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Chapter 583: The Power to Save the World (3)

It had been proved that even though the Planet Quadrant Computers looked the same, but, just like there were no two droplets of water the same, they chose different human images for themselves.

Because of the difference in their databases, which was actually the difference amongst different customs and hobbies of different planets, the female images the Planet Quadrant Computers chose for themselves were also full of their own characteristics.

The people that lived on Eternal Greens planet paid the most attention to the beauty of breasts, so she devoted most of her computing power on shaping her perfect breasts.

As a result, Eternal Green had the most perfect “great peaks of art” amongst all the female images of her sisters.

“Perfect!” Eternal Green stood in front of a mirror and appreciated her human appearance.

In theory, she could create an infinite number of virtual images for herself, but she instinctively knew that this image was the real self, it was the only human image in line with her will.

Once this image was formed, she would never change it again, because it would be a mirror reflecting her reality.

She devoted all her energy to the shaping of her breasts, which was the best choice in her eyes!

“Qian… am I beautiful” Anyway, all of them were Planet Quadrant Computers, Eternal Green didnt mind being naked in front of her “sisters”.

“Beautiful… Beautiful…” Yun Xi looked at the naked beautiful woman in front of him and tried his best to restrain himself.

Big tits! This was his deepest impression of Eternal Green.

“Hey, hey! Come and see me too!” After Eternal Green, Eternal Red had also completed the modeling and jumped to Yun Xis front.

It was a little girl whose height only reached Yun Xis chest.

Her face was still childish and her young body was not fully developed.

Her small breasts were like a pair of budding flower buds.

On the delicate face, a pair of black and round eyes deliberately showed some timid, pleasant and provocative look.

The slender waist and snow-white skin made her look like a large doll, containing a hint of taboo lure in the purity.

This painting style… is this the preferences of the people living on Eternal Reds planet

Are the people of the entire planet all lolicons! How wicked they are!

A living lure of crime – This was Yun Xis impression of Eternal Red.

“Humph… I wont lose either…” The third Planet Quadrant Computer also finished modeling her image.

At first glance, Yun Xi saw her pearl-like tender toes.

A pair of clean, beautiful and soft feet appeared in front of him.

The pink soles were glistening and moist.

Five slender toes were neatly joined together and contracted slightly into the center of the sole.

Smooth and round ankles, white and silky soft insteps.

These elements combined together and formed a perfect pair of slim feet.

Just like Eternal Greens breasts and Eternal Reds petite body, Eternal Blues legs were also the perfect crystallization of art and imagination.

Finally, the twins, Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver came on stage.

There was no need for a mirror at all, they were the perfect mirror image of each other.

Not only their faces and heights, but even the length of their toes and the curve of their bodies were also the same.

Their graceful, slender bodies were like carved jades, beautiful and vivid.

Through their female images, Yun Xi could easily guess the cognitive characteristics of beautiful women on their planets.

The people that lived on Eternal Greens planet must like big tits, therefore, Eternal Greens breasts were the largest.

None of other Planet Quadrant Computers could be compared with her.

Eternal Reds planet must have a lot of criminals, because they liked little girls.

The people lived on Eternal Blues planet concentrated on womens body curves, especially on their legs.

A pair of beautiful feet was the perfect symbol.

Eternal Gold and Eternal Silvers stars were known as the homeland of engineers and programmers.

They had crazy hobbies for symmetry and order.

Each of them was an incurable paranoid patient.

Therefore, Gemini, the symbol of perfect symmetry had become the supreme beauty.

In that case… Yun Xi looked at Alphas petite body and got lost in thought.

Thinking about it carefully, is “loli” the hidden dominate hobby of the Mechanus Gods Domain

“Ah… Ah… I… stretch out my hand.” After creating her own human image, Eternal Green tries to open her mouth and repeat the miracle their youngest sister created on the stage before.

However, what puzzled Eternal Green was that even though she used the same frequency and voice as in the record, she couldnt sing the same song as Qian.

Clearly, the data of the song was the same, but her song didnt contain the power of impact on popular feeling.

“Its there, so beautiful… as if it can breathe…” Eternal Red also tried to repeat the data of the song.

No! Anyone could find out that this wasnt the song!

“I made a wish…” Eternal Blue frowned, held her breasts and sang softly.

“I rejoice in it, and Im happy about it…”

Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver made a melodious sound.

Finally, even Cyber Elf Alpha joined the chorus.

“Who are you”

“Where do you come from”

“Where are you going”


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