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Lin Lan wanted her to recognise the reality in her previous life and didn’t want children to lower her standards of living when she first transmigrated.

Well, it looks like she became a mother in this life.


And she probably couldn’t escape tutoring the children!


The key point was that she didn’t dare to teach them straightforwardly.

It didn’t seem like her words would be effective, so she could only secretly get Erwang and Maisui to lecture Sanwang and Dawang.


Dawang was as stubborn as a rock!


Sanwang knew how to recite words but didn’t recognise it whereas Dawang didn’t even bother to read.

The teacher’s words were merely spittle to him as he turned a bind eye and ear to them.


Truly…Lin Lan felt that her hair was going white.


Dawang didn’t budge.


“Why don’t you go to school” Lin Lan didn’t understand.


Dawang, “There is no reason— I just don’t want to go.”


Lin Lan was also helpless.

This child just didn’t want to go to school but he also couldn’t explain the reason.


At any rate, starting from the first day of school, he played truant once every three days.

She was afraid that Han Qingsong would severely beat him as she concealed several incidents from her husband.


“You said you’re not going to go to school, so what do you want to do You just want to farm at home like this for the rest of your life” Lin Lan gritted her teeth.


Dawang glanced at her in a very calm manner, “What’s the use of going to school Don’t I still have to go home to farm People in the city would still come to the countryside to work— this is what you said.”


Why do you only remember these few sentences Why can’t you remember so many other good things that I have said


“Who said it’s useless Isn’t the university starting to recruit students now I heard that there will be workers, farmers, soldiers and college students in the future!”


Dawang didn’t believe it in the slightest and let her rant off about it.

It must have been Director Han who showed off and put all these thoughts inside her head.


Lin Lan, “Go to school.

The teacher has been leading the autumn harvest for the past few days.

You don’t have to sit there feeling uncomfortable all day, so just follow your teacher to work while learning.”


Dawang, “It’s Sanwang who feels uncomfortable.”


“Hurry up and stop talking back to me!” Lin Lan’s little rattan cane hit the ground.


Dawang ran away and naturally refused to go to school.


He just walked to the Western River and wanted to meet Zhuzi, but he saw Han Qingsong coming back from the west side road.


Dawang was so frightened that he hurriedly drilled himself behind the haystack that was next to him.


When Han Qingsong returned home, Xiaowang was playing the flute passionately for Wangwang and Lin Lan had already gone to work.


Han Qingsong said a few words to Xiaowang and went to find Lin Lan.


By then, Lin Lan was wrapping her head and neck with a handkerchief as she went through the cornfield to break the corn.

The leaves had small pricks on them, leaving scratches on her hands and neck when she moved around.


She felt uncomfortable while working, thinking about what kind of person she had transmigrated into.

In her previous life, in order not to do physical work, she studied hard.

She worked hard to blend in with society, only for her to be thrown into the countryside again.


How ironic.


The cornfield was hot and stuffy, like a brewing stew in a pot.

She felt like she was going to faint from the heat and she really wanted to laze around and not go to work.


Just thinking about what she said to persuade Dawang and not wanting herself to lose her dignity, she had to grit her teeth and persist.


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