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The Sailing jellyfish represented, “life”.

The butterfly of death represented, “death”.

The two kinds of fantastic creatures had different postures, but they had the same beauty.

They were the symbols of the power of the Water Gods world, they were proof of Hydras identity as a god.

Their number was increasing, which meant that the aggregate of the Water Gods Fantasy Island was expanding.

It wasnt his imagination, it was because Hydra was recovering her strength step by step after waking up from the long dream.

She was the world, so any changes that happened to her body would naturally change the world at the same time.

As she recovered, a lot of creatures who disappeared during the sleeping period had emerged into this world again.

After protecting this broken world for thousands of years, Hydra finally harvested the fruits that belonged to her.

As the bride of the Water God, Yun Xi had also become one of the harvesters.

After dropping into the Water Gods world, he was accepted and embraced by this world like a child who just returned to his mothers arms.

The world was welcoming its child, the little White Emperor.

Yun Xi didnt know how deep he had sunk into the deep sea, he could not even tell whether it was 80,000 meters deep or 100,000 meters deep.

In a word, it had exceeded the limit that could be observed.

At last, the deep-sea races around him had become scarce once again.

Everything had become quiet.

Only the transparent sailing jellyfishes and the butterflies of death still accompanied him.

Finally, Yun Xi arrived at the end.

“Ah!” His body seemed to have touched some very soft thing.

The silver-blue particles that were protecting him dispersed without a sound, then Yun Xis whole body was plunged into a soft and familiar breath.

“Huh…” There seemed to be a soft laugh echoed into his ear.

It was the gaze of a great being, who opened her eyes quietly and was full of warm smiles on her face.

Hydra, the Water God… Yun Xi naturally understood what this soft thing was.

It was the source of Hydras power, an endless ocean of blood.

Here was the god world of Hydra, in other words, this was actually a part of Hydras body.

Perhaps there was no safer place in the White Lotus Sword Domain than this place was for Yun Xi.

Lilibet had indeed thrown him into the safest shelter in the whole of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Passing through a wide passage, Yun Xi finally stood on the ground again.

“Here is…” Yun Xi looked doubtfully at the vast mountain range in front of him.

In his sight, there were only mountains at the bottom of the sea, and the outlines of these mountains looked strange.

From Yun Xis point of view, the mountains seemed to have their own life, releasing a mysterious and ancient atmosphere.

Yun Xi reacted with awe in the face of this holy land.

But the next second, the sound of a hurricane whistling completely interrupted Yun Xis thought.

“Hiccup!” It was a tremor that was loud enough to trigger a small earthquake.

All of the mountains rolled up, releasing earth-shattering shock waves.

Yun Xis body was blown down.

If it wasnt because the sailing jellyfishes around him blocked most of the shock waves for Yun Xi, he still wouldnt be able to stand up.

“This… can it be…” It was not easy for Yun Xi to control the mist in the air, but he was more shocked by the mountains in front of him.

In the blink of an eye, the tremendous earthquake completely changed the shape of the mountains.

The whole world was turned upside down!

No, the earth wasnt being overturned!

Stepping onto the fog created by the White Emperors Mask, Yun Xi flew to the highest point of this unknown world, and finally witnessed the full view of the mountains.

They werent mountains, they were all parts of a giant creatures body!

The giant creature turned over in its sleep, which triggered this earth-shattering disaster.

And Yun Xi actually knew who this giant creature was.

It was the first fantastic creature who arrived at the Water Gods world, Ouroboros!

But now, Ouroboros body had grown to a size that was large enough to devour a star, so Yun Xi didnt relate the mountains to the concept of “living things” at all.

He remembered that before he left the Water Gods world, Ouroboros body was only one-thousandth the size of this “mountain”.

Maybe this was Ouroboros true body When it first appeared in the sky above the Water Gods world, it shrank its body

Somehow, Yun Xi thought that this might be the truth.

As a strong fantastic creature, it wasnt surprising to know that Ouroboros had such a big body.

Fantastic creatures were the favorites of the rules of the world, and some of them were even the incarnations of some certain rules.

A Humans common sense meant nothing to fantastic creatures.


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