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Chapter 68: The Killing Princess


“No!… No, Hua Huo!” Yun Xi still resisted, he didn’t want to put on such a shameful maid’s uniform at all.


“Little Xi, don’t worry, because you will soon get used to wearing it! Didn’t we often play the game ‘Play House’ when we were children At that time, you had worn my wedding dress, which I had specially ordered from Western God’s Domain for you…” Hua Huo said with a happy expression.


If she dressed her childhood sweetheart up as a girl, in that case, none of those bitches would notice him.

Besides, Yun Xi was really cute when he wore dresses.

One stone and two birds.

What a wonderful plan it was!


“No, don’t mention it!” Speaking of that experience, Yun Xi didn’t even want to remember a bit of it.

At that time, he had been too young and naive, and Hua Huo had often cheated him into doing many shameful things.

When he was a child, the townspeople had even selected him as “the cutest girl suitable for wearing a wedding dress”.

That was his most painful dark history! Yun Xi had tried his best to forget it! If Hua Huo hadn’t mentioned it, Yun Xi would absolutely not have recalled that dark history again!


“Well, everything is ready.

Little Xi, are you ready to put on the Killing Princess’s battle dress It is made of precious clothes and could offer both great attack power and defence.

Besides, it can even repair itself automatically.

Only the selected greatsword maid can equip this sacred armor.

Even in the whole history of greatsword maids, this maid’s black uniform was the most powerful and unique battle dress!”


Hua Huo didn’t give Yun Xi any chance to escape.

She cut her finger again.

Her red blood fell down, dropping onto the Killing Princess’s battle dress.

Hua Huo recited the oath to start the inheritance ceremony.


“In the past, in the great land, there were many girls, fighting for their countries and worlds.

They offered their lives as a sacrifice, merging with the ancient monster, forging the most powerful greatswords.

They swore to the old gods.

They stepped onto the battlefield.”


“They were beloved by god.

They were god’s messengers.

They sacrificed themselves to fight.”


“They were so powerful and beautiful.

Therefore, they were called great sword maids by people!”


“In the name of my Sky Flying Bloodline, I witness the Killing Princess’s inheritance ceremony!”


“No!” Yun Xi wanted to cry out as he saw the maid’s uniform flying to him, having an extremely bad feeling in his heart.


The maid’s black uniform was originally emanating an evil feeling.

However, at this time, the evil feeling had disappeared.

The uniform turned into countless back silk threads emitting golden light, then it wrapped Yun Xi’s whole body.


“Gender verifying… Pass through…


Talent verifying… Pass through…


Adaptability with dark-type power… Pass through…


Thou! Behold!”


Yun Xi uncontrollably raised his head and saw a big reddish-black sword.


“When you look long into the killing itself, the killing looks into you!”


The centre of the sword was hollowed out.

A disturbing bloody scent was flowing out from there.

The sword blade had an awful black serrated shape, and the handle of the sword was studded with a red gem that was large as a fist.

In addition to it, there were eight small rhombic gems surrounding this gem, which shone with strange but also splendid lights.


“The name of the sword: Killing Princess.

Up until the last holder’s death it had killed 135,610,000 living beings, and was named as ‘Killing Princess’.

It’s the most ferocious demon sword amongst all the greatswords forged for maid of claymore.”


“The person who inherits this sword slaughter countless beings.

That’s the price for obtaining this power.”


“Strange…” Yun Xi smoothly passed through the Killing Princess’s inheritance ceremony.

However, Hua Huo showed an unbelievable look on her face.


Why could Yun Xi pass through the Killing Princess’s inheritance ceremony so simply! At first, she was going to use her Sky Flying Bloodline to force the Killing Princess’s dress to accept Yun Xi.

After all, Yun Yi was a boy.

It was impossible that the greatsword maid’s legacy would recognize him so easily.


Greatsword maid.

As the name suggested, only a girl who proved her purity, loyalty, and self-dedication could undertake this career.


“No, I don’t accept it!” As if seeing his worst nightmare about to come true, Yun Xi decisively rejected the Killing Princess’s legacy.

Unfortunately, it was too late.


“The inheritance ceremony is completed!”


As one of the strongest greatsword maid legacies, the Killing Princess’s dress and her magic sword were seemingly very pleased with Yun Xi.

They ignored his words and directly finished the last step.

Countless black silk threads surrounded Yun Xi, then instantly dismantled his shabby clothes.

At the same time, it began to adjust its own size.


“Whoa! Wow, wow, wow!” Hua Huo covered her eyes with her two hands, then opened her eyes wide, peeping at Yun Xi through her fingers.

Finally, Hua Huo saw a pretty girl standing in front of her.

Even though she knew the girl was Yun Xi, she still couldn’t believe that the beautiful girl was her childhood sweetheart.


The girl was wearing a gorgeous black ceremonial dress.

The ceremonial dress was so beautiful and as astonishing as a princess’s dress, which was far beyond the concept of a common maid outfit.


Her hair was black.

Her delicate skin looked like first-rate silk.

Her appearance and behavior were luminous with a kind of gentle grace.

Due to nervousness and embarrassment, her lovely face looked so cute as if she was an angel emerging from a painting.


Even her chest, which at first was certainly flat like nothing, was also uplifted a bit, as if it was a tradition from the previous killing princess.

Four gold-red gems were studded on her slender waist, then matched with the rosette upon her bosom and the ribbons beside her waist.

If she wasn’t wearing the lace head dress, no one would connect the ceremonial dress with a maid’s.


What was even more amazing was that the dress could perfectly enhance her temperament and appearance.

At least, when Yun Xi surprisedly gazed at his black gloves, and the absolute field between the black silk stockings and the corner of his skirt, he wondered how it was possible that this was his body.


The smooth, tender, snow-white skin… Who was this person! No, no! It was a foul, it was a lie! Yun Xi could affirm that he himself had never had such snow-white, flawless skin before.

Not only his skin, but even his bones and height seemed to have been modified, so that his body ratio looked more perfect.


The “Killing Princess” dress was like a magic pen, completely hiding Yun Xi’s masculinity, leaving only a dazzling, enchanted, gorgeous, and perfect young girl in the world.

Black and white intertwined, weaving a new Yun Xi, who Hua Huo had never seen before.

Now, even Hua Huo herself was fascinated by Yun Xi’s appearance.


Oh, her Yun Xi sure was suitable for women’s dresses!


She didn’t need to worry about anything now!


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