowledge.

Therefore, her divination would be precious.

Ordinary people thought that augurs could predict all futures, but it was just a delusion.

No one could really predict the future, not even gods.

Even if the augur only predicted a very small part of the future, the augur would also need to pay a great price.

The more specific the future was, the higher the cost would be.

Therefore, most powerful augurs rarely predicted the future.

However, none of the human beings and other races werent curious about their future.

In order to see the future, they dared to trample on all the rules and pay all the costs.

Curiosity was probably the original sin of all intelligent lives, even gods werent exceptions.

It was said that the Twilight of the Gods was because of a prophecy.

White Lotus wanted to know what kind of future this unknown hero ranked augur had seen, so that she approached Golden Crow Princess actively.

It should be impossible to prophesy about the future of Golden Crow Princess.

Her “Great Circulation” couldnt predict anything about Golden Crow Princess, because it was beyond her limit.

However, she predicted by using “calculation”.

Among the factions of prophecy, there was another faction, which was commonly known as “mysterious prediction”.

The augurs of this faction may have a poor computational ability, but they had an instinctive intuition and could often make predictions that couldnt be calculated.

If there was a one-millionth possibility that a future would happen, her “Great Circulation” would totally ignore this future.

However, the augurs of “mysterious prediction” could often catch this one-millionth possibility and believed that it would happen for no reason.


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