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In the room of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, Yun Xi suddenly had a premonition and woke up from the sound of the bell.

It was a kind of premonition you had for no reason.

Like an intuition from heaven, he felt as if something bad for him had been born somewhere.

Its dangerous, very dangerous.

“What is it” Yun Xi racked his brains and could not figure out why he had such an intuition.

He had a feeling that the danger was very close.

Will there be anything in the White Lotus Sword Palace so dangerous

Not far away from where Yun Xi was, in the place for trials.


Perfect weight, perfect length, perfect width, perfect sword!” Hua Huo was testing the sword.

The Dragon Emperors Sword was more powerful than Hua Huo had expected.

The material of the sword was almost indestructible.

Plus the dragon soul lodged in the sword, the power it could release could even destroy a world if necessary.

Now, if she faced Ouroboros again, even if she didnt use her Sky Flying Bloodline, she had the confidence to punch its teeth through the back of its skull.

“Any females who dare to touch my Little Xi is my enemy!” Hua Huo announced while dangerous lights flashed through her eyes.

Above her forehead, a strand of hair rotated and warned its master.

“Wait, more enemies” Hua Huo looked at the dense red dots in her jealousy radar.

She always wondered if her jealousy radar had been broken after she came to the White Lotus Sword Palace.

Why do the red dots representing the enemy increase every day

She almost had an intensive phobia because of this.

“Ignore all miscellaneouslittle fish.” With a sweep of her fingertips, Hua Huo wiped out most of the tiny red dots on the panel of her jealousy radar.

“Are these people particularly interested in Little Xi” According to Hua Huos past experience, most of the remaining red dots should be Yun Xis other childhood sweethearts.

They were her most dangerous enemies and she would never relax her vigilance of them.

“Fortunately, I forced Little Xi to be my maid.” Hua Huo patted herself on the chest.

She couldnt imagine what would happen if she didnt force Yun Xi to inherit the Great Swordsmaids inheritance.

“Humph, even in this situation, there are still so many girls who want to become intimate with my Little Xi.”

“If they know he is a man, I cant imagine how many girls would pursue him!”

“Yawn!” Yun Xi suddenly had a chill in the room.

He was more and more sure that danger was approaching.

“Anyway, I will never give my Little Xi to anyone!”

“None of Ye Li, Elphyllis and Milei can succeed!”

“Neither the girls of the Starwing Knights, Mumu, or the twin witches!!”

After targeting all the red dots on the panel of her jealousy radar, Hua Huos eyes became firmer.

The childhood sweetheart must be the final winner.

No matter how many enemies she would encounter, or how strong her enemies would be, she would win the war.

“My ancestor, bless me.” Stabbing the Dragon Emperors Sword into the ground, Hua Huo prayed to the source of her bloodline.

In the vague aura surrounding her, there were feathers appearing behind her.

“Well, break time is over.” Yun Xi reluctantly let go of the big light ball.

If it hadnt been confirmed that he couldnt take the light ball out of the room, he would have already brought it back to his room and use it to be his pillow.

What a perfect music pillow!

It was the first time that Yun Xi wanted something so much.

The big light ball suspended in the room and looked at Yun Xi.

Others who entered the room were all respectful, and some of them were even kneeling on the ground to accept the light balls blessing.

But this guy only regarded it as a music pillow.

And that virtual world in the light ball was one of the top-level inheritances, the supreme treasure of Buddhism, who knows how he could find it and let it become a “music player”.

“Its not good to go on like this.” After leaving the room, Yun Xi once again had a profound rethinking of his current situation.

As long as he was still pretending to be a maid, it would be impossible for him to leave the girls dorm.

Sooner or later, there would be accidents! In fact, there were already accidents that had happened!

Yun Xi remembered what happened when he was practicing “Closed-mouth Zen”.

Was that the instinctive reaction of his body after losing the control of his mind

No matter how he pretended to be harmless, his mans nature wouldnt change.

As long as he didnt pay attention, he would turn into a big gray wolf ravaging the sheep around him.

Hua Huo, no, I cant control myself!

Yun Xi worried, just like any ordinary 16-year-old boy.

Once he had tasted the forbidden fruit once, he would never be able to maintain innocence.

“Where is she now Is she all right” Naturally, Yun Xi recalled that big sister, his sword skill teacher who seduced him to eat the forbidden fruit.

The first time was always unforgettable, not to mention that this first time was so thrilling.

Every time he recalled it, his ears would burn.


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