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Chapter 74: Bad Feeling


When Yun Xi was surrounded by the girl swordsmen, Hua Huo and Red Lotus were looking at each other in a strange atmosphere.


“So, you’re Hua Huo” Red Lotus frowned as she looked at the genius girl who had been received by the Sword Palace.


“You’re…” At first, Hua Huo subconsciously tightened up her toes, then she immediately realized it and loosened her toes.


“We… Have we seen each other before” The two people asked the same question at the same time.


“Gee Are you also having this feeling”


“You too…”


They looked at each other in confusion.


“Hoo… I’m so sleepy… Sister, good morning,” beside Red Lotus, White Lotus reluctantly opened her eyes.


“You… that’s weird…” Hua Huo tried her best to remember when and where had she seen the twin sisters.


Obviously, she couldn’t remember anything.

Even in Western God’s Domain, the twin witches were famous.

They were known as the best geniuses in the last hundreds of years.

However, due to their witch legacy, they had never left White Lotus Sword Domain.

Therefore, before today, Hua Huo had only heard about their names, but had never seen them personally.

Similarly, Red Lotus knew about Hua Huo’s identity.

She knew that Hua Huo was a sword skill genius.

However, she was sure that she had never seen Hua Huo before.


“Is this the so-called ‘feel like old friends at the first meeting’” Red Lotus looked at Hua Huo, but still felt that something was wrong.


“I don’t… think so…” Hua Huo clenched her fist.That feeling was too weird.


This was their first meeting, but she… had a feeling that the twin witches were enemies Was she such a narrow-minded girl No.

That was not true.

Hua Huo shook her head.

It was wrong to hate people she had just met.


“I’m Hua Huo, the student who will join the Sword Palace.” Hua Huo composed her emotions and organized her thoughts, then smiled at the twin witches.


“I’m Red Lotus, the Sword Palace’s witch.” Similarly, Red Lotus tried to forget the uneasy feeling, then showed a smile too.


“I’m White Lotus.

I’m also the Sword Palace’s witch.” White Lotus gently looked at Hua Huo.

The Ring of Star and Moon was shining on her head.


Hum… They look pretty gentle.

Why am I still feeling that they are enemies


After seeing the famous twin witches, Hua Huo found that they were just like what the rumour said.

They both had great power and amazing personal charm.


The older sister, Red Lotus, was confident and deliberate.

She was a natural leader that could deal with any tough matter.

When they talked about sword skills, they appreciated each other, because they both were great geniuses and had many common interests.


The younger sister White Lotus was somehow logy.

She often suddenly giggled alone.

However, she had an innocent heart and was pure like a crystal, just like what her name implied.


The mighty older sister and the attractive younger sister.

They were a pair of perfect twin sisters.

When they held each other’s hand, even Hua Huo could feel their fathomless power.

They were not overrated.

On the contrary, the external world underestimated them too much! They had a limitless, bright future!


“Hey hey…” White Lotus was immersed in her own inner world as she touched the Star and Moon Ring.

She wasn’t listening to Hua Huo and Red Lotus’s sword skill discussion at all.


“Sorry, my sister often behaves like that,” Red Lotus embarrassedly looked at her sister, who was immersed in her fantasy.


What a terrible dream it was! Last night, White Lotus and her had the same nightmare again.

Her sister lost her head over that fictitious prince again.

She couldn’t remember the details, but in the dream, that damned prince controlled a fire-breathing dragon to challenge her, then he took the opportunity to seduce her innocent sister making her fall in love again.

You damned prince, don’t let me see you again! The next time, I will tear you into ten thousand pieces!


“Oh, the ring is really beautiful!” Hua Huo didn’t know of the reason, but when she looked at White Lotus’s Star and Moon Ring, for the first time in her life, she felt an intense desire, as if there was a sound roaring in her heart announcing “That treasure should belong to me!”.


That is too weird! What is happening to me! Why did I suddenly feel that the twin witches were enemies Now, I myself want to steal the younger sister’s ornament.

Hua Huo, you are not an avaricious dragon!


No! I must smile! The twin witches are nice people, and they have no contradiction.

Besides, the older sister is a really good conversation partner.

Hua Huo, you can’t be that narrow-minded! You can’t be defeated by your inexplicable desire!


“All right.

It’s time to start the Sword Palace’s entrance test.

Let’s go hold the test.

In fact, the entrance test is organized specially for you.

Why did so many people hear the rumor and come here I heard that there were even several third rank swordsmen,” Speaking of the several third rank swordsmen, Red Lotus did not look very happy.

Except for the weird feeling when they first met, Red Lotus quickly accepted Hua Huo and admitted her power.


Hua Huo deserved to have the legendary bloodline.

Her talent was far beyond her contemporaries.

It wasn’t difficult for her to reach the hero rank.


It was the Sword Palace’s honor to get a genius like Hua Huo.

She welcomed Hua Huo to go to the Sword Palace.

Of course, the most important reason was: Hua Huo was a girl.

She wouldn’t become a threat.

If she was male, Red Lotus would absolutely not allow her to get so close to White Lotus.


“Let’s go.

I can tell you that you will see a surprise in the test!” After the weird feeling disappeared, Hua Huo also quickly accepted Red Lotus as her friend.


Geniuses always easily got closer to each other.

Red Lotus and Hua Huo were two geniuses at the same level.

It was hard for them to see another genius like themselves, so they immediately became friends.


“Prince… Thank you… We will never, never separate from each other…” At this moment, only White Lotus could see that the Ring of Star and Moon was shining with bright lights.


The gold-red light of the sun.


The silver-white light of the moon.


The colorful lights of the stars.


The primal fire was burning inside the Ring of Star and Moon.

It illuminated White Lotus’s crystal pupils, reflecting the prince’s figure inside her eyes.

At this moment, her prince was in front of her, so close that she could nearly touch him.


“Even though you have changed your appearance… pretended to be another person, you’re still my prince.

Can you hear my voice Can you see my eyes My-My, prince!”



“Err!” Yun Xi suddenly had a chill.

He felt his back grow cold as if he was a prey, and now, the hunter had found him.


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