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Why she was so happy

Yun Xi didnt understand Ling Lings idea at all.

“Prince… I love you the most! ” Ling Ling hummed a ditty and beat his shoulder with her chest and hands at the same time, which made his shoulders relax.

After hammering for a while, Ling Ling suddenly blushed and asked Yun Xi quietly, “Prince, do you want to drink milk”

“Milk” Yun Xi swallowed a mouthful of saliva subconsciously, and the taste buds seemed to recall some very sweet taste.

In that vague memory, its very delicious special milk.

Even he couldnt drink it often.

Only Ling Ling knew where to find and deliver it.

“Well, Im just a little hungry.”

“Then… Im going to prepare it.

Mei Lan, come and help me.” Ling Ling answered and her cheeks suddenly turned red and her breathing became very fast.

“Ah… that regular one…” Yun Xi doubted if it was his delusion, but Mei Lans eyes were full of jealousy when she looked at Ling Ling.

“Well, the regular one.” Ling Ling took Mei Lans hand and left his study.

“Puff… thank god, I have a hard-working secretary.” Looking at the small pile of documents that Mei Lan had processed, Yun Xi was relieved.

If he had dealt with it himself, it would probably take him three days and nights.

Just thinking about the complicated relationships among nobles, the expenses, the states inventory and so on, would have made his brain hurt.

Its amazing that Mei Lan can handle so many complicated things in order.

By comparison, Ling Ling… well, her shoulder massages seems to have improved again.

In the secretarys room not far from the study, Mei Lan and Ling Ling were having a routine secret ceremony.

“Mei Lan, youre so good.

Im dizzy when I read those documents.” Ling Ling took a big sip of milk and looked at Mei Lan who also drank milk with jealousy.

“There is nothing to envy about the ability to deal with government affairs.” Mei Lan sipped her milk with papaya, which was a recipe known to the Starwing Knights.

“As long as we have enough exercise to master the aristocratic relationship, the business circle of local businessmen and any conflict of interests, anyone can do similar things.”

“The post of secretary has never been irreplaceable, but there are some things that only you can do, Ling Ling, such as this…” After drinking her papaya milk, Mei Lan looked at the fuller peaks of Ling Ling, and her eyes seemed to be burning.

“Coo! Coo! Goo! ” After drinking ten boxes of milk, Ling Ling stretched out her tongue and licked the white liquid on her lips.

Then she breathed deeply.



Well, this was not the dragon breath of the martial artist, but the preparation before using a special ability.

The milk she drank was different from Mei Lans.

It was the only magic medicine specially prepared for her by Lu Lu, the only pharmacist of the Starwing Knights.

It contains a variety of materials, among which several valuable herbs and have some special effects.

As for the effect… well, its a little secret between them.

“It seems… coming out… ” Holding the huge and plump peaks on her chest, Ling Ling blushed.

Sure enough, no matter how many times I try, Im still not used to it.

In the same way, no matter how many times she had seen it, Mei Lan couldnt help envying.

Why only Ling Ling has such a milk-secreting physique!

Even after drinking Lu Lus secret medicine, in all the Starwing Knights, it can only be done by Ling Ling.

Sure enough, is it the difference between the size of the breasts

Ling Lings talent in this realm is amazing.

Visually, after drinking the miraculous medicine made by Lu Lu, there was a trend of the continued development of her breasts!

How envious this was!

Stupid Ling Ling!

Even so, Mei Lan, as a good friend of Ling Ling, stretched out her hands and began to take off Ling Lings coat to expose the soft and smooth pair of white rabbits.





After a series of skilled techniques, the fragrant milk named “Ling Ling Specialty” was born.

After drinking about ten boxes of milk mixed with Lu Lus secret medicine, it was finally condensed into a small glass of snow-white and sweet milk, giving off a kind of intoxicating taste.

This is the “talent” of Ling Ling, and only Ling Ling can do this miracle.

Every time Mei Lan helps Ling Ling to squeeze out this special product, Mei Lan feels that her personal outlook and world outlook have been greatly hit.

“Todays quality is very good.” Ling Ling stretched out her little tongue, and licked the milk and looked satisfied.

This must be because the milk is full of her love for the prince!

She can imagine the happy voice of the prince after drinking this special milk!

“Good taste!” After drinking, Yun Xi emitted a happy voice from his throat.

Ling Lings milk was sweeter and more delicious than that in his memory, with a little warmth.

It was just like the milk was just squeezed out.

Well, as a prince, there are still some enviable privileges.

In his memory, only Ling Ling knew where to find this kind of milk.

He always thought it was strange that there was no cow in the palace.

Where is the fresh and delicious milk produced

He had asked Ling Ling several times, but she always avoided answering and her face blushed like a ripe apple.

Well, thats probably the girls secret, but the milk is good to drink.


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