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Real numbers!

Imaginary numbers!


There are countless possibilities in the infinite world.

In theory, if there were countless monkeys hitting keys at random for an infinite amount of time, they would almost surely type a great poem eventually.

Yun Xi did not have countless monkeys to help him calculate, but with talents from all the girls of the Starwing Knights, he had touched the door of the Sky Flying Sword long ago.

That door, for him, wasnt remote.

Bringing all the values into the “cat”, he created a new use of Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

That was the cat.

At the moment when the “cat” appeared, Yun Xi finally caught the shadow of the Sky Flying Sword and unlocked one of his future possibilities.

Unleash the Sky Flying Sword!

At this moment, Yun Xi finally saw what the world looked like in Hua Huos eyes.

The color of the world had become richer than ever before.

The crescent moon in the sky was a startling red.

The degenerated king on the earth was a thrilling black.

The ruins of the palace were a despairing grey.

In a world full of red and black, grey and despair, only Yun Xi had light, which could tear away all darkness and transcend all shackles.

That was the light from the Sky Flying Sword.

The Sky Flying Sword didnt mean a sword flying in the sky, but the will of flying indefinitely and freely.

The earth, gravity, and even the “world” couldnt bind the will of flying.

This was the sword.

It was hard to imagine what kind of will and creativity could create such a god sword skill.

Unlike Yun Hais Quadrant Sword, which deduces and crushes all things, the Sky Flying Sword doesnt follow any rules, overriding everything.

It couldnt be a sword skill for mortals.

Did his childhood sweetheart master such a powerful sword skill

No wonder that Hua Huo could defeat Ouroboros.

The Sky Flying Sword was just so strong!

At this moment, Yun Xi had absolute confidence.

I can win! There is no way I will lose!

All along, he had a little inferiority toward his own strength.

After all, he was comparing himself with Hua Huo and the twin witches, who were far beyond the average.

Needless to say, he was wanted by his four ex-girlfriends, who were probably stronger than gods.

Under such tremendous pressure, even though he was growing stronger and stronger every day, Yun Xi had never felt that he was strong.

He lacked a kind of self-confidence, a confidence to face any opponents no matter who they were.

But now, it was different.

Two doors had opened for him.

Hua Huos Sky Flying Sword and Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

When he saw the scenes behind the door, he finally understood.

I am not weak.

For the first time, he saw the world in his childhood sweethearts eyes.

Oh, the world is so beautiful and ugly.

The world that was filled with innumerable rules, every gust of air was evolving into a world containing billions of changes.

“Meow…” Near his ear came the voice of a petite and lovely cat, which was the key to open the door of all things for Yun Xi, the incarnation of Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

“Thank you.” Yun Xi sincerely thanked the legendary Sword Master, Yun Hai.

Although his use of Yun Hais Quadrant Sword was a little strange.

But it was useful.

Very useful.

I like cats! From this moment on, Yun Xi felt that cats might be the most lovely creatures in the endless gods domains.

Crane Wings Twin Swords flew high above the sky, dancing, and singing.

At this moment, Yun Xi comprehended Yun Hais Quadrant Sword and used it as the key to unlocking Hua Huos Sky Flying Sword, the twin swords were also liberated from their ancient mission and gained a new life.

The figures of two sword souls appeared in the air and smiled looking at each other.

The inheritor of the twin sword had opened the door leading to Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

The mission from Yun Hai had been completed.

From this moment, they didnt need to maintain the form of “standard god weapon”.

They didnt need to suppress their power.

From this moment, they could evolve themselves, becoming “real god weapon”!

Yun Xi would give the evolved Crane Wings Twin Swords a brand new name, a brand new history, and create a new legend.

This was the ceremony for the end of the old era and the beginning of the new era.


“My unfilial son, what are you doing!”

“No matter how hard you struggle, youre going to die!”

“Mortals will inevitably die!”

“Only nightmares are eternal!” The degenerated king raised the black sword in his hand with more fierce black flames burned.

But now, Yun Xi had no fear.

“Show me the power of the Sky Flying Sword!” Recalling Hua Huos expression when she killed the Male Fiery Dragon, Yun Xi showed a faint smile.

The world had become different.


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