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“Ding!” A crisp sound of sword echoed in the air.

It was a flying swallow, spreading its wings freely.

Getting rid of the constraint of the magnetic field and gravity, the swallow flew up to the sky.

“Flying Swallow Sword” Red Lotus was dumbfounded, because she had seen this skill before.

Isnt it one of the secret skills of that the monster, Hua Huo

“Not the same swallow.” White Lotus shook her head.

Although it looked very similar to Hua Huos Flying Swallow Sword, essentially, they were something quite different.

Hua Huos Flying Swallow Sword was as fast as lightning, she could tear open the sky even in storms.

That was because Hua Huo herself was too strong.

The flying swallow she incarnated was so strong that she could disperse lightning and storm, her swallow could tear up all her opponents.

Xiao Caos flying swallow was far from strong enough, so she paid more attention to defusing her opponents strength in battles.

She wasnt Hua Huo, whose body was strong enough to withstand ten times gravity.

The reason why Red Stone hadnt defeated Xiao Cao was because Xiao Caos sword was cutting and destroying the seemingly perfect gravity field and counteracting most of its strength.

It was not because Hua Huos flying swallow wasnt perfect, but because Hua Huos strength was already strong enough to defeat all enemies without using any special skills.

Her flying swallow had long gone beyond the concept of perfection and become something else.

On the contrary, Xiao Cao had not inherited any high-level sword skills.

By analyzing the flying swallow planted into her body through Yun Xis seed, she reached a fantastic realm through her own efforts.

Faced with the pressure of the gravity field, she needed to exert every part of her strength to the limit, so that she could find a slim chance of survival in the face of Red Stones fierce attack.

To this end, Xiao Caos flying swallow was born.

Only the sword Gladiolus, Xiao Caos special god weapon could cooperate with her so perfectly.

Every second and every minute, her understanding and adaptability to the ten times gravity field kept increasing, and her proficiency in cutting the gravity field had also become better and better.

When Red Stone caught Xiao Cao and smashed her to the ground, the pressure of the gravity field to Xiao Cao had only left about half of it.

Even so, she suffered a lot of injuries.

As Red Stones strongest secret skill, “Smashing the Ground” was not something harmless to Xiao Cao.

She had just entered the hero rank, 5 times gravity field was still too strong to her.

After all, Xiao Cao was still a human being, not a semi-giant mixed with the blood of giant like Red Stone.

However, it was at such a moment of life and death that Xiao Caos understanding of gravity field increased at an amazing speed.

60%, 70%, 80%!

By the time Red Stone launched the last “Smashing the Ground” and prepared to unleash the final blow on Xiao Cao, she had completed the full analysis of the gravity field.


Ten times gravity field become totally null and void to her now!

Swallow, start flying!

This moment, Xiao Cao was like a stubborn grass growing under the oppression of boulders, drilling out from the dark underground world.

Once she flys, she will fly into the sky.

Ten times gravity can no longer tie Xiao Cao at this moment.

“What!” Watching Xiao Cao slip out from his huge palm, Red Stone was flabbergasted.

His gravity field was still working at full speed, why could she slip away

His eyes didnt even catch the flash of the flying swallows shadow.

“The victor has been decided.” Red Lotus looked at the figure soaring in the sky with admiration.

“The gravity field has been cut up and the big man hasnt found out yet.” Golden Crow Princess looked at the silly big guy with disdain.

Flying Swallow, one flash! Two flashes! Three flashes!

Flying in the sky, Xiao Cao was free from the shackles of the earth.

She cut the gravity field into pieces with her sword Gladiolus.

Without the protection of the gravity field, Red Stones body was totally defenseless now.

“Oh oh oh oh!” Eventually, Red Stone realized what had happened and raised his head abruptly.

He lifted his fists again.

The huge metal cuffs made a deafening roar and the breath of sulfur appeared in his mouth and nose again.



The middle of the chest!




Lower leg!




A perfect Ten-fold Flying Swallow Sword! Xiao Cao successfully performed the skill that even Yun Xi couldnt perform now.

Apart from Red Stones neck, which was protected by the huge restraint, nine deep wounds appeared on his body.

The sword Gladiolus completely tore up his seemingly indestructible defense and cut open his “Lava Skin” straightly.

Red Stone fell to the ground and his expanding body restored to its original size.

The pair of steel gloves also hit the ground heavily, making a dull noise.

“Ho… Ho…”

“Really… Beautiful…”

“Good opponent!”

This kind of injury could let any ordinary people die instantly, but Red Stone laughed in the pool of his own blood as if it was just a minor injury.

“Youre a good opponent too.” Xiao Cao gently wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and smiled.

Win or lose, everything was determined within an instant.


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