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The moment Alpha conceded, countless Star Go players watched this scene in silence.

Among them, there were top-ranked players such as the three goddesses and Orfina the Ruby Dragon.

There were also newbies who had just started to learn Star Go.

But whoever they were, they were all shocked by the power displayed by the Master of Star Go.

Even if Norn the God of Wisdom, the three goddesses observed Alphas Iron Maiden from past, present, and future, they couldnt find any flaws.

Never before had such a formalized series of moves for defense existed.

It was the crystallization of Alphas wisdom and the trump card created by gathering all the computing power of all Planet Quadrant Computers.

However, such a powerful “Iron Maiden” only defended for eight turns under the Master of Star Gos fierce attack and was completely defeated.

“Is it my imagination Has this bastards Star Go strength increased again” Skuld gritted her teeth and looked at that hateful code name, “A Cloud in the Sky”.

“Everything has a reason, its not your imagination, Skuld.” Verdanti shook her head.

“How strong is he What a monster!” Urd looked at the chessboard.

She just imagined what they could do in the face of such a fierce attack and her legs started to shake.

It must be an unimaginably horrible experience to be torn apart by that huge, black thing!

“Casina, my Casina is the best!” After witnessing this, Orfina again made up her mind to meet her best friend and lover right away.

(Casina: No, I dont know anything about that.)

“Thats the power of the Master of Star Go!”

“Terrible offensive force!”

“Alpha was crushed! Incredible!”

“I dont mind being crushed! Im willing to play Star Go with the Master of Star Go at all cost!”

All Star Go players looked up at the name on the top of the display panel and exclaimed.

“Cool! This was a legendary duel!”

“What is the real identity of the Master of Star Go Even Alpha cant fight against him.”

“We can actually play Star Go in this way!”

Newbies eyes brightened up.

Most of them had challenged Alpha and understood her crushing power.

Before they witnessed this duel, it was hard for them to imagine that someone could defeat Alpha easily.

“Iron Maiden” VS “Hydra”.

“Invincible Alpha” VS “the Master of Star Go”.

The Master of Star Gos one hundred and first game was recorded by all of them.

In this era, only Alpha was qualified to play with the Master of Star Go, other people were far away from touching the edge of their Star Go strength.

Only through Alpha, people could witness a corner of the Master of Star Gos real strength.

Just like his code name, “A Cloud in the Sky”, his whole person was shrouded in a heavy fog that everyone wanted to see through.

“Ive decided! I must obtain the qualification to challenge the Master of Star Go!”

“Ive found a career that I can devote my whole life to!”

Countless legend ranked beings and hero ranked beings watched the duel from the beginning to the end, and they were obsessed with it.

To hero ranked beings, Star Go gave them a glimpse of the higher realm, which was a world full of infinite changes and secrets.

To legend ranked beings, “the Starry Sky Chessboard” was one of the few places that still contained endless profound mysteries that they didnt understand and wanted to study.

In the past, the Starry Sky Chessboard seldom appeared in the seven towers.

Only a very few wise men had the qualifications to study and play Star Go.

Now, because of Yun Xi, the Starry Sky Chessboard was open to all beings who could enter the seven towers.

Finally, countless hero ranked beings and legend ranked beings had the chance to research its mysteries.

Just as Alphas birth to the Mechanus Gods Domain, the Starry Sky Chessboard would definitely create a new era in the endless gods domain!

Many Star Go “veterans” had begun to teach students outside of the towers.

Just as a spark could start a prairie fire, these players were spreading this game to the endless gods domains.

Unlike the Battle Gods Championship Contest, which inevitably caused countless killed and wounded, people wouldnt get hurt on the Starry Sky Chessboard, but could practice their own mentalities there and had a better chance to comprehend the rules of stars.

In the endless gods domains, no one could refuse such a great temptation.

This was just the beginning of the glorious era of Star Go.

People would forever remember the name of the legend that opened this era.

At this moment, he was standing on the top of the cloud in the world, looking down at everyone.


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