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“Then, dont give up.” The leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue announced with a firm voice.

Yes, never give up!

No matter how powerful the opponent is, even if it is so hopeless, we dont want to give up and wont give up.

The fact that no one in this tavern left, was the best proof.

If they really give up hope, how can they all come here coincidentally and wait for an opportunity

This opportunity was what she must bring as the leader of the Starwing Knights, and what she must shoulder as the leader of the Starwing Knights.

At any time, she must stand up, even in the face of a desperate situation.

This is the virtue of a knight and the creed of Hua Yue.

The White Golden Rose never withers.

“But there will be the wedding soon.”

“And it seems that the prince, does like that child.”

This was the most frustrating trouble for most members of the Starwing Knights and the unsolved problem that led to this situation.

The prince likes the child named White Moon.

That child has the right to marry the prince, which is the tradition of the kingdom for thousands of years.

“If we dont do it, how do we know that it is impossible” Hua Yues eyes sparkled with extraordinary brilliance and grabbed Robins hand, “Say it to us.

Tell us the prophecy.”

Robins face looked helpless.

These young knights are really lawless.

Force the royal augur to predict… even the kings didnt do this!

“What prophecy”

“Whats the matter Is it about this wedding”

“Robin, tell us!”

At this time, even a glimmer of hope was like the last straw for a drowning man to the girls of the Starwing Knights.

“Cough… This is not a prediction of love…” Robin coughed.

This prophecy points to the ultimate fate of the world.

The bloody birds flew on Robins shoulders and gave a strange laugh, as if they were laughing at these knights who knew nothing about love.

Robin used her hero ranked skill: Robins Unfortunate Prophecy!

“Let go of the queen, let go of the queen!”

“The queen is beautiful and lovely, the queen is gentle and generous, the queen is pregnant, who did it!”

“Its you, its you, its you, the sparrow who sneaks a taste!”

“Blood moon falls, White Moon rises, and no one survives!”

“The prince who kills his father and marries his mother will eventually witness the end of blood!”

The undisguised malice and the cursing ridicule made the girls look at each other.

This prediction is really very bad!

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” Hua Yue clapped her hands and smiled.

“This prediction can be true or false.”

“Whats important is that White Moon is not the right bride for the prince, its the truth of the prophecy.”

“So, White Moon is not fit to be a queen, is it”

This explanation was a little far fetched, but for the frustrated Starwing Knights, it was a powerful cardiotonic.

“Yes, Im not opposed to the princes marriage, but that White Moon is too small!”

“Even if there is any political marriage agreement, they should wait for three or four years at least.

How can a child of this age have a baby”

“Compared to White Moon, our leader is definitely better.”

After Hua Yue took the lead, the girls of the Starwing Knights suddenly came alive.

On the counter, Xiao Cao had a smile in her eyes, and the frequency of drinking became leisurely.

“Hum… How can I lose to that underage child…”

“Yes, we will fight back!” Ling Ling raised her chest with burning flames in her eyes.

Mei Lan sighed.

She understood that Hua Yue was not sure of winning, but she just didnt give up.

Unlike Lu Lu, the proud Hua Yue would never let go of her dignity.

Even if she loses, she will only stand to death and never kneel in front of the queen.

On the battlefield of love, she is also a white gold rose that will never wither.

If it was Xiao Cao, she would probably kill all her opponents and then come back to drink, covered in blood.

“Mumu, there is an important task for you.” After solving the morale problem of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue came up with another trump card.

Throughout the Starwing Knights, only Mumu was at the same age as White Moon.

If the prince really has that special hobby, he will definitely love such a lovely Mumu.

Although Hua Yue never thought that the prince was that kind of person.

From the time she saw White Moon, she suspected that there was something wrong with the wedding.

The princes hesitation when she questioned him proved her conjecture.

“Yeah!” Mumu raised her hands and looked curiously at the girls around her.

Tonights dream is really interesting!

In a huge nest in the Forgotten Ruins.

A girl whose body was covered with bandages was reporting the result of the war to the sleeping dragon with her teeth gnashed.

Her face looked similar to someone, but her skin was covered with many brown dragon scale.

“I lost because I was too careless.

It was just carelessness!”

The giant dragon sleeping on numerous treasures was a beautiful emerald dragon, from the horn to the tail, its whole body was bright green.

Every scale was covered by crystal green light, which even covered the bright golden color of the treasure hill under its body.

A knife shaped green light floated on the top of the emerald dragons head and was constantly rotating.

Next to the emerald dragon, there were several dragon eggs with different colors, each of which exuded the same huge sense of pressure as the desert dragon.

The red dragon egg released an irascible flame breath.

The black dragon egg released a poisonous corrosion breath.

The blue dragon egg released a cold frozen breath.

This was the ultimate source of fear in the entire world, the strongest army on the dragon side in the Dragons War.


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