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Chapter 67: The Greatsword Maid


“Little Xi, you don’t know how powerful the maid legacy is.

Even I, when I was a child, was once tempted to inherit one of the best maid legacies.

If you haven’t awakened your talent, I can’t even let you inherit it.

Hum Little Xi, you have reached the second rank Why so soon Did you go to practise the limitation training”


Yun Xi looked helpless and lifeless.

His childhood sweetheart pulled him running at full speed on the street, and he didn’t even have any guts to resist her a bit.

All the people who saw this scene showed soft and kind smiles on their faces.


“Little Xi, Little Hua Huo, you really get along well with each other.”


“Hua Huo, when will you and Yun Xi get married”


“You are really a lovers couple made in heaven.”



Yun Xi couldn’t tell them the truth, he just couldn’t say it.

Looking at the uncles and aunts who cared about them, Yun Xi didn’t know how to tell them the truth that he was being kidnapped by his childhood sweetheart.


“Boom!” Hua Huo pulled Yun Xi into her home, then kicked the door open, rushing into the front yard.


“I remember it was buried here.


Papa tried to cheat me into choosing this great sword maid legacy, but he didn’t expect that I had found out his intent from a long time ago!” Hua Huo made a few turns around the third willow in the courtyard, then decisively waved her fist and  punched the ground.


“Boom!” As the sand and the dust blew up into the air, a dark box appeared near Hua Huo’s feet.

It looked like the box had been specially treated, and was buried at the bottom of the willow root.

Since it was buried so stealthily, Hua Huo, how did you find it so easily!


“This is…” Yun Xi looked at this seemingly normal thick box, having an ominous foreboding in his heart.


“Well, Little Xi.

Come here,” Hua Huo smiled with satisfaction.

She pulled Yun Xi and ran towards her room.

Poor Yun Xi didn’t even have a chance to resist her and was pulled into his childhood sweetheart’s room.


In Hua Huo’s room.


Yun Xi hadn’t had entered Hua Huo’s room for a long time.

However, he still felt that Hua Huo’s room was really incredible, just as he used to feel when he was a kid.


One row after another, swords.

From assassin’s sleeve daggers to standard two-handed swords, Hua Huo’s room was full of all sorts of swords.


In his childhood, he had thought that they were just decorations.

However, after he saw Hua Huo slay the dragon, he had realized that they were all real weapons.

Actually, this room was the largest, and the most powerful arsenal in town!


“I remember that there is a special way to open the box,” Hua Huo put the heavy box onto the table, then glanced at the swords.

She took down a sword from the wall which was about one meter long with a blue-colored sword handle and a shining light gold-colored sword blade.

The sword was engraved with a series of ancient and mysterious runes on its blade.

Its handle was decorated with a floriated blue cross.

At the crisscrossed part of the sword handle and the sword blade, there was a valuable ruby inlaid into the centre.


“The person who holds this sword will be an immortal king.

The person who holds this sword must not break the knight’s precepts.

I will fight for justice!” Hua Huo read the runic letters on the sword blade, then gently sliced her finger with the sword.

“In the name of my Sky Flying Bloodline, I witness this oath.”


The bright red blood flowed out from the wound and flowed along Hua Huo’s fingers dropping onto the sacred steel sword blade.

Instantly, holy golden light spread out quickly from the sword blade.


“Cut open the steel!” Hua Huo activated the sword, then resolutely brandished the sword chopping the sealed black box.

The black box issued out a horrible scream.

At that moment, it looked like a living being trying to escape away from the sacred steel sword.


“It’s no use.

You’re dead,” Hua Huo coldly brandished the sword again.


This time, the black box was cut into two pieces from its middle part.

A gorgeous maid’s black uniform drifted down from the broken black box, then was suspended in midair.

Anyone could see that this maid’s black uniform was unusual.

Yun Xi even felt terrible bloodlust from the maid’s uniform.


“Oh, is it the legendary killing princess’s maid uniform” Hua Huo was also shocked after she saw the maid’s uniform.


“Killing princess” Yun Xi felt his back grow cold.

His sense of foreboding was growing stronger and stronger.


“Well, in history, the killing princess was one of the top three great sword maids.

In her time, she was the most powerful great sword maid without any rivals.

Although it’s said that she is one of the top three great sword maids, however, the three maids didn’t live in the same period.

Therefore, many people think that she is actually the strongest sword maid.”


“The sword skill she was good at was a dark-type sword skill was called ‘Infinite Killing’, and this sword skill was famous due to its two properties: High Speed Movement and Fatal Hit.

She was an expert at killing.

I am afraid that the demons she’d killed were even more than the total population of the whole Sky Sword God’s Domain.

If it wasn’t because the other two maids had an extraordinary military record on many battlefields, she would have been recognized as the number one great sword maid.”


“Before she became a great sword maid, she was an exiled princess whose country had been occupied by demons.

After she became a great sword maid, she killed almost all the demons in her country.

It’s said that at that time, the moon was dyed red due to too many deaths.”


The more details Hua Huo spoke of, the more surprised Yun Xi felt about this gorgeous maid’s black uniform.


Hua Huo, where did you get this terrible legacy!


The exiled princess, the killing maid, the maid’s deep black uniform, the legacy of a great sword maid.

Even in the entire Sky Sword God’s Domain, the maid’s uniform legacy was a high level treasure! Why was this kind of thing buried under the willow tree of your house Yun Xi still remembered that the willow tree had been planted by Hua Huo and him when they were young!


“Well, very well.

Although it’s not the number one maid’s uniform ‘Auroral Morningstar’, nor the number two maid’s uniform ‘Divine Shield’, but this number three maid’s uniform ‘Killing Princess’ is fine too.

Moreover, this maid’s black uniform is recognized as the most beautiful uniform amongst all the great sword maid’s legacies! Little Xi, you’re so lucky!” Hua Huo kneaded the maid’s uniform and smiled at Yun Xi.


Wait a minute, I don’t feel lucky at all! The killing princess and the great sword maids… Weren’t they all female! Yun Xi never thought that someday he would be forced to wear a dress.

Hua Huo, what the hell was your brain thinking up!


“Don’t worry about the size.

I heard that the size of great sword maid’s uniform could be adjusted automatically according to the figure of the user.

Besides, it seems like the killing princess was a flat-chested girl.

You won’t even have to make a lot of adjustments to get into the dress!” Hua Huo held the gorgeous maid’s black uniform in her hands, approaching Yun Xi step by step.


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