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Chapter 86: Blood-stained Skill!


“I’m the winner! Mei, you can’t be biased towards her!” Hua Yue’s hair had become a beautiful white gold.

She smiled, teasing Xiao Cao and Yun Xi.


“Hua Yue…” Xiao Cao crossed her fingers with Yun Xi’s fingers, looking at Hua Yue with a slightly hostile glance.

Under Hua Yue’s white silver armor, her breasts seemed to have become a little bigger.


That was too unfair! Did bloodline awakening have such a benefit That was too enviable.


For a moment, the atmosphere between them turned strange.

They both felt that they were each other’s destined rival.


“Hua Yue, congratulations!” Yun Xi immediately said to resolve the strange atmosphere between Hua Yue and Xiao Cao.

From their seeds, Yun Xi had learned that they both were geniuses and had a bright future.

Hua Yue had the White Gold Rose Bloodline and Xiao Cao had her mortal’s sword.

They had just condensed their seeds, but that had shown their powerful talent.



I really didn’t expect that the legend was real,” Hua Yue threw out her chest.

Yun Xi blushed to see his black hair lucky charm swaying between her two plump breasts.


At the same time, Yun Xi found that the thread between Hua Yue and himself was rapidly getting solid.

In Hua Yue’s body, Yun Xi’s seed was growing up healthy and strong.

In Yun Xi’s body, Hua Yue’s seed was sprouting merrily.

The invisible thread was closing their distance.


“Gee… This feeling…” At first, Hua Yue just planned to say something to Xiao Cao, but her face suddenly turned red.


Why What is this feeling She felt her chest choking.

Was it because the white gold armor pressed her breasts because they suddenly became bigger  Her heart was beating extremely fast.

She had never felt such an anxious feeling.

Calm down! Clam down! I’m Hua Yue, the inheritor of White Gold Rose Bloodline and the practitioner of Holy Crossed Sword! Keep the eight virtues of knights firmly in your mind! Don’t panic!


“Ah…” Yun Xi vaguely felt that some changes had happened to the thread between Xiao Cao and himself and the thread between Hua Yue and himself.

In his mind, the threads were just used to exchange their battle experiences and understanding about sword skills.

But now, they were developing towards an unknown path.


As Yun Xi felt confused, he suddenly heard a provocative sound from the stage.


“That maid, come here!”


Childe Yun He finally couldn’t retain his composure!




Hua Yue coldly took a glance at Childe Yun He as if she was looking at a dying frog.




Xiao Cao also looked at Childe Yun He with freezing eyes after she left go of Yun Xi’s hand.


At this time, they were so similar.

Not only them.

All the female swordsmen looked at Childe Yun Xi as if they were looking at a dead man.


“Are you poking fun at me!” Childe Yun He got angry.

As the most famous Childe of this region and the genius who had inherited Crane Wings Twin Swords, he had never been despised by anyone before.


“Humph!” The girls had no fear of his threat.


Several civilian female swordsmen even showed him their middle fingers.

“So what” They said.


“Well! Well! Very well!” Childe Yun He went mad.

“Let me show you the true power of our noble families!”


He decided to use his Crane Wings Twin Swords! Right now! Immediately! Even though he knew that the twin swords couldn’t be counted as his own power and he would be teased by others due to it, he had decided to show them as his strongest trump card to teach the maid named Mei a lesson!


The maid was a second rank female swordsman and was talented in sword skills, and she had defeated Childe Si Nian and Childe San Quan, and if compared to them, Childe Yun He knew that his strength was inferior to Childe Si Nian and his power was inferior to Childe San Quan.

In that case, he wasn’t likely to defeat the maid with great ease.


However, he had the twin swords.

They were a pair of spirit swords that were handed down from age to age within his family.

Now, their own sword souls had been born and they were only one step away from becoming a pair of artifacts.

If he used his blood to control the twin swords, he would be invincible amongst all third rank swordsmen!


I know you can use air battle sword skill! In that case, I will crush your self-confidence in the field you’re good at!



No one can beat my Crane Wings Twin Swords!


“Let’s start!” Yun Xi took a deep breath to adjust his physical condition to the best, then stepped onto the stage with confidence.


“I won’t give you the chance to use your Flying Swallow Sword!” At the moment Yun Xi stepped onto the stage, Childe Yun He immediately drew out his Crane Wings Twin Swords from his back and used them to cut his wrist.


He was using his blood to active the twin swords! He was still at the mortal rank.

Since he wanted to active the twin swords’ flying ability, then he must pay something.


After seeing how Childe San Quan was instantly defeated by Yun Xi’s “The Swallow Returns”, Childe Yun He had decided to active the twin swords as soon as the battle between them started.


“Fly to the sky, Crane Wings Twin Swords!”


One sword was male and the other one was female.

After being stained with Childe Yun He’s blood, they rapidly flew into the sky and shot themselves at Yun Xi.


As Yun Xi had known, the twin swords were really fast and strong! Yun Xi raised his iron sword and stepped back with a straight face.


“Go to hell!” Childe Yun He feverishly sprinkled his blood in Yun Xi’s direction.


One, two… Yun Xi remembered and adjusted his steps.

He had only one chance.

If he failed, he wouldn’t have another chance.

Come on, Crane Wings Twin Swords! Come to me!


“Chi!” As Childe Yun He rejoiced with wild excitement, the twin swords smoothly stabbed into Yun Xi’s body.


“That is…” Red Lotus had prepared to teleport Yun Xi out of the stage and announced his failure, however, the next moment, a gust of special energy burst out from Yun Xi’s body.

After seeing this, Red Lotus stopped.


“That’s strange.

I didn’t teach Little Xi this skill.

It’s too dangerous for him,” Hua Huo was dumbfounded after she saw Yun Xi’s behavior.


Blood covered Yun Xi’s eyes.

He felt pain and the similar feeling of linked bloodlines.

This time, he caught Crane Wings Twin Swords in the real world but not the trial in his dream!


“Kill her, Crane Wings Twin Sword!” Childe Yun He showed a cruel smile.

He didn’t know why the twin witches hadn’t stopped the battle and announced his victory, but he didn’t care.

In this case, he would catch this opportunity to kill the mysterious black-haired maid, Mei!


Tear apart her four limbs and crush her heart! No one had made him feel such panic! He must kill her!


At this moment, Yun Xi opened his mouth, “My blood will dye the ground, flow into the sea and cover the sky! Blood-stained Secret Skill!”


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