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“Ice Dragon Zaka… sister, I did not betray mother.” In contrast, Red Dragon Zakas mood was a bit low, completely unaware of what she had done wrong.

“Enemy …” Yun Xi mood is quite mixed.

Defeat the evil dragon is the main task he must complete, so its not wrong for Black Dragon Zaka to regard him as an enemy.

But why did he, a brave man who was going to slay dragons, marry the daughters of the dragon!

Now there are already three Zakas who have an intimate relationship with him.

Something must have gone wrong!

“Bet on the name of the third princess, Ill make you recover, sister.” Desert Dragon Zaka leapt up high, and four Sand Eyes appeared around her at the same time, then set into her limbs, giving her super power and speed.

This is Desert Dragon Zakas all-out fighting mode.

The loss of the Star of the Sand did not depress Desert Dragon Zaka, but rather aroused the fighting factor in her body.

Even if her clan was wiped out, and even her God Weapon was taken away by Black Dragon Zaka, as long as this wild fighting spirit is still there, Desert Dragon Zaka will never be defeated!

“Mirror …” Ice Dragon Zaka moved her fingers and quickly summoned one mirror of ice after another.

Of the four sisters of Zaka , Ice Dragon Zaka has the most stable fighting style.

Shes not the same as Desert Dragon Zaka, and shes not the same as Red Dragon Zaka.

Shes good at formulating a strategy and then executing that strategy to win.

Like the ice and snow that never melts in the north, she is cold and cruel.




Dozens of ice mirrors were blasted into pieces by Desert Dragon Zaka in one breath, while Ice Dragon Zakas figure completely disappeared into this world of ice and snow.

Relatively, there was more black gravel falling from the black Star of the Sand in the sky, and the surrounding temperature began to become icier and icier and biting.

“Is she trying to freeze us all to death” Yun Xi, holding Red Dragon Zakas hand, slightly estimated the surrounding temperature.

It was already below minus one hundred degrees.

Its difficult to describe the icy world filled with cold fog at this moment, and the fog is definitely not any water fog, but a cold that can completely freeze human blood.

“Whoo … hoo …” gradually, these fogs transformed into some kind of humanoid silhouette, that is the ice creature that inhabits the end of the world – ice spirit.

They are minions of Ice Dragon Zaka.

These white spirits every night will wander in the ice and snow.

Once encountered humans, they will take the initiative to approach, and then take away these humans lives.

With the appearance of ice spirits, the surrounding temperature plummeting became faster.

“Its cold … my sister is really angry …” as a fire dragon and a desert dragon, Red Dragon Zaka and Desert Dragon Zaka are very uncomfortable with this environment.

The feeling of ice and darkness coming at the same time is absolutely cold and bone chilling, like even time is frozen in the deepest nightmare.

“Why are you hiding Fight me head on! The belligerent Desert Dragon Zaka felt all her strength hit the air, and it was the first time she found her ice dragon sister so unpredictable.

With all the Sand Eyes glowing, Desert Dragon Zaka struck with all her might, blasting the ground into a field of spreading quicksand.

This move, theoretically, could counteract Ice Dragon Zakas ice field.

With all four Sand Eyes activated, Desert Dragon Zaka still had overwhelming strength.

“Its ready …” Ice Dragon Zakas figure flashed and instantly appeared in front of Desert Dragon Zaka.

Unlike the last battle with the Queen of Assyria, for her sisters moves, Ice Dragon Zaka did not keep any unknown.

When Ice Dragon Zaka, who is good at analyzing the opponents moves and formulating strategies, showed up, it was actually destined to be Desert Dragon Zakas defeat.

The huge black Star of the Sand descended directly from the sky and pressed down on Desert Dragon Zakas body, while dozens of silver-white ice chains bound Desert Dragon Zakas limbs and body, completely suppressing Desert Dragon Zaka.


The ice-blue glow spread out, Desert Dragon Zakas body was instantly surrounded by countless ice flakes, and then the entire person was buried into a huge crystal coffin.

With this crystal coffin as the center, the entire second floor was covered by endless ice and snow.

Even icebergs of over hundreds of meters rose from the ground, completely turning this floor of space into Ice Dragon Zakas absolute home turf.

“Next … is you guys …,” like an ice queen standing on top of the ice coffin, Ice Dragon Zakas eyes turned black – like Desert Dragon Zakas not long ago.

“Sister!” Seeing Desert Dragon Zaka being sealed into the ice coffin, Red Dragon Zakas eyes instantly turned red.

The time spent with Desert Dragon Zaka, the time spent arguing with her sister, and even the time spent gambling, was actually very enjoyable for Red Dragon Zaka, who was only recently born.

Because she is such a nagging and adventurous sister.

No matter what mistakes her sister made, she will forgive her.

“Understand We have to fight.” Yun Xi held Red Dragon Zakas hand, and now only if the two of them joined forces with all their strength could they defeat Ice Dragon Zaka.

“Ah, I know, Ill get my sisters back to normal.” Red Dragon Zaka nodded her head.

Since she and Yun Xi could bring Desert Dragon Zaka back to her senses, they must also be able to bring Ice Dragon Zaka back as well.

The Ice Dragon Zaka she remembered looked a little cold, but she actually loved to be with everyone.

The current Ice Dragon Zaka is definitely not the normal Ice Dragon Zaka .

“The betrayer… must be excluded…” saw Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka holding hands, Ice Dragon Zakas eyes became angrier.


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