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“Of course he…” Desert Dragon Zaka suddenly jammed.

Oh, he didnt say it!

Too bad, too careless.

Why did I come back without confirmation

“I believe him!” Biting her teeth, Desert Dragon Zaka had an expression of never giving in.

“Well, Ill take ten thousand steps back.

Did he hug you or kiss you” This time, Ice Dragon Zaka was elated.

She knew that her stupid sister, her so-called love will only be in the dream.

The so-called lover this time may even be just a pure misunderstanding!

“Yes!” This time, Desert Dragon Zaka replied without hesitation.

Its not just hugging.

When they were rolling around on the earth together, everything was seen by him!


Im an unmarried lady.

Its a big loss!

“Ga……” Ice Dragon Zaka showed an expression of “the world is about to end”, and rubbed her forehead.

“Yes, I believe him.

I like him.”

“I will not marry without him!” Although Desert Dragon Zaka was careless, she was very dedicated on this point.

I like him, so I will not let go of him.

“So, whether its illness or health, whether its poverty or wealth, would you like to be with him”

“Do you have the confidence to go hand in hand with him and never separate”

“No matter what kind of test you meet, you will be faithful” Ice Dragon Zaka asked her sister.

“How can we get sick”

“We are the dominators!”

“Of course, he has completed my test and I will fulfill my agreement.

I am Desert Dragon Zaka.” With each answer, the smile on Desert Dragon Zakas face became more and more brilliant.

Yes, no doubt at all.

Shes in love.

Even the world looks so beautiful in her eyes at this moment.

She is helpless… looking at her sisters enchanted appearance, Ice Dragon Zaka sighed and finally came up with the last trump card:

“What if he had other women he liked”

“What!” Desert Dragon Zaka erupted in an instant.

The Star of the Sand was spinning and roaring!

“No room for a third party! Ill kill her!”

Well, seeing her sisters crazy look, Ice Dragon Zaka showed a happy smile.

Just now, she was really upset.

If there is such a perfect man in the world, how can he ask her silly elder sister to marry him

There must be problems with this proposal!

So she had to help her sister not to fall into the fire.

“Well, calm down.

Lets discuss the conquest of the world.”

“I dont care about such a trivial thing.

Well go to him and ask him now!” Desert Dragon Zaka had long forgotten the plan of world conquest.

She took her sister and ran out of the dragons nest in a hurry.

On the head of the sleeping original dragon, the blade-shaped green light shone fierce light.

The last two eggs began to absorb more power of the original giant dragon and accelerate the hatching.

Soon after, Desert Dragon Zaka, who rushed to the city, opened her mouth and looked at the arena with only one big pit left.

“Shaheen The champion of this competition”

“Of course, he won the title of the Champion Knight.”

“The last battle was really a disaster.

We all saw the sword light.

It was a miracle!”

“Well, where did he go I heard that after winning the title of the Champion Knight, he goes back to his hometown.

It is said that he goes back to his hometown to get married.

Around the ruins of the original arena, people talked about the mysterious strong man Shaheen, who came out of nowhere and defeated his powerful sister to win the Champion Knight.

Next to them are a group of sad looked merchants, who are all the merchants who run the gambling party of the Championship Knight Competition.

Originally, it was a chance to make a lot of money.

Who could have thought that someone secretly made an astronomical bet for Shaheen when everyone thought that Zaro would dominate the Championship Knight Competition with absolute advantage

In the future, never let augur bet! Looking at their empty money bags, the businessmen who were robbed 90% of the profits by a mysterious augur swore together!

“Back home to get married” Desert Dragon Zakas face turned pale.

She suddenly had great doubts about the whole world.

Why, didnt you say youd like to be with me forever! (Yun Xi: I never said that!)

Didnt you say well live together forever and never to be separated! (Yun Xi: Its just a 24-hour date!)

“Ah…” Ice Dragon Zaka sighed.

Although she knew it was probably this result for a long time, looking at her sisters expression, she would still feel sad.

“I dont believe it!” After the initial period of depression, Desert Dragon Zaka suddenly clenched her teeth, raised her head, and looked at the sky with some golden-red luster.

“Sister, dont be too persistent.”

“I just dont believe it! He will leave me like that! ” Desert Dragon Zaka cried out word for word.

“Shaheen, answer me!”

“Why do you break our engagement!”

“No matter where you go, I will find you and marry you!”

In the palace, Yun Xi, who secretly went out for a walk and had a date with a mysterious desert tribe girl for a day, was lying in his study with an expression of lovelessness.

The Starwings had drained all his energy, so that when he finally took away the trophy of the competition, his consciousness was in a trance, and he made up an excuse of “I will go home to get married” and ran away.

The beautiful trophy was thrown into the kings secret room and had become a black history he tried to forget hardly.

“Prince, whats wrong” Ling Ling rode on Yun Xi, banging Yun Xis aching shoulders with her small fists.

“Give me the milk.”

At this moment, Yun Xi felt that he needed to regain strength.

Ling Lings face turned red all of a sudden, and she answered in a voice smaller than that of a mosquito:

“Ok… ok, Im going to prepare the sweet milk!” Please go to https://www.novelupdates.cc/Starchild-Escapes-Arranged-Marriage/ to read the latest chapters for free


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