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Chapter 654: Imminent Problems

“The Twin Witches…”

“The witches of fate.”

Without thinking, Yun Xi could guess who the twin witches were.

White Lotus and Red Lotus.

The side quest “the legendary witches” was exactly tailored for them.


Prince, if you want to defeat the evil dragon, they are indispensable people.”

“But before that, there’s one more important thing to do.” Robin’s face looked serious, “That’s the most serious problem in the kingdom right now.”

“What’s more serious than the evil dragon” Yun Xi looked at the mysterious palace augur in confusion.

“That’s naturally… your identity, my prince.” Robin picked up a crystal ball in her hand.

Her face was covered by her bright red cloak, and the atmosphere became strange in an instant.

“My identity… am I not the prince of this kingdom” Yun Xi remembered that this was the “setting” of this star trial.

Judging from the fact that the Starwing Knights were trusted by the people of the city and people’s worship to him, he was indeed the prince of this kingdom in people’s hearts.

“Yes, you are undoubtedly our prince, and this is the biggest problem.”

“Because, my prince, you are only a prince now.” Like speaking a tongue twister, Robin said the biggest problem.

“I’m a prince.

What’s wrong with this” Yun Xi became more and more confused.

“My prince, it means that you are not the most powerful person in this kingdom!”

“That is to say, you are only the successor of this kingdom.

The real master of this kingdom is not you, but the king!” Robin pointed out the key point.

“Ah… I have a father” Only then did Yun Xi realized what Robin meant.

Indeed, if he is a prince, it means that there is a king in this kingdom.

In the past, he always fought alone, so it didn’t matter what the background setting was.


compared with the previous trials, his identity in this trial seemed to be somewhat different.

“Yes, the king has been ill for a long time.

My prince, you are only performing the king’s duties to administer the kingdom.”

“This is a problem that must be solved.” The bloody Robin had witnessed countless human tragedies, however, she must say this.

She sighed and continued, “The king is not an incompetent king, but it’s not his time now.”

“My prince, it’s time for you to make a decision.”

“Decision What decision” Yun Xi still didn’t understand what Robin hinted.

“We are facing the evil dragon’s threat, we need you, but we don’t need a sick king.”

“My prince…” Robin looked at Yun Xi in peace.

Hasn’t the prince understood it yet

He is an excellent prince and the hope of the kingdom’s future.

Compared with the old king, he is the real master of this kingdom.

Now, facing the enormous threat of the evil dragon, he must truly ascend the throne and become the righteous master of the kingdom.

For this reason, the best solution is to let the long-disqualified “king” disappear.

From the trajectory of fate, she saw the future of this kingdom, in which the “old king” didn’t have a place.

“No, I don’t have that plan.” Eventually, Yun Xi realized what Robin’s hint was.

He was neither able to cry or laugh.

He was the prince of this kingdom, but it was just a setting.

Although the king could only play a mascot of this kingdom, there was no need to kill him.

What he did was to find a way to kill the evil dragon, not to play a royal theatre called “patricide”.

By the way, Robin, are you really not playing the role of a villainess

What a third-rate script your suggestion is!

“My prince, you are a kind man, but the world is not as beautiful as you think.” Robin shook her head and said something to Yun Xi’s surprise.

“Go and see the king.

Maybe you can understand why I suggested that.”

“That king has gone the wrong way.”

No matter how hard Yun Xi thought, he couldn’t remember a thing about the king.

For him, the king’s sense of existence wasn’t stronger than the trees in the dark forest, how could he remember the shape of a random tree in the dark forest

But according to Robin’s proposal, he still came to the garden where the king was supposed to convalesce.

“This… It doesn’t look very good…” What Yun Xi saw was doctors in black long clothes with beak-like masks on their faces.

They were busy shuttling through the garden.

In the air, there was an overwhelming smell of medicines.

“Pafu!” The emerald jelly came out of Yun Xi’s chest and made an uncomfortable sound.

“Ga…” Doctors in black clothes looked at Yun Xi with lifeless eyes and made a threatening voice.

“I am the prince.” Yun Xi had to declare his identity.

“Ga!” The doctors’ eyes turned red.

“I am the prince!” Yun Xi declared his identity again.

He was the successor of this kingdom and the current regent! Although this was just a setting, it should be useful in this trial world!

“Ga!” There were crows crying, and more doctors in black clothes appeared, looking at Yun Xi with bloody eyes.

No, the script is wrong!

Why do they have that bloody smell!

Yun Xi smelled that the doctors in black clothes had exactly the same smell as those black axe monsters in the Forgotten Ruins.



Under the black beak-like masks, one sharp mouth after another opened, showing a chilling expression.




Those doctors in black took out something that should never be used by doctors one by one and surrounded Yun Xi.

They looked so enthusiastic, like some hospitable hosts who were welcoming the most honored visitor had finally arrived at the door.

“You’re looking for your own death!” Yun Xi noticed a bonfire in the middle of the garden, which looked so familiar.

This meant that this area was the same as the Forgotten Ruins.

It was a “barrier” he had to breakthrough!

Recalling Robin’s hint, Yun Xi had no doubt who the ultimate boss of this area is.

Damn it, why is her predictions so accurate

Now he really had to be the protagonist of a third-rate royal theatre of “patricide”!


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