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Chapter 627: The Witch’s Talent

“I said, I really don’t know where to buy this wine!”

“Yes, yes.

Next time I meet the merchant who sells this wine, I’ll leave a cup, no, a bucket for you.”

“Well… Stop smelling… it’s embarrassing…” Until he got into the chariot and left the street in the sword tip area, Yun Xi had to repeat this conversation many times.

Oh, my God, why is there such a knight with such a sharp nose I just drank a cup of Hydra’s wine in the secret room, and now I have to give her a hundred promises!

What’s more, Alexander, Mordred, and Lancelot all looked at him with their eyes shining.

It was too stressful!

“Well, wine is not good at all.

If I am drunk, I can’t use my Magic Missiles.” Finally, it was Angel Rose who saved Yun Xi.

As the only underage girl in “Knights and Magic” (Rose: Again, I’m sixteen!), she really didn’t understand why the three knights in the team liked wines so much.

“Well, let’s talk about that unfortunate green hippo” Alexander had to change the topic unwillingly.

“According to intelligence, this green hippo has been active for a while.

It often appears in this area, this area, and this area.” Lancelot took out a map and began to work out the hunting plan.

“What weapon does it use Still a wooden stick” Mordred licked her lips with an eager look.

“No, this green hippo has a significantly higher IQ than other green hippos.

Its weapon is a giant stone club, which should be a kind of natural obsidian, it found in the sea.” Lancelot quickly drew a giant stone club on the paper with a pen.

More than that, she also drew the green hippo’s outline onto the paper and carefully drew a human nearby it as a comparison.

“It’s about 3.5 meters tall, weighing more than a few tons.

It has the ability to dive into the seabed and has a ferocious personality, so I don’t recommend attacking it in the sea.

The best plan is to trap it on the ground with Rose’s Magic Missiles to kill it.” Not only did Lancelot have excellent painting skills, but her strategic thinking ability was also first-rate.

She quickly worked out a general plan for the team.

“The best place to set traps is on this shoal.”

“I’ve prepared a large chain trigger trap that can instantly create a big pit.

It’s only a matter of time until we kill the green hippo, as long as we block its way of escape to the sea.”

This was the first time Yun Xi joined a team of hunting large monsters.

He looked at Lancelot with great curiosity and carefully recorded her plan.

It was almost impossible for ordinary people in the White Lotus Sword Domain to encounter such a horrible monster, but once you saw such a monster, it normally meant a coming disaster.

Any third-ranked monster could easily destroy a small town overnight.

If it was a hero ranked monster like the male fiery dragon Yun Xi saw before, it could even destroy a country.

A large number of these kinds of monsters lived in the wilds of the sword body area, which had become the natural boundary between the sword tip area and the sword handle area.

“Rose, kill it with a big Magic Missile.”

“Rose, pay attention to your mana output.”

“Rose, it’s up to you.”

After making a rough plan, the knights’ top priority was to coax the most powerful team member, the little witch, Rose.

“Of course! I am a witch!” Only then will Rose feel proud and elated.

What’s the difference between magicians and witches

In fact, as far as magic itself was concerned, the gap was not very big.

Magicians could also use magic that witches could perform.

There was no insurmountable boundary between the two.

However, there was a decisive difference between magicians and witches.

That is, magicians’ magic power was basically constant.

Take the same Magic Missile as an example, which was the most basic magic in all magic books.

When magicians performed a Magic Missile, no matter how strong they were, the power of their Magic Missiles was the same.

However, witches could easily break this boundary.

Their Witch Bloodline could let them release more powerful Magic Missiles.

Take Rose’s Magic Missile as an example.

The attack power of her Magic Missile was a dozen times stronger than common Magic Missile!

If a magician wanted to learn advanced versions of Magic Missile such as Large Magic missile and Multiple Magic Missiles, the magician must reach the hero rank first.

However, there was no such restriction on witches.

Now Rose was still a mortal, but she could not only use Large Magic Missile and Multiple Magic Missiles, but also could perform Magic Missile Storm.

Magicians needed to learn magic, then they could master it.

Witches only needed to practice magic to strengthen magic, completely ignoring the “learning” process.

Because they were born with powerful magic, which came from their Witch Bloodline.

For them, mastering the magic in the air was as natural as breathing.

Almost all witches could easily enter the hero rank, while human beings struggled their best to crowd onto the single-wooden bridge leading to the entrance of the hero rank.

Countless geniuses failed at the entrance of the hero rank and could see no hope in their lives.

Perhaps witches couldn’t master as much magic as magicians could learn, but their talents were far better than any human magicians.

Until when it came to entering the legend rank, the Witch Bloodline couldn’t help witches too much, and by that time, human beings had the hope of catching up with witches.


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