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“But I wont lose too much to my sister.”

“My strength is overwhelming, and my Dragon Roar Wave is the strongest of the four Zaka sisters!” Red Dragon Zaka said proudly, which is the only thing she has absolute confidence in.

“Dragon Roar Wave…” Yun Xi also has to admit that her Dragon Roar Wave is one of the most incomprehensible moves he has ever encountered.

He can crack Red Dragon Zakas Dragon Roar Wave with the help of Red Dragon Zakas own essence.

Mobile natural disasters.

The noble Red Dragon Princess.

In addition to a little too innocent, as a dragon, she is absolutely in the super class.

“To deal with the twin witches, we have to use stronger attack, faster speed, defeat them before they use that move!” Looking back at the fight, Red Dragon Zaka quickly found the root of her fiasco.

Its not about combat effectiveness, its about the way of attack.

Her Dragon Roar Wave almost broke the twin witches defense.

If she can use a faster and stronger Dragon Roar Wave, and its better to match it with the defense penetration attribute, then she can defeat the twin witches before they perform that secret skill.

Does she have that power

Not yet, but Yun Xi has that power!

Yun Xis sacred Dragon Roar Wave ignores all defenses, gives Red Dragon Zaka a feeling that is not even under the heart seizing skill of the twin witches.

What she cant do alone is possible if she joins hands with Yun Xi.

The double Dragon Roar Waves! They can use Yun Xis holy Dragon Roar Wave to disintegrate the twin witches defense, and then use her crimson Dragon Roar Wave to kill them.

This is a perfect match!

“Lets challenge the twin witches together!” After finding a way to turn over the situation, Yun Xis proposal to act together and fight together immediately captured Red Dragon Zakas heart.

Yes, thats it.

As long as two people are together, there is no invincible opponent.

Sure enough, this is fate.

When my sister, Desert Dragon Zaka found her dream lover, she must have felt like this.

Although he is no match for Desert Dragon Zakas lover, at least he is strong enough.

It is better to say that there is no more suitable human for her than he is.

There wont be another human who can use Dragon Roar Wave!

“Start special training right now, in order to beat down the witches, our synchronization rate must be higher!”

“Whats more, your Dragon Roar Wave should become our strongest killing skill!”

“When the time comes to solve the twin witches, it depends on the strength of our joint efforts!”

She was defeated by Yun Xis holy Dragon Roar Wave.

Even if it was only one second, Red Dragon Zaka remembered it deeply.

It was the first time that she met a stronger Dragon Roar Wave than herself.

It turns out that she likes such a shameful name… Yun Xi looked at Red Dragon Zaka and couldnt bear to look directly at the name of the combination skill.

“The spiral light breaks through the sky, and the sacred crimson light covers the world!”

“This is the verdict from the Red Dragon Queen!” Red Dragon Zaka triumphantly raises Yun Xis hand and points to the sky.

The huge magic energy is compressed into a laser and released.

Dark red beams of light run through the clouds near the sun, shaking the sky.

“Look, the sky is burning, thats… our proof of…” Finally, Red Dragon Zakas small face suddenly warmed up, and it seemed that she finally realized something was wrong with herself.

What a happy and positive kid.

She doesnt know what frustration is and always goes straight ahead.

However, Yun Xi didnt dislike her character.

Rather say, he is also affected by her optimism.

“My attack is invincible!”

“Break up! Nothing shall stand in my way.”

“Even if it is the darkness of impermanence, I will break it for you.”

Learning from the tone of Red Dragon Zaka and recalling the time when he played with his childhood sweetheart when he was a child, Yun Xi cooperated with Red Dragon Zaka with a smile.

At that time, what did his childhood sweethearts say

“Gold is the wealth of the gods, the golden princess is the child blessed by the gods, the gold of Rhine is her crown, and the sacred ring is the mark of the princess, offering the purest flowers for the dead gods.”

This is the speech of Milei.

“White leaves are beautiful ornaments, golden branches are swaying scenery, and bloody flowers are dangerous and beautiful crystals.

May the great tree open its branches and scatter its leaves.”

This is the statement of Elphyllis.

“Steel stands on the earth, roar and turn into the sharp blade of God, the sharp claw of devil, shining the star sea.

We advance, we win, we will bury all the old times!”

This is the claim of Ye Li.

Finally, Hua Huos speech:

“Even if everything is lost, the wings will still shine.”

“Even if betrayed by all, the wings still fly.”

“Only freedom is what we pursue, and our infinite will wont be bound by anything.”

“The highest wing will surpass everything.”

Well, in retrospect, at that time, the expressions of Milei, Elphyllis, Ye Li and Hua Huo were a little strange.

At that time, what did he say

“Why dont you all be my wings Isnt it good”

Because the wings seem to be the strongest.

At that time, he naturally felt that way.

Now recalling it, its really a shame.

“Wings No way.” Milei sighed, looking at Hua Huo with a slightly envious look.

“Its really hard to be wings…” Elphyllis wanted to say something, but in the end, she didnt say anything.

“I cant be wings, because…” Ye Li pouted and took the place in Yun Xis arms.

“There is a price to have wings.” Hua Huo also showed a little helpless expression for some reason.

“It is a huge price.”

“But its worth it.”

“Because only with wings can we create miracles.”

“Lets make a miracle!” Red Dragon Zaka holds Yun Xis hand, and the expression on her face is almost the same as Hua Huos expression Yun Xi saw at that time.

Both of them are full of confidence, even if the opponent they are facing is “fate”.

Behind her, there seems to be a pair of invisible wings, which can let her fly anywhere and anytime, above all rules.

Yun Xi felt the power flowing from Red Dragon Zakas small hands and said his heart feelings.

“Maybe… you can really create miracles.”


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