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Chapter 531: Childhood Sweetheart’s Future

“So, do you have anyone you like” Step by step, Robin began her divination.

Only happy people had a future.

Unfortunate people were destined to lose their future.

All glory and hope wouldn’t belong to unfortunate people.

To truly capture that tiny miracle, people entangled in misfortune needed to work hundreds of times harder than others.

Never give up hope until the last moment, which was the only belief that unfortunate people could have.

The person who didn’t have this belief was just a walking corpse even though he was still alive.

Robin’s whine represented that it had not given up hope and was still emitting its own voice.

As the person who could hear this voice, she must accomplish the robin’s hope.

“The person I like…” Yun Xi muttered to himself, but did not notice that at his side, Golden Crow Princess’s eyes were burning with curiosity.

White Lotus’ breathing was almost stopped.

She looked at Yun Xi’s mouth without blinking, trying to read the name he would mutter out.

Red Lotus doubtfully looked around and felt strange.

What’s happening

“In this world, the people I like…” Yun Xi didn’t notice that the atmosphere around him suddenly changed, because he was worried about how to answer the mysterious augur’s question.

In the sky, somehow one after another morning glow flew above their heads.

People stared at the strange clouds that had never appeared in the sky before, and many people even knelt and kowtowed.

“Mei, who do you like” Golden Crow Princess asked word for word, as if the answer from Yun Xi could determine many worlds’ fates.

“Mei, tell me, is the name ‘Hua Huo’” White Lotus narrowed her eyes and said the name of her biggest opponent.

If Yun Xi admitted, she wouldn’t feel too surprised.

A Childhood Sweetheart was a strong opponent, but not an invincible opponent.

Even though she was unparalleled in battle, there were too many weaknesses in her character.

A few days ago, White Lotus deceived this biggest rival, by letting her take part in a special trial, so that she could stay together with Mei these last days.

Everything is because of the choice of fate, isn’t it

“Ah… this… actually…” Yun Xi blushed for a while.

Speaking of the people he liked, the first name that emerged in his mind was Hua Huo.

However, he hadn’t seen Hua Huo recently, which made him feel lonely.

She was the bright sun in his eyes, if he could only live to 18 years old, he would propose to Hua Huo at all costs and forget everything else.

She was his first love, his childhood sweetheart, she had taken so many places in Yun Xi’s heart and when he was still in the small town, he had even decided to travel after Hua Huo left, in case that in the familiar environment, he saw the thing and thought of the person.

“Hua Huo… Is that the name” Robin looked at the maid strangely.

Hua Huo… the name didn’t sound like a man’s name.

“Well, I like my childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo.” Since White Lotus had asked, Yun Xi wasn’t going to keep hiding his real feeling.

He directly admitted it.

Even though he had married millions of brides, even though he had made a lot of mistakes, his first love was still his first love, his childhood sweetheart was still his childhood sweetheart.

He never forgot Hua Huo for a moment, after all, she was the most beautiful sun in his heart.

“Hum… so… there is another rival…” Suddenly, the young Golden Crow Princess’ eyes became serious, and the name “Hua Huo” had been deeply engraved into her mind.

“Hua Huo, the childhood sweetheart… is really a strong rival…” White Lotus squinted.

She was glad that she had deceived Hua Huo to leave, otherwise, she wouldn’t have any chance to date Mei.

Apparently, as the prince’s lover, she had to fight fiercely with the prince’s childhood sweetheart.

This war had just begun.

“Then I will predict the future of you and your lover,” Robin said with confidence.

It was just an easy Love Fortune.

After all, she had obtained the two sides’ name and knew that they were childhood sweethearts.

“Wait…” Yun Xi looked at the mysterious augur and suddenly had an ominous feeling.

“The guardian of the balance, the observer of all things, the watcher at the end of the hourglass of time, in the name of… me, praise you! I would like to pay all the prices I can pay to see the future.”

“Tell me, if the childhood sweetheart of the person in front of me can get what he wants”

Robin predicted and sought answers from the three saints in the void.

The guardian of the balance, the observer of all things, the watcher at the end of the hourglass of time, the three saints were not gods, nor demons, nor any living beings in the real world, but a special concept, representing the different ways of manifesting the truth of all things.

She sought the answer from the three non-existing saints, but most times, if the answer was accurate, it depended on luck.

This time, Robin’s luck was very good, at least she thought so.

Because she had seen some scenes after 3 seconds.

Childhood sweetheart, sword, stars falling!

What a strong female swordsman, who is she

Childhood sweetheart, golden light, golden swords, and a garden with a giant obelisk.

Well, how come there are two different futures

Childhood sweetheart, golden branches, jade leaves, blood stamens, blooming flowers between the heaven and the earth.

This… isn’t this the Ten Leaves Alliance…

Childhood sweetheart, countless mysterious war machines, and one, two, three… more than ten huge shadows.

Hum Wait Is there something wrong How could this be her childhood sweetheart!

By the way, how many childhood sweethearts does she have


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