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Chapter 665: Three Swords

Yun Xi had no experience in forging a god weapon.

That’s for sure.

Several months ago, he was still a baker.

Where would he deal with such a thing

In the mortal world, even a glance at a god weapon was an extravagant hope.

For people living in small towns, it was only a legend in stories.

Weapons and equipment used by heroes

God’s grace

The weapons that could even kill gods

There were too many types and possibilities.

Now the chance of forging his own god weapon appeared, Yun Xi was somewhat at a loss.

“Draw your sword” Yun Xi watched the dust of the stars around him and fell into perplexity.

There is no sword here.

Sword, where is it

What kind of sword does he need

Is it a sword that can crush even the stars in the sky

The stardust immediately revealed a giant sword about two meters long, similar to Hua Huo’s Tyrannosaurus Emperor’s Sword and with the head of a roaring dragon at its handle.

Just look at it, Yun Xi knew that it was a powerful sword for fierce and ambitious people.

It would be absolutely no problem to smash the stars with it.

As long as Yun Xi nodded, the sword would come to Yun Xi’s hand in no time.

As long as the sword was pulled out, Yun Xi would surely become a hero that could slay even dragons.

“No… Not this one…” Yun Xi shook his head.

This sword was strong enough, but it was not suitable for him.

It should be more suitable for Hua Huo.

With the disappearance of the giant sword, Yun Xi began to think about the sword more suitable for him.

Perhaps I need a sword that can improve my wisdom

Is such a sword suitable for me

Like sensing Yun Xi’s expectations, under the golden twin trees, a Bodhi wooden sword appeared in Yun Xi’s eyes.

In the quiet shade, the wooden sword with a pale golden halo had an extraordinary attraction for Yun Xi.

Probably, this is the right one.

Yun Xi was very satisfied with this wooden sword.

But before Yun Xi reached out, he felt cold all over his body, and seemed to have countless huge malicious sensations staring at the wooden sword.

“Bald donkey!!!!”

“Blade thief!!!”

“Bareheaded monk!”

Across time and space, the sound of curses bombarded the wooden sword, and the dust of the stars that made up the outline of the wooden sword were trembling.

Hum It does seem that this sword is cursed by the will of the world Yun Xi watched the wooden sword disappear in front of him.

Well, okay, is there anything else Yun Xi continued to wait, and the dust of the stars didn’t let Yun Xi down, and began to condense new swords that may be suitable for him.

Compared with the memory capacity of stardust, human memory was not worth mentioning.

In the memories of the stars, there were countless swords, even including the swords of gods.

Amongst all of them, there must be a sword suitable for Yun Xi.

A demon sword about three meters long.

A sacred cross sword with golden lights.

A saint sword with aurora.

A god sword with thunder and lighting as its handle and body.

Each sword was a powerful god weapon with a unique history and characteristics.

Each sword was very suitable for Yun Xi.

It all depended on Yun Xi’s choice.

After looking at hundreds of swords, Yun Xi still couldn’t decide which one to choose.

This was not a choice difficulty, but because his knowledge of the god weapons was too little.

He didn’t know any of them, how could he make a decision

“Give me the best sword for me, please.” Eventually, Yun Xi chose to believe in the dust of the stars.

The dust of the stars dancing around Yun Xi began to split and interlace and finally condensed into three different weapons.

Without exception, they were swords, representing different rules and different nature, but they were all swords above countless possibilities.

The first sword was a red and black demon sword.

The master of this sword traveled all over the heavens, slaughtered the world serpent and challenged the god known as omniscient and omnipotent.

The red and black demon sword slaughtered millions of angels, and finally killed the supreme god.

Its power made Yun Xi feel fear from the bottom of his heart.

God Slayer!

Bury everything in the abyss!

The master of this sword was stronger than the “Deicide” Sky Sword in the Sky Sword God’s Domain, its master was strong enough to challenge the order of the stars.

This sword was an absolute demon’s sword.

The second sword was a sword blocked by innumerable chains.

Yun Xi couldn’t even see its true shape clearly.

Every chain that bound the sword was sealed with a horrible monster.

These horrible monsters showed a chilling weird gesture.

If an ordinary person was looking at the sword, that person would go mad instantly.

This sword, its existence itself would cause great disasters.

Even if this sword has not yet appeared, it only showed a rough outline, it had given Yun Xi the creeps.

Why Is this sword really suitable for me It’s even more ferocious than the previous one!

The third sword was a transparent sword, but vaguely reflects the beautiful figure of girls.

Girls have perfect features with wings of different colors stretched out behind them.

Vigorous green wings that can bring endless vitality.

Cold black wings that can devour all things.

Holy silver wings that can merge the power of earth, water, wind and fire.

“Well, that’s it.”


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