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“Hey hey, silly hippo, taste this!” Rose proudly lifted her broomstick as a purple crystal emerged from the middle of it.

“Magic Missile!”

One 30 centimeters long purple missile after another shot out from the little witchs broomstick.

Regardless of size or release speed, they were far more powerful than common Magic Missiles.

This was no more intuitive difference between witch and magician.

With the same 100 mana, a magician could release about 10 Magic Missiles, while the little witch Rose could release 100 Magic Missiles!

Whats more, her Magic Missile not only had three times the flying speed, but also had three times the attack power.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” The crisp sound of explosions burst on the green hippos body one after another.

Hundreds of large Magic Missiles hit its body in a second as a purple halo spread like fireworks.

This was the little witch Roses masterpiece: Multiple Magic Missiles.

If it was a common third ranked green hippo, it would have been blown to pieces already.

However, the mutant green hippo was clearly far stronger than other green hippos.

Although its thick skin was being pitted by the magic missles, there was no fatal wound.

“Whoa, its a foul to be so thick!” Rose looked at the green hippo with a little headache.

“This fellow is too strong! Did it eat something strange” Mordred complained.

As a top ranked mortal hunting team, this wasnt the first time for them to hunt a green hippo.

The green hippo was only slightly injured by Roses Magic Missiles.

Theoretically, that shouldnt have happened.

Rose had devoted almost all her energy to the practice of Magic Missiles.

Her attack power should far surpass the defensive power of any hero ranked monsters skin.

“Lancelot, be careful, its going to go mad!” Along with Mordred, Alexander protected Rose while she leaves.

“Boom!” The injured green hippo kicked a big stone towards them.

The several tons of stone flew like a ball under the feet of the green hippo.

Just as witches magic talents were far stronger than mortals, the green hippos strength was also at the top of all third-ranked monsters.

Even though the green hippos body was too large and its speed was too slow, the green hippo was still one of the most formidable monsters in the third rank.

Its thick skin could make many people feel helpless.

As a monster who had left a particularly painful memory for Yun Xi in the star trial, this monster was not friendly at all.

When it rushed at them rampaging, it was like a heavy tank that could crush everything!

“Are you ok” Yun Xi watched the green hippo and felt worried for the small team.

“It doesnt matter.

Believe us, if we cant even beat a green hippo down, we will feel ashamed of ourselves!” Lancelot wiped her sweat and raised her bayonet.

“Thats right.

Were going to play here.” Mordred removed the tower shield from behind her and entered a full armed form.

“No matter how violent the monster is, without wisdom, its only a target being hunted.” Alexander whistled, dismantled her scepter and revealed her chain sword.

“My Magic Missile can be more powerful!” Rose pouted and rubbed the purple crystal, and then grasped the broomstick with both hands.

Even though they were facing the mutant green hippo who had gone mad, the three knights still took the initiative to attack.

Sometimes, the best defense is to attack.

In the face of such a super monster, being blindly defensive was not feasible, they must orient the situation to their own advantage.

“Hey!” Mordred raised her tower shield and provoked it, “Come on, you mindless monster!”

“Come at me!”

“Huh!” With a roar, the furious green hippo rushed directly towards Mordred with thunderous footsteps.

“Chance!” Alexander whipped the chain sword and hit the green hippo from ten meters away.

The strange chain sword tore a big hole in the wound caused by Roses Magic Missile, causing the green hippo to bleed endlessly.

A half-meter-long wound was a fatal wound for humans, but for a mutant green hippo, it was just a scratch and made it more ferocious.

The fierce green hippo was getting faster, and the huge stone club in its hand gave them a strong feeling of pressure.

“You shall not pass!” Putting the tower shield into the ground, Mordred took a deep breath and contracted all her muscles.

“Boom!” The green hippos stone club directly deformed Mordreds tower shield, and even Mordred herself was stunned by the sparks that flew before her eyes.

But even though Mordreds hands were bleeding, she still firmly held the shield and withstood the attack and didnt take a step back.

“Shuffle!” Alexanders chain sword was thrown again from an almost impossible angle and hit on the green hippos body.

“Right now!” Lancelot held an armor-piercing sword and appeared behind the green hippo again, hitting the green hippo with her powerful strength.

The sharp armor-piercing sword penetrated the green hippos buttocks and punctured through its intestines.

Looking at Lancelots move, Yun Xi felt like clenching his buttocks.

That must be painful!

Its so fast, so accurate, so cruel!

“Moo ga!” The green hippo uttered a sad scream, and the big club in its hand thundered heavily on the ground.

“Jump!” The three knights leaped backward together.

Roses Magic Trap was triggered!


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