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Theres a problem, theres a big problem!

Whether from the perspective of love or as the leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue realized Yun Xis insincerity.

The queen who never showed her true face suddenly appeared.

The prince who was going to be the king answered her question with a rare stumble.

They must be hiding something!

This was her intuition as the leader of the Starwing Knights!

Well, it was actually a wonderful misunderstanding.

The reason he couldnt say the truth was that he didnt want to expose the queens secret, and he really didnt know how to explain the reason why he wanted to marry an obviously underage girl.

Even if this young girls real identity was the master of the Forgotten Ruins, the Queen of the ancient Assyrian kingdom, a strong person, as her, who could kill Yun Xi hundreds of times with her eyes closed.

Looking at the young queen who was running after a butterfly, he couldnt find a reason to explain it to Hua Yue!

What a luxurious trouble that only the prince would have!

“I see.” Hua Yue suddenly understood.

As expected, there is no love relationship between the prince and the obviously underage queen.

From the way he looked at her, it was more like the gentle way a father looked at his daughter.

Then, it can only be explained by the reasons of a “political marriage”.

Is that rumor true In order to make a vow with a certain tribe, all the kings had to marry a queen from that tribe.

“White Moon, dont run too fast.” He knew that the Queen of Assyria had a limited time to use this puppet body.

Although White Moons body could greatly reduce her consumption, the time she could stay here had been extended to about three days or more.

The puppets body will not feel tired, but it will also consume magic power relatively fast.

Therefore, if she continued to run around like this, she may have to stop activities before the arrival of the wedding.

“Hmm.” At last, the queen caught the butterfly in her hands, then she extended her hands and let the butterfly fly away.

It doesnt matter if the butterfly can be caught.

What matters to her is the process.

Its the biggest luxury for the young queen who cant leave the underground lake.

Why the previous kings could only look across countless spiders at the queen sleeping on the throne of the giant spider

It was not that the queen was so inhumane, but that she could only use long sleep to pass the long time in the underground lake.

For the young Queen of Assyria, the underground lake was actually a cage that she couldnt leave, the place where she was permanently confined under the bloody new moon.

Silent, cold.

Except for spiders, cold lake water, and forever red crescent, she had nothing.

For thousands of years, only when the kings could walk there and swear allegiance to the young Queen of Assyria.

Only at that time, could the young queen descend on the puppets made by the kings and come to the sunshine world as a hypocritical “queen” for one day.

It was because she could still look forward to such a holiday that the young queen of Assyria had endured the long years in the underground lake.

But this time, it was different.

For the first time, she had a perfect body that could move freely.

The body of this puppet was exactly the same as that of her.

It could smile or walk, even if it ran like this in the sunshine world, she wouldnt feel any discomfort.

For the first time, she felt real freedom and real happiness.

Like a bird released from a cage, she spread her wings and flew freely under the sky.

Once she realized this freedom, she could never go back to the past.

Is the air in the sunshine world so fresh Its totally different from what I smelt in the past!

Always being surrounded, she couldnt smell the fragrance of flowers and trees, she couldnt monopolize the dancing butterfly, she couldnt run on the earth without any restriction.

Every step and every breath here was different from the past.

There is no need to hide anything here.

This here, was the real her.

She was completely addicted to this small and lovely body!

I already cant go back to the past!

Lifting the skirt corner, she panted in front of Yun Xi.

Her face was ruddy, and her eyes were shining.

The time sleeping in the underground lake was like a freezing black and white picture.

And the time after meeting him was colorful, full of surprises and infinite expectations.

The first intimate contact, the first hug, and some kind of premonition between them quietly colored the black and white world.

His voice, his confidence, and his concentration were different from those of other kings.

His hands created a miracle called “White Moon”, which turned “impossibility” into “possibility”.

The black and white world disappeared.

Every moment with him had a different experience.

It was a dreamlike, colorful world.

I want to stay! I want to let this dream go on!

“Its nice to get married.”

Holding Yun Xis hand and smiling sweetly, Queen of Assyria began to look forward to her wedding three days later.

No way!

Even though its my mom… I wont let you have him!

In the young body, a newborn consciousness sent out that silent cry.


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